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John Tjia 03-19-2004 12:02 PM

Other types of Aikido?
I am with the White Plains (New York) Aikido of Westchester. My wife thought that aikido would be great for our 7-year-old son and since my dojo does not have kids' classes, she asked around and got some information on a dojo about 10 miles away in Ossining.

This dojo practices the Nihon Goshin Aikido and from the material I saw, there doesn't seem to be any mention of O-Sensei. The founder is listed as Shodo Morita.

The information listed in their website doesn't fit with my experience of aikido, so I am a bit leery of enrolling my son there. Does anybody have any information about this school of aikido?

DanielR 03-19-2004 01:03 PM

Hi John,

My apologies if I'm reiterating something you already know - the dojo search engine on this site has found Scarsdale Aikido. They're USAF. Their website says they're developing an "informal children's program" (not sure what this means).

Hope this helps.

giriasis 03-19-2004 01:16 PM

Nihon Goshin Aikido is a legitemate martial art, and, yes, it does not claim ties through Morihei Ueshiba. I know there are a couple of practitioners here on this board, and they could further illuminate what the organization is about.

John Tjia 03-20-2004 08:07 AM

Thanks Daniel for your lead. I am going over this afternoon to see the children's class.

DanielR 03-20-2004 09:01 AM

The credit for this is, of course, Jun's - for providing the dojo search :)

Hope you find a good dojo for your son.

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