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benny 06-21-2000 01:22 PM

Simple one (I think): is there any difference in meaning between 'tori' and 'nage'? Is 'tori' usually used in tomiki-ryu? The reason I say this is because I noticed Chuck Clark use the term, and my sensei also uses it.

Chuck Clark 06-21-2000 05:29 PM

Hi Benny,

Yes, "tori" (taker) is the term used in both judo and Tomiki Aikido. With both judo and Tomiki Sensei's system in my lineage, I have used the term for my whole practice life. I also practiced Aikikai style in France and Canada for several years and could never really get used to the term "nage" (thrower).

Tori has a connotation of "taking" uke's center/spirit/initiative (all those good words...) as you blend with them. You can blend with someone without taking all that stuff (it's called dancing for one thing) but in a budo practice, you must take and keep the sente (initiative or lead).

Victor 07-21-2000 03:56 AM

AFAIK the term "tori" is also used in several styles of karate, too.

Nick 07-21-2000 04:45 PM

yes, my style of karate used that term. But Victor, you said at the beginning of your post "AFAIK"... what's that stand for?


bodly 07-21-2000 05:08 PM

As far as I know, it stands for As Far As I Know.


Nick 07-21-2000 05:52 PM

Ahh, wakarimasu.



AikiTom 07-21-2000 06:53 PM

I've seen "tori" used in older traditional aikido writings, so apparently it's more prevalent in Tomiki, but not limited to it.

Victor 07-24-2000 03:11 AM

My turn to ask a question
Why is the term "nage" correct when describing some techniques osae-waza?

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