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Niccolo Gallio 03-10-2009 01:57 PM

Help me plan my Us tour (Apr-May 2009), I want to train @ your dojo.
Hi there,
I'll be touring with a theater company in April and May in the U.S. following this schedule:

30/mar - 4/apr Champaign, IL
6/apr - 11/apr Sacramento, CA
12/apr - 18/apr Nashville, TN
20/apr - 26/apr Germantown, TN
28/apr - 9/may Chicago, IL
11/may - 16/may Pittsburg, PA
18/may - 24/may Calgary, Canada

I'll of course bring my dogi and would love to train @ your dojo!
I am a 33 years old practitioner since three years now. I train in Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido as taught by Tohei Sensei, but I'm open minded and ready to train in other Aikido styles as well.
During my very frequent touring in france, germany, spain and uk I always look for dojos to train in for a session or two, no matter which style, and I'm always amazed at the hospitality I'm constantly shown.
I'll of course look for dojos in for each city I'll be visiting via the dojo search engine but would love to gather suggestion and, who knows, invites maybe.. :D
Thanks in advance

Niccolo' Gallio

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