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akiy 07-23-2000 11:14 PM

Hi folks,

I've been fortunate to get permission from Frank Doran sensei of Aikido West, Stan Pranin of Aikido Journal, and Wendy Palmer sensei of Aikido of Tamalpais to interview them for AikiWeb during our Summer Camp in about a week.

If you have any questions that you would like me to ask of any of these
people, please feel encouraged to send them to me by, let's say, next Sunday (30. July, 2000). Although I can't promise I'll ask all of the questions I receive, I would like to make sure I have your questions handy. I appreciate all of your input in this matter.

My e-mail address is

-- Jun

akiy 07-24-2000 04:43 PM

No questions?

-- Jun

BC 07-25-2000 09:42 AM

OK, I'll throw some questions out there:

-I would be interested to learn all of those senseis views/persepectives on the current state of aikido in the US.

-Given the fragmentation of Aikikai-affiliated organizations in the US today (USAF, ASU, AANC, AAA, PAF, among others), do they anticipate any kind of future efforts to foster and formalize relations and/or communications between these disparate groups?

-If not, how do they believe things will evolve in the near and distant future?

-What would they LIKE to see happen?

- What are their own concerns or questions about the current and future state of aikido in the US?

-As aikido grows and spreads worldwide, what do they see happening to aikido in terms of dealing with the issue of newer instructors who never met or studied under O Sensei or the former Doshu Kishomarru Ueshiba?

Regarding aikido and technology:

-How do they see aikido being most affected by the recent rapid advances in technology and communications?

-Which aspects of the these advances have or will have the most influence on aikido?

-What might be some of the most significant changes that the "technology revolution" could have on aikido's future?

akiy 08-05-2000 09:07 PM

Hi folks,

I was able to interview Stan Pranin yesterday morning but unfortunately didn't have time to interview Frank Doran sensei nor Wendy Palmer sensei. I'll be writing up the interview with Stan Pranin when I get back from Summer Camp in the Rockies. Hopefully, it'll be online within a few weeks...

-- Jun

Kevin 08-05-2000 10:24 PM


Here are a few more questions!

*Ask them their opinions on children classes and training.
*How about how they feel on rank restrictions for children and teens.
*What are some of the differences that they see in children and adults while training.

Hey, I am only 14. Some of things might affect me.

Well, I can't think of anymore for now, but if I do, I will post another message.


Nick 08-06-2000 08:08 AM

OT but-

Kevin, as I am also 14, I'd like to see what they have to say there also. My dojo has turned away many a child, and since I am kind of big for my age (5'8, 160) and had previous bujutsu experience, would be my guess as to why they accepted me.


BC 08-25-2000 10:06 AM

Any news on the interviews? Not to be impatient, but I'm just being impatient...

"I'm a poet and I don't know it! I rhyme all the time!"

akiy 08-25-2000 10:10 AM

I'm hoping to transcribe the tape of the interview I did with Stan Pranin hopefully sometime this weekend. Since I'll be in the Bay Area next weekend, I'm going to try to interview Wendy Palmer sensei while I'm there. I don't know when I'll get the chance to interview Doran sensei any time soon, but hopefully sometime!

-- Jun

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