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akiy 05-13-2005 10:55 AM

Aikido in Guernsey Article

From the article (partial):

"WHEN people think of aikido, Steven Seagal may spring to mind.

"Although he is the most famous exponent of this martial art, the Guernsey Aikido Club is keen to point out that it is very different in real life from what the pony-tailed American shows in his films.

"‘There is no doubt that he has raised the profile of aikido,' said club member Nial Forsyth.

"‘But he makes it look violent and it isn't violent at all. The idea of aikido is that you should be able to dispose of an attacker without hurting yourself or him.

"‘It is not about fighting, it is about peace.'"

-- Jun

James Davis 05-13-2005 04:11 PM

Re: Aikido in Guernsey Article
Sadly, the reason for Segal Sensei's aikido looking so rough on the big screen is that root of all evil - money evileyes . Film directors think that to sell a film it has to be violent. They have complete control of the content of their productions, so stuntman union members get to be his uke rather than true aikidoka. As a result, stuntmen that don't know how to go with the flow often get themselves hurt :uch: , and the general public gets some misconceptions about aikido. :(

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