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Kev Baylis 08-13-2001 03:50 AM

Thoughts for a newbie plz!
Hi people,

I am considering training in martial arts again after a few years break. I am 23 and have trained in Kickboxing for 2 and a hlaf years and then Ju-Jitsu for about 9 months.

I am quite interested in the spiritual side of martial arts and believe that Aikido is more along these lines. I was just wondering if I could hear some thoughts about the art and what it means to you guys.

Many thanks in advance :)


Ta Kung 08-13-2001 04:44 AM


I was just wondering if I could hear some thoughts about the art and what it means to you guys.
Hi Kev!

I smile more now, then I did before I started practising Aikido.

JJF 08-13-2001 07:03 AM

Re: Thoughts for a newbie plz!
Hi Kev!

Going from Kickboxing to Ju-jitsu I would expect Aikido could be the logical next step in your 'less-agressive-path':)
When it comes to the spiritual side of Aikido, it is my experience that it's up to you how much you want to deal with it. Some dojo's have a tradition for exploring that side - some don't. The shihan I practice under (Nishio Sensei) talks very little of these matters (or so I've heard) but they are present in the way he performs the techniques.
Personally I try to live some of the aspects of Aikido, but I'm stil just a beginner and I am only dabbeling in the 'way' of Aikido. I try to avoid conflicts by blending (whatever that means), accept the fact that it takes discipline and hard work to evolve, and I try to keep at least some harmony in my life by carefully selecting how I spend my time. All very hard to do, but I think I'm slowly progressing.

Oh year.... Like Patrik I smile a lot more too. Whenever I am down after a long day of getting nowhere at work and utter caos in the family I go to practice and come home with a big fat grin on my face - at least most of the time ;). Sometimes my wife actually orders me to go to class, if I don't really feel up to it for some reason. I guess it's kind of like a drug - getting hooked means you want more and more, and you get moody and sour when you can't get your regular amount (hmmm..... This doesn't sound as positive as intended ;)).
Anyway: I love practicing - even when I have a bad day and nothing works. I love the intensity of a good practice, I love the beauty of the moves, I really like the people in the dojo and I enjoy getting better step by step.
Enough babbeling for now. I need to exercise disciplin in the work area ;). If you have any more questions post them here or mail me!

aikilouis 08-13-2001 09:41 AM

Well, that's a radical change from Stuart's posts. Same situation, different attitude...
To answer your question, I'd say that the Founder (Morihei Ueshiba) tried to find the meaning behind Budo (martial art). Through intensive practice and study, he examined the problem of violence, and found out that the true meaning of Budo is to restore peace, from inside the individual to the outside world. Aikido is the result of O Sensei's quest. Uniting mind (philosophy and personal attitude) and body (techniques and health), man and nature, individual and society, the program is very ambitious. My little experience has only given me a glimpse of the big picture, but I'm getting more curious every day.

Louis R Joseph

giriasis 08-13-2001 12:55 PM

Good Question

I discovered aikido during a leave of absence from law school. I choose it because I wanted to get involved in an activity that was more than lifting weights and walking on a treadmill. I was hooked after my first class.

Another reason I choose aikido over my previous childhood martial art, Tae Kwon Do, was because of the spiritual aspects of aikido. Spiritual to me, though, is more about developing a better self. I have discovered a lot about my "self" over these past 2 years. Now that I'm back in law school, I have also found myself with a clearer mind and with an outlet to deal with stress (and not to mention an ability to defend myself.)

But as someone said the spiritual side is what you put into it. Practicing the spiriutal of aikido for me has become a path of self-discovery rather than enlightenment. Whenever I find that I have a conflict in my aikido, I ask myself what I need to learn. In class, it means I'm not doing the technique right and I need to ask for help. Or it means that I need to communicate better with my uke. Or it means I need to stop over-analyzing my ukemi and just do the breakfall. Then I apply it to the real world as well. My attitude is, "if I can do it in the dojo, I can do outside of it as well." I have learn a lot about my self that I would not have found otherwise.

But the key in this whole process for me is to bring my intellectual mind back down to earth by training hard with martial intent. So, I am training on the physical side in this process and I don't think I would have made the self-discoveries that I have just with theorizing, philosiphizing, etc. Not that theorizing or philosiphizing is bad, it just I personally need to put theory into practice.

I hope this helps.

Anne Marie

Kev Baylis 08-13-2001 02:01 PM

Thanks a lot for your replies.

You've kinda helped me make up my mind!! I will be attending my first class next Monday.

I let you know what I think.



JJF 08-14-2001 02:18 AM

You're welcome - have fun - and please do!

giriasis 08-15-2001 12:54 PM

Your welcome,

Good luck.

Anne Marie

Chocolateuke 08-15-2001 10:51 PM

what is the difference between self discovery and enlightenment?

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