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akiy 07-30-2001 07:31 PM

Summer Camp in the Rockies
Hi folks,

Just wanted to send out a note from the Summer Camp in the Rockies where I'm spending the week training and having fun. The teachers here this year are Mitsugi Saotome sensei (8th dan, ASU), Hiroshi Ikeda sensei (7th dan, Boulder Aikikai), Frank Doran sensei (7th dan, Aikido West) and Hans Goto sensei (6th dan, Bay Marin Aikido).

The training so far has been great and the weather has been holding up for the outdoors weapons classes. I was priviledged enough to take some ukemi, probably about fifty throws from ryokatadori, from Saotome sensei after the last class tonight which was totally amazing and wonderful.

A bunch of people are heading out to the hot springs tonight, but I'm staying here to show a video of Kyuzo Mifune sensei (10th dan, judo).

Hope people are having a good time wherever they are!

-- Jun

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