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George S. Ledyard 04-24-2011 12:12 PM

William Gleason Aikido and Zen Retreat, 5/19-5/23/11
May 19th - 22nd
Zen Mountain Monastery

In facing our barriers in Aikido, we see how it is only our own mind, especially our intention, that determines our ability to manifest the power of spirit over physical muscle. Cultivating our spirit through the power of intention, we learn how to overcome difficulties that appear insurmountable. Learning to understand the non-duality of spirit, mind, and body we gain a realistic view of our lives.

This four day intensive is vigorous in both Zen training and Aikido. It is recommended to Aikido students who want to experience formal Zen practice. It is also open to those new to Aikido. Emphasis will be on aiki, the secret principle behind all martial and spiritual arts. This reatreat will be devoted mainly to bare-handed technique, with bokken and jo sometimes being used to elucidate the principles of Aikido. Please bring your own jo and bokken; a limited number will be available for loan or purchase. This intensive may be joined either Thursday or Friday.

About the Instructor:
William Gleason has been studying Aikido for forty years and teaching at Shobu Aikido of Boston for thirty. His teacher, Seigo Yamaguchi, was an early student of the founder and one of the head instructors at the world headquarters in Japan. Gleason Sensei is the author of two books: The Spiritual Foundations of Aikido and Aikido and Words of Power.

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