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Paula Lydon 11-24-2002 08:55 AM

irimi naga 2
~~I recently attended a weekend seminar where the irimi nage was quite different, and devistating, from what I'd been taught. In my dojo, after the sinking/gathering part of the tech. we step through at a 45o angle and these folks swept all the way behind and dropped you from the rear. Made your (my) feet come right off the ground and whoosh! Very dynamic.
~~Just another slant on the same old topic? Why and how does on get chosen over another by instructors? Anybody? :D

ian 11-24-2002 09:06 AM

Some people call that ushiro udoroshi I think - though I'm a firm believer that there are no 'absolute' techniques and that they blend into each other at some point.

Usually when we do irimi-nage we do tenchi-nage and ushiro udoroshi (and chokes) at the same time. After the movement off centre line; if uke stays where they are, irimi-nage is good, if they try to turn to face you, tenchi nage is good, if they try to turn away from you ushiro udoroshi or a choke is good.


Kevin Wilbanks 11-27-2002 09:36 AM

I haven't heard of a place that uses the variation you describe as the primary version of irimi nage. It seems like the formal, cradling the head and ending with the scissor/waterfall stance is most traditional. The version you describe was a favorite of my former sensei, and one of mine too. It comes up pretty readily in a kind of formless freeplay situation, and often seems to be a more effortless, natural way to end the off-balancing that starts an irimi nage. To me, it seems like the standard ura version of irimi nage is more of a fantasy/aikido practice only technique... especially the version where you drop uke to hands and knees, then position yourself to intercept them when they get back up. It really depends upon uke making a series of decisions about how to continue that I think only a trained Aikidoka would make. On the other hand, the swooping around behind and dropping them straight backwards works even if they just stand there.

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