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DavidM 09-11-2002 11:52 PM

Ten Shin
This question is more directed towards Lynn S. (He's the only one on this forum that I know takes Ten Shin Aikido)

First would be, why don't many people take Ten Shin Aikido? Is it the intensity of the training or lack of Dojo's?

A friend of mine who studied with Reynosa Sensei showed me some techs from Tenshin....and I have to say I was quite impressed, I was only shown a few things, but I don't question the effectivness of that style, I could tell by what he was doing that it could work in an actual situation.

I'm very interested in Ten Shin Aikido, so my second question is, What are the difference between Ten Shin and Aikikai. The techs all that much different? Though I can't take it now because there's no Dojo around me who teaches that style, I'm still curious as the differences and training styles...

Thank you much...

Aikilove 09-12-2002 05:05 AM

I'm not Lynn Sensei, but if I'm not mistaken, Lynn teaches and train Tenshinkai Aikido (Phong Senseis creation) not Seagal senseis Ten Shin Aikido.

Although from what I'v heard about Tenshinkai, it too 'works'. But then again all aikido work, if you train it right. ;)

DavidM 09-12-2002 05:09 AM

Ah, My mistake , Ten Shin, Tenshinkai, lol all look the same to me....

diesel 09-12-2002 10:12 AM

Tenshin under Seagal Sensei

I been studying TenShin aikido for a little over a year now. I choose this school after watching ki society and a few other different aikido dojo's in my area, the tenshin dojo seemed the *most* street effective. I am not saying that the others don't work... but when I go to a class and see no to little ukemi and very poor atemi involved in the attacks, it makes you have doubts. If the attacks are not real, how can you prepare yourself for the real thing?

The techniques are basically the same, there are some name differences just like yoshinkan. Ikkyu is ikkyu(there are lot of different ways to execute; which is correct? ;)), the irimi and atemi is what are different!? I would imagine tenshin would be considered a hard style whereas I have heard aikikai referred to as a soft style? (Prewar / postwar styles?)

Did that help at all? :freaky:



:ai: :ki: :do:

SeiserL 09-12-2002 10:33 AM


Thanks for noticing. The correction is correct. I study Tenshinkai under Phong Sensei, not Ten Shin as taught by Segal Sensei. IMHO, Aikido is basically all the same technqiues with different enphasis on certain aspects or applications. Even Segal Sensei says its all O'Sensei Aikido.

I train in the morning class with others who have been in the martial arts for a long time. Phong Sensei hold high dans in other arts too. So we train pretty rough in comparison to even others at our school.

If you have the Aiki Expo Demo videos you can compare styles. Phong Sensei was the first demo on Saturday (vol. 2). There was a demo by Segal Sensei old uke who has since reaffliated with the Aikikai. If they set a date for the Aiki Expo next year, attend, it was a great time experiencing different styles and Senseis. I made 15 out of 17 possible classes in 2.5 days.

All this different style distinction make me appreciate the similiarities.

Until again,


DavidM 09-12-2002 04:40 PM

Where about do you study Eric, and how long have you been studying

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