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Roger Payne 05-16-2010 04:10 AM

The Mid Sussex Martial Arts School 2 Day Open Aikido Festival ,,,
The Mid Sussex Martial Arts School Open Aikido Summer Festival' will take place over two days...

• Saturday, September 4th 2010

‘Open Aikido Festival' for all Aikidoka, irrespective of rank,
style and affiliation.

• Sunday, September 5th 2010

‘Closed Dan Grade ONLY Aikido Session'
open to all Aikidoka, irrespective of style and affiliation.

Both Sessions are ‘open to all', but numbers will be limited.

As such, this gives you advanced notice of these 2 unique events.

Please advise by Email if you would like to be considered for a place.

• Guest Instructor: Shihan Dr Hiroaki Izumi 6th Dan Aikikai, B.Sc. Adv., M.B.A., Ph.D.

Managing Director of MNX International Consulting Services Ltd. Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs, Associate Professor of Business Administration, Gulf University for Science & Technology, Kuwait. Izumi Sensei is Shihan of West Indies Aikido Federation, which includes Barbados, Jamaica, St. Lucia and the other Islands that make up that whole area. In the past he has been Shidoin for Kawahara Yukio Shihan of the Canadian Aikido Federation since 1995, also Fuku Shidoin for Cottier Shihan of the Hong Kong Aikido Federation (1990 - 1995) & Fuku Shidoin for Tohei Akira Shihan of the Midwest Aikido Federation (1987 - 1990). The Creator of the 'Aikido Control Tactics System' for Policing, Security, & Military, Use of Force Policy Development and Review Analyst & CQB instructor and firearm retention and well known as the creator of the 'Physical Principles of Aikido' DVD series. Also past Defensive Tactics Instructor for Royal St. Lucia Police, Saskatchewan Highway Traffic Enforcement, Canadian Department of National Defence 15 Wing, Royal Hong Kong Police & Texas Corrections and Law Enforcement Officers School. Izumi Sensei also holds SanDan in the Canadian Kendo Federation and is an Honorary Member of The Mid Sussex Martial Arts School.

• Location:

The Venue will be in Mid Sussex Uk at a location dependant on numbers.

• Cost:

This again will be dependent on numbers and actual venue costs.

The Mid Sussex Martial Arts School runs on a ‘not for profit basis', so any fee charged will simply be to cover costs ‘on the day'.

Any surplus will be donated to a Charitable fund for young people in the Martial Arts.

• For further Information Email:

• Sponsors:

The Mid Sussex Martial Arts School
(Tenshin Kan Dojo UK)

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