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Joao 11-02-2006 04:16 PM

First class of Aikido
Hi, i had my first class 1 hour ago.. it was awsome .. i learn how to fall .. and two strikes (i dont know the correct word)

Anyone can give me a website or a name of a book with the names of the strikes/moves ( i dont know the correct word) in japanese i've to know them and i cant memorize them on the class. :D


Qatana 11-02-2006 06:23 PM

Re: First class of Aikido
Don't worry, Joao. By the time you are ready for your first test you Will know the names of the techniques. At least the ones on your first test!

graham 11-02-2006 06:30 PM

Re: First class of Aikido
Well, this website is a good start.

It's best to ask you Sensei to recommend a book, as your style may differ in technique to those in a book that I might recommend.

Glad you liked your first lesson. I'm coming up to my first grading soon, as is my 9-year old daughter. We both love Aikido! :)

MikeLogan 11-02-2006 07:40 PM

Re: First class of Aikido
Try this, Joao,

It's the 5th link downward from the upper left corner, and it has what Aikiweb considers a general consensus of terms for attacks, and techniques. The rest of the aiki-wiki itself has plenty to offer as well.

Enjoy your next class as well as your first!

RampantWolf 11-03-2006 02:04 AM

Re: First class of Aikido
Yeah, don't worry too much about the names of the techniques, you'll pick them up. In my first grading we were given a list of techniques in the order we would have to do them... During the grading I actually started the technique Sensei asked for rather than the one that was supposed to come next, and I didn't even know I'd picked up the names. Of course the other three did the technique that was supposed to be next so it looked like I got it wrong :rolleyes:

shadowedge 11-03-2006 03:08 AM

Re: First class of Aikido
another nice place to look :)

Joao 11-03-2006 01:46 PM

Re: First class of Aikido
ahah thanks ..

i was a little sad in the first train because i fail sometimes the to strikes we learn .. we all have done the moves without an opponent.. but i fail them sometimes :S ..

any adivices ?? i tried to be focus diring the trainning.


RoyK 11-07-2006 06:02 AM

Re: First class of Aikido
I wouldn't count on just listening at class for remembering techniques. I've seen plenty of ppl (well, more like 5) who got to their first test without knowing any technique name. I wish I could give you some of the links I used to learn technique names, but that was more than a year ago...

If you can spare the money, Aikido3D ( is a good learning tool for techniques and their names!

Joao 11-08-2006 10:21 AM

Re: First class of Aikido
ok thanks....
I had my second class of aikido itwas awsome i catch easly the technic .. i dont do it perfectly but i do it well so i'm happy ahahah :D

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