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peter martin-browning 04-04-2006 02:36 PM

Finding hanbo training
Hello everyone

Can anyone tell me where hanbo or alternatively walking-stick training is available in the UK? I live in Nottingham, and I have searched extensively to no effect.

Many thanks

At your service

Peter Martin-Browning

eyrie 04-04-2006 06:18 PM

Re: Finding hanbo training
Have you tried the local Bujinkan?

Or Escrima?

What about the Okinawan Kobudo in Sutton-in-Ashfield?

Some jujitsu schools might teach hanbo too. Or if not, something similar, but you'd have to work out the principle essence of the techniques yourself.

Chuck.Gordon 04-05-2006 08:31 AM

Re: Finding hanbo training
Both Shinto Muso Ryu and Kukishin Ryu teach hanbo within their curriculae. There are certainly some folks doing SMR in the UK, probably someone doing Kukishin.


peter martin-browning 04-11-2006 02:10 PM

Re: Finding hanbo training
Many thanks for your replies, gentlemen.

At your service

Peter Martin-Browning

Larry Feldman 04-11-2006 03:58 PM

Re: Finding hanbo training
John Goss just published a book on the subject, available on Amazon. You can check here...

Chuck.Gordon 08-30-2006 07:12 AM

Re: Finding hanbo training
Salvaging an old thread here:

Last week, I had the opportunity to train with a Hontai Yoshin Ryu club in Bayreuth and learned that the HYR includes some very interesting hanbo sets. Look here for more info:


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