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ikkitosennomusha 03-12-2004 09:43 PM

Japan vs. America
Hello to All!

I would like to thank my friend Mr. Clark for encouraging me to write this thread. He has helped me realize that perhaps I am not being complete in my history and thoughts so I thought this thread will dissovle any questions about me and spark new ones for the public to enjoy.

Let me say that YES, I have trained in Japan as it is something I do not advertise. Why? Simply, there is no need to. I am no better, no worse because of it. To me it does not matter what soil I stand on, it only matters what training I recieve. So many waste their breathe with such insolent behavior as to who trained where and under whom. This is a thing of the ego and should not be recognized by the conscience self.
There is no need to relocate to Japan unless you like the sushi or culture (I happen to like the culture). With the exception of a couple aikido greats in Japan, you can find much better instruction here in the USA. Doshu is great but he is a buisness man now. Other than a very few sensei that I hold dear over there, I did not see nothing that great.

Some people expect to go to Hombu to have this mystical, eternal experience that will forever change their life. Perhaps they want to be able to say that they have been there, which is fine. Bottom line is, if you are under a good sensei, it does not matter where you are because the same staple remains the same; you get what you put into it and this concept is not biased to location.

So, it does not fancy me to say where I have trained as it is not impressive. Its ok to say,"Yeah, I live in Japan and study/teach aikido" but not in a vein kind of way as if you just have to make it known so people might dig you. This is sick if you ask me. A person's ability will show. Just like a muscular person does not have to wear tight clothes or stick their chest out (as some skinny people do). If you have muscles, people will know. As far as this forum, it is not necessary to know everything about me. It is irrelevant. If you ever face me on the mat, perhaps some personal time will be earned after class.

Well my friends, I hope this puts an end to this ridiculous mystery. Very early on I stated that I was like a Ronin. So, I have uprooted myself in search of my destiny, traveling place to place. Until then, I might show up for next tuesday's practice???

Feel free to comment on your thoughts "Japan vs. America" and what your personal experience is. No matter what aiki-branch we come from, lets try to treat each other as bretheren of a special community.

Brad Medling

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