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AikiWeb System 12-18-2006 02:57 PM

Kagami Biraki Celebration at Aikido Delaware Aikikai
Posted 2006-12-18 14:34:53 by Mark Parks
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A "Breaking Forth of One's New Self" for the New Year is an enlivening time to make peace with the reflection in the mirror. Then, after you smash the mirror feel free to create a whole new image of the best you truly wish your essence to embody and give thanks to the Almighty Creator. A special Bhudhist New Year's Ceremony will take place at Aikido Delaware Aikikai in Newark, Delaware on January 20th, 2006 starting around 8:30 am with Aikido classes to follow. For more information call (302) 369 - AIKI(2454).
Also, December 31, 2006 is Etsunen Keiko, (New Year's Eve Class) starting around 11:00 pm. Everything is everything and all things are made new.

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