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Henning Ulseth 11-02-2004 08:58 AM

Seminar and grading
Greetings all

This weekend I attended my first Aikido-seminar and had my very first grading. And it was all incredibly enjoyable. We had Mouliko Halen Sensei(6th Dan Aikikai) and at first I was very nervous about meeting and training with him. However, it took about 2 minutes into the training and from there it felt like an evolving friendship:) He had an incredible relaxed and positive attitude. He did'nt yell, but talked with a firmer voice when needed...and he laughed alot. Though I am in terrible shape and have absolutely no stamina, I enjoyed every training minute:) If any of you ever have the chance to go to one of his seminars, please do!!!
Mouliko Halen Sensei also did our gradings, and as this was my first grading I expected to be nervous and forgetfull. But when the grading started I was more worried about my uke(as she hadn't been to the seminar and had no clue about the altered techniques) then my performance. I think it helped my grading, because it took my mind of me and I was completly relaxed throughout the grading. BTW, I graded for Rokkyu(6th kyu) and passed. We all did:) Our club is quite new, so most of us graded for Rokkyu. However, I must admit that I feel no different now then before I passed my grade. I had an
expectation that I would since it was my first grading in any martial art. I'm not sure what I expected...but I had no joy in passing the grade. What I did enjoy was the atmosphere of training, the positive attitude of everyone involved, the laughs and the friendships that came out of it. Though my path was clear to me before, I now feel it to be stronger and more dedicated!!! So to those who question wether or not to go to a seminar... :do: Simply :do:

batemanb 11-02-2004 09:02 AM

Re: Seminar and grading
I had the good fortune to partner with Mouliko in Birmingham last year when Endo Sensei came to visit. He's a very powerful chap, but very relaxed. I thoroughly enjoyed our time together.



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