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Training Across Borders
Posted 2005-03-15 09:32:40 by Mark Walsh
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The UN "Green Line", Cyprus, will next month host an historic aikido event - The Training Across Borders seminar.

Participants from countries in the region will gather
in Nicosia to practice in a spirit of friendship,
studying aikido under renown sensei, and participating
in workshops in areas such as conflict mediation,
youth work and trauma recovery.

Many of those attending come from areas of protracted
conflict, such as Bosnia, Israel, Iraq, Serbia and
Palestine. It will also be the first time aikidoka
from north and south Cyprus meet.

The event has been set up by Aiki-Extensions, a
non-profit organisation that applies aikido principles
off the mat. Funds for the event are still badly
needed. Dojos and concerned individuals across the
world can donate on line at the aiki-extensions web

Many thanks to those who have been involved in benefit
seminars, or who have already privately donated.

Please support this worthy cause.

Further information

Or Contact me:

Mark Walsh,
Aiki-Extensions volunteer.

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