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ninjedi 10-03-2018 02:10 PM

best gi/uniform
What brand gi/uniform is most comfortable and allows for the best range of movement? My current uniform is not cutting it. I find myself restricted my my pants in particular. I want to / need to widen my stance, but often I am caught up in the range of movement (or lack thereof) of my pants.

lbb 10-04-2018 07:50 AM

Re: best gi/uniform
Depends on the brand, the model, your body, and a lot of other factors. In general you want to find pants with a gusset - these aren't street trousers - but I'd think every gi pants should have that.

PeteDiscenza 10-28-2018 07:03 AM

Re: best gi/uniform
One of the lead instructors at Midwest Karate, St. Paul, can make you a gi to fit. I've found that stock 'judo weight' gi are a bit looser than stock 'karate weight', mostly noticed in the jacket.

ninjedi 11-21-2018 10:31 AM

Re: best gi/uniform
It's less about the gi and more about the pants. I think I may actually be wearing a size too big.

jamesf 12-07-2018 12:51 AM

Re: best gi/uniform
I like the double layered "Aikido" trousers from both Tozando and Minamoto Shokai. Both options seem to be pretty resilient and I've never had mobility problems with them. Just remember, even though they say "pre-shrunk", they will still shrink (usually quite suddenly after the 5th or 6th time through the wash), so consider buying one size longer than the measurements seem to indicate.

GTMA (Golden Tiger Martial Arts) double-layer judo pants also seem to be decent. However, last I checked, they only come in a set with their double-weave jacket, and that jacket is a bit overkill, it's very heavy and stiff! I will not recommend the GTMA trousers that come with their single weave gi set, as the fabric is a bit fragile for aikido (once during a seminar, I had a nearly new pair start to split in a rather embarrassing location).

ninjedi 12-13-2018 01:55 PM

Re: best gi/uniform
Exactly what I was looking for! Thank you so much for the recommendations!!

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