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akiy 08-10-2000 09:10 PM

If you could travel back in time and ask O-sensei one question, what would you ask?

-- Jun

Nick 08-10-2000 10:27 PM

My question would have to be:

"what is one thing you wanted to accomplish that you have not?"


guest1234 08-11-2000 08:33 PM

"what can i do to thank you?"

guest1234 08-11-2000 09:51 PM

"what can i do to thank you?"

guest1234 08-11-2000 10:01 PM

"what can i do to thank you?"

Nick 08-12-2000 04:42 PM

to which he might reply: "Train diligently."

chrisinbrasil 08-14-2000 04:22 PM

My Question...
Would you please teach me?

At your service,

Nick 08-14-2000 04:55 PM

Re: My Question...

chrisinbrasil wrote:
Would you please teach me?

Hasn't he already?


Victor 08-16-2000 08:03 AM

why have you created Aikido?

Victor 08-16-2000 08:04 AM

how could you create Aikido?

fishball79 08-16-2000 10:51 AM


*reaches out to grab his wrist*

chrisinbrasil 08-16-2000 02:41 PM

Yes, he has taught me...Nick. I figured you would add-in the word "personally". Let me rephrase...
"Would you teach me personally"
That´s better...

Nick 08-20-2000 06:43 PM

yes, much better ;).


The Muddled Mudansha

Suru 08-21-2000 09:31 AM

I'd ask O'Sensei-- What kind of habits do you have? Do you drink an occasional bottle of sake? Do you smoke cigarrettes? Do you drink coffee?-- I'd ask him these questions about his habits and I'd ask him questions about his diet. I'd be curious as to what helped make him as incredible as I believe he was.


Erik 08-21-2000 02:25 PM

"I hear your mother wore combat boots--big ones?"

No better way to learn than taking ukemi.;)

Alternatively, I'd ask him to throw me around a bit.

[Edited by Erik on August 21, 2000 at 04:02pm]

chrisinbrasil 08-21-2000 03:56 PM

My Question...
What would you do differently?

What are you most content with in your life? in your training?

At your service,

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