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Wolan 09-20-2003 04:03 PM

Hi there!
I'm not really new here, I joined a while ago but didn't really post anything before. But I got a birthday e-mail from Aikiweb (thank thee very much) and it brought this great forum back to my mind.

So anyway, as for self-introduction: my name is Bartek, I live in Poland. 'Wolan' is a nick derived from my last name (Wolański). I've learned Aikido only for a year and, unfortunately, I won't be able to continue my training for a while (high school!:grr: ). I have a general interest in the culture of the Far East (Japanese especially) and I'm learning the Japanese language (I understand about 5% of the basic Kanji after two years of study. It's going to be a long way...:dead: ). I like training, anime, console games, playing the guitar, nature, poetry and, after a two-week stay in England, I WORSHIP Polish food :D (no offense to all you Englishmen and women in Aikiweb).

As for my birthday, I am proud to announce I can now legally buy and drink beer and other, more invigorising beverages. Certainly a good way to get in touch with my inner self :D .

Suzanne Cooper 09-21-2003 12:21 AM

Great to meet you, Wolan. One of my teenage offspring is a huge anime fan. I bought her the Yu Yu Hockasho [did I spell that correctly?? :)] movie today and she squealed.

Be sure to drink a large glass of milk before imbibing the more invigorating beverages. ;)

We're going to watch a black belt test tomorrow afternoon. My mother thinks we're nuts for studying aikido, but when I told her that I saw someone on a news report take an agressor down in less than a second using aikido, she was impressed.

I couldn't believe I really saw aikido on a news report from Iraq, but I guess it's like learning a new word: suddenly, you see the new word everywhere. I saw this news report just last night.

Wolan 09-21-2003 12:56 PM

Huh? Aikido was used in Iraq? By whom, an American soldier? Is it a part of their training?

bca333 09-21-2003 02:44 PM

Bartek, Suzanne's post got my attention too. Aikido is not officially part of our training, though many of us do train in some type of martial art. I used to teach it to soldiers in my squad when I was at Campbell, and I do the same here to a lesser extent. What the Army teaches is something called "Combatives", which is a mixture of several things. Some of the techniques are similar, but most of the flow and beauty have been removed. I believe the Marines are incorporating BJJ into their training.

Hand to hand does not carry much emphasis in modern Infantry training these days. The reasoning is that if it comes down to hand to hand on the modern battlefield, something has gone dreadfully wrong.

aoerstroem 09-21-2003 07:59 PM

As far as I remember, you have to receive either Aikido or Kendo training in order to become a police officer in Japan.

Can anybody verify that?

Adrian Smith 09-22-2003 05:06 AM


Alexander Orstrom (aoerstroem) wrote:
As far as I remember, you have to receive either Aikido or Kendo training in order to become a police officer in Japan.

Can anybody verify that?

As far as I know in order to become a *riot* police officer in Japan you have to know aikido, kendo, or judo. Regular police officers aren't required to learn a martial art, although I see a lot of them carrying jo on duty. I believe they can take jo training without any additional martial arts training.

I'm in Korea visiting right now and THESE riot police are definitely armed for bear. They carry a heavy plastic stick which looks like a jo but is about 1.5 inches in diameter. I saw some of them training in the street outside the Korean Ministry of Defence - pretty basic blocking and thrusting techniques. I really wanted to check out the weight of one of them but thought I'd probably get shooed away or beaten for my trouble. :)


ian 09-22-2003 06:39 AM

I see aikido every where I look now.


(maybe it has screwed up my mind?)

Bronson 09-22-2003 12:15 PM


Ian Dodkins (ian) wrote:
(maybe it has screwed up my mind?)

It's that whole cult mentality ;)


bca333 09-22-2003 01:33 PM


The riot police in Korea don't mess around. I saw them in action last month during an anti-US demonstration. Protestors rushed the gate to a compound we were training in and burned some flags, chanted, etc. We are only allowed to hold the line and wait for the KNP (Korean National Police). Considering the testosterone level of the average young Infantryman, I think we showed great restraint (lighter fluid was even squirted on a couple of soldiers). The KNP showed up and hauled them all off in a matter of minutes, and none too gently.

I am strongly committed to what I do, but I couldn't help but wonder if these protesters knew just how many of us would like nothing more than to see "U-S-A, OUT-OF-KOREA".

Funny little world.

JeffBayard 09-26-2003 09:41 AM

I like the thread, Bartek, and it's taken some interesting twists in its directions! Good luck with pursuing your interests in Aikido and guitar; a couple of interests we have in common there, along with nature, it seems.

Ian, I would think that's the way to be! (your outlook, that is! not necessarily "screwed up" - laughing!) I doubt your the only artist who witnesses his art in everything he sees. So perhaps we're all nuts!

~ Jeff

P.S. ~ Bradford, stay safe over there!

Wolan 09-27-2003 05:56 PM

Hmm, there's a book titled 'Angry White Pyjamas' :) about a guy taking an Aikido course for the Tokyo Riot Police. So if anyone's interested in connections between the police and martial arts, maybe it's worth taking a look. I say 'maybe' because I haven't read it (not published on our market, it seems).

And as for seeing Aikido everywhere - anyone saw it in 'Hero' with Jet Li? What caught my attention was King Qin's comment on the 'sword' calligraphy - 'The third step is to free yourself from enemies, which now bring peace and happiness to the people' (my own English translation from a Polish translation of the Chinese original. Obviously not 100% accurate ;).) It seems to me the movie's authors unintentionally glorified Aikido - the mastery of martial arts ('becoming one with the sword') is one thing, but not having enemies is true perfection. And that's the goal of our martial art, all in all. Anyone else saw it, or am I yet another cultist nut? :freaky:

Jeanne Shepard 10-09-2003 06:07 PM


I'm not exactly a newbie, but its taken me a long timt to figure out how to register and post replies. (Thanks for the coaching, Jun.)

I draw a comic strip called Tanto Beak, and I get alot of inspiration from reading AikiWeb.

But, I don't want to inhibit anyone...


akiy 10-09-2003 11:48 PM

And, of course, for those people now curious about Tantobeak:

It's one of my "editor's picks" links here on AikiWeb...

-- Jun

Wolan 10-10-2003 03:42 PM

Tanto Beak is really great! I just can't stop reading it. Great job! The only thing is, the images could be just a bit larger, it's hard to read the text in some places.

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