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Jeff Stallard 08-21-2004 08:44 AM

Seminars and Heart Conditions: Help!
I'm faced with a hard choice. My sensei is going to visit his sensei (Soke Burdine) pretty soon, and I really want to go, but...from everything I've heard about seminars (never been to one), they're pretty formal, very strenuous, and they last a long time. I have a heart condition; it has never affected me ever, and I've been pretty active my whole life, BUT...the thing I've been told to avoid is a situation where I might have a symptom but ignore it because of social of competitive pressures. If I have a problem in my own dojo, I can just stop training and there's no problem, but it seems like seminars aren't that way. Am I going to tell Soke, "No, I'm going to take a break now." Yes, of course I could, but I don't want to embarass my sensei and have everyone think his student is a wuss, nor do I want to disrupt the class because of MY problem. I also want to avoid a situation where I'm pushing myself past my limit, and that seems very easy to do in a seminar setting.

So I'm asking for your opinions. The easy answer is to just not go, and I'm perfectly willing to do that, but I want to make sure I'm understanding things correctly before I make that decision. Could I go and just observe?

ruthmc 08-21-2004 08:49 AM

Re: Seminars and Heart Conditions: Help!
If you have a heart condition, the instructors at the seminar must be told. If they are reasonable people, they will certainly permit you to train, and ask you to take a break when you need to for your own health and safety. Nobody wants a student to become unwell on their mat!

Go to the seminar and enjoy it - at your own pace :-)


Lyle Laizure 08-29-2004 10:28 PM

Re: Seminars and Heart Conditions: Help!
You need to make the chief instructor aware of your condition. Consider it a part of ukemi (protecting yourself). I cannot imagine anyone having a problem with you taking a break when necessary. Protocol would be that you tell your sensei and he will make, in this case, his sensei aware of your condition prior to you making the trip. Upon arriving make it a point to meet the cheif instructor and explain your condition again to be on the safe side. IMHO there shouldn't be any worries.

stoker 08-30-2004 10:22 AM

Re: Seminars and Heart Conditions: Help!
:D You must inform the folks in charge. Imagine if you happen to croak just at the moment the sensei sneezes, waves his hand or tells a joke. :hypno: They will never recover thier sente after that

Seriously, you need to let them know. That way if something does go wrong, they will be one step ahead in getting YOU help.

The first sign of heart disease for many people is SUDDEN DEATH.

Jeff Stallard 09-06-2004 07:01 AM

Re: Seminars and Heart Conditions: Help!
Oh yes, of course. Telling the instructors goes without saying. The main problem isn't so much the level of exertion, but being in a situation where, should I have a symptom, I would be more inclined to ignore if Soke asks me to be his uke. I think what I'm going to do is go and train for a few hours, then sit out and take pictures.

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