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Nick 07-14-2000 12:01 AM

I got a question-

how come the easiest techniques are the hardest to do?

And if they're the hardest to do, then are they the easiest techniques?

Something to ponder,


akiy 07-14-2000 12:18 AM

What's an easy technique?

-- Jun

Nick 07-14-2000 12:22 AM

theoretical- one of my senseis said that when he had trouble with a technique, and it got me thinking. If the easiest techniques are the hardest to do, wouldn't they no longer be the easiest technique?


Nick 07-16-2000 04:30 PM

Any other opinions on this?


Shipley 07-16-2000 05:05 PM

I think that the reason that it feels that way to us (or at least to me) is that the "easy" techniques, or the ones first taught, are the ones most pivotal to aikido. Although ikkyo is the first technique that I was taught, eight years later it is the technique that I still spend the most time trying to do right.


AikiTom 07-16-2000 06:03 PM

Maybe the way to say it is the ones that look the easiest are the hardest. That's probably because what's taking place isn't visible to the eyes but is more of a "feel" thing or a timing thing. Some (including me) would say this is part of what separates an aiki technique from just being a modified jujutsu technique.

Orange 07-16-2000 07:53 PM

My Sensei said that one of the "basic" techniques (I think it was shomenuchi Ikkyo but I'm not 100% sure) was also called "the lifetime technique" becuase it takes a lifetime to master it.

I think part of what makes Aikido so interesting is the fact that you have to adjust to your partner. You may have a technique almost perfect with someone you practice with regularly but when you try it on someone with a slightly different body type or who takes the ukemi slightly differently, you find the technique is difficult again.

akiy 07-16-2000 08:33 PM

"Simple" does not always mean "easy"...

-- Jun

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