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graham christian 07-16-2011 10:35 AM

4 Spiritual Basics
This is an offering of mine in order to help with a different perspective, way of looking at things. In my Aikido it is a discipline, a contemplative discipline for all students in their study of the art and indeed life.

First let me give you this: I speak from the view of spirit and mind. In this context the mind is a place where we store and refer to. Spirit is where we create and operate from.

I say this because I am going to talk about thought in action. Thought which is a spiritual thing in truth and thereafter may become a mind thing depending on you.

So I am going to mention four types of fundamental thoughts which I teach as the beginning, the starting point, of any activity in life. Ideas precede these thoughts so that needs to be taken into account also but the concentration is on these four fundamentals.

!) Desire. To contemplate and find what you actually desire. For instance when facing an opponent what is it you actually desire?

2) Intention. Same again, what is your actual intention?

3) Purpose. What is your actual purpose?

4) Decision. What is your actual decision?

If you leave it to the mind then you are in the realms of automatic reaction.

If you are spiritually in now, you are aware of the above continuously and thus aware of the opponents too. This is more to do with musubi etc. Thus a fundamental difference.

Now if your intention is not in unison or in harmony with your purpose then you are already in trouble and don't know it for example.

Many things can be discovered by these four fundamentals.

Happy musings.


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