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tiyler_durden's Blog Blog Tools Rate This Blog
Creation Date: 02-23-2005 05:34 AM
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In General Wrist Pain day! Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #31 New 12-09-2004 03:35 AM
Hey All,

Well it was my first day back after a long weekend and missing one day of training due to personal issue's.
I arrived with my girlfriend who is doing a little job for my sensei, she is making sword bags as Brent needs around 40 or so sword bags as the person who used to make them has left Holland and can no longer do this for him so my girl friend is going to do this for him.
There was only Jos and myself in this lesson so I knew it would be a little weird and full of stuff that I would find hard and also not very interesting. Jos took the warm up and I am slowly picking that up and learning how to do it easy. Then we did the stepping Kata which i am trying hard to learn but cannot remember very well and we did that about twice. Then Brent got some swords and we did the Kata whilst trying to chop the partner with the sword which was very funny as I kept hitting Jos by accident as I am not really used to doing things like that with swords and stuff.

We then moved on to the second Kata which involves big movement and which I do not know at all and found very hard to do but was fun anyway, but Brent did not want us to do as I was new to that.

We then moved on to yonkajo which is the fourth technique and is very painful to do and I did not look forward to it at all. We did this from an attack on uke and then into first position ikajo and then down to yokajo.
Super painful yet very effective indeed and I really made Jos squirm all over the place.
Then we did ...More Read More
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In General Break people day Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #30 New 11-26-2004 07:14 AM
Hey All,

Well last night's class was one in a million!
I arrived as usual very early so I can get ready and watch or maybe join in with the ju jutsu class.
This time there was a Spanish green belt and some other guy with a blue belt.I watched intensively as they battled it out between each other crawling over one another all sweaty and breathless.Panting and gasping for breath as they grappled like two animals fighting for survival.
Rene came and I was very happy that he did as it has lifted his spirits up greatly after his bereavement, poor guy.
We got the mats out and was joined by four brown belts three of which I have never seen before and one who looked scary and dangerous.
We did the communal warm up counting in Japanese and then we did some foot movement, to which I once again found myself standing trying to copy what they where doing and very confused.
We then moved over to shihonage once again which I was super comfortable with and very happy to train with all the different types of skilled people we have in the dojo.
We did from pushing and pulling and from attacks and so on.
We then did jiuwaza! This was started by two brown belts which was nice to see then followed by two white belts where one guy landed on his neck and almost was unconscious.
Then two more brown belts where one guy almost got his wrist broken.Then Rene and myself got up and did some where we only remembered two techniques,sadly enough.

Class ended and I am super happy after that!
...More Read More
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In General Shihunage day Aikibudo. Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #29 New 11-24-2004 03:11 AM

Well Last night I went to lesson alone as Rene has had a bereavement in the family and is not 100% and feeling a little down.
I arrived at the new location which was very warm and a little smaller but still nice and has a nice view of the gracht!
I got changed and was then met with a second guy who is from Ireland and has been doing Aikibudo for a while and then we joined the Jiu Jutsu group for a little training. We did escapes from ground hold's and other stuff which was interesting and fun.
We then started the lesson with the usual group warm up and then on to "Shihunage" from a push, pull, and different strikes. This was very good as you had to blend with your Uke and this was something I had not felt in a while. The Lock at the end was super painful yet it took me a while to find how this works and I can only explain it as "pulling the leg off a chicken". This was very hard to do on the older guy as he was not very responsive as an Uke and kept on moving and rolling around like a child when things got a little difficult.
The warm down was also a killer and I could not finish half of it.

Great lesson,learned a lot.
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In General Technical Tuesday Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #28 New 11-17-2004 01:31 AM
I arrived at the dojo before time as usual and watched the jiu jutsu class as I got changed into my Gi.
Rene arrived and we chatted as he got ready and then we where invited on to the mat o train a little Jiu Jutsu.
We where shown how to get out of a Full Nelson and how to do a "Arm bar' which was fun and we all had a nice time in learning it. We then started our own class which first consisted of the communal warm up where we all count together in Japanese and then some rolls and falls and then we went on to a movement thing which I could not get at all. We then moved on to "Tenchi Nage" which was done in a different way as to what I have been thought and was a little difficult for me but I think I did ok!
Then on to a "Nikajo" technique which was amazing and i had a lot of fun doing and getting right.
The lesson was very fast and very technical and I enjoyed it a lot and then came the infamous Aikibuken warm down where we did falling and getting up without using your hands to the Sensei's timing.Then on to pushups and then leg thing which nearly makes me throw up.

Another great lesson which I love.
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In General Lesson 3 Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #27 New 11-10-2004 02:07 AM

Well this was my third lesson and this time Rene came along after watching a Saturday class.
He was a little apprehensive as he thought that the style was a little excessive and harder than AIkikai training upstairs with Erick, yet he did like the discipline and the enthusiasm of the students and the teacher.
We both arrived and got changed and watched Sensei Hire teaching the Jiu Jutsu and waited whilst the lesson finished.
We all started the lesson with the group warm-up and counting in Japanese.
Then myself and Rene where left to our our devises to do a little break falling and a few techniques.
We did mostly movement and falling/rolling and where shown a different approach to kokyonage which was fun.

The lesson was very good.
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In General Second Lesson trial. Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #26 New 11-05-2004 05:39 AM

Well it was my second lesson and I turned up and slowly got ready as the sensei took the Jiu Jutsu class.
I watched intently as he was explaining pressure points and how to do them and how effective they are!
The others arrived and we chatted as we got changed.
The Jiu Jutsu lesson ended and we put out a few more mats and got ready for the group warm up. Brent explained how it works and we carried on warming up,stretching and so forth.
The feeling of family came over me and my mind was 10% focused on the Aikido and its application,I thought nothing but Aikido which is strange as this is one of the first times this has happened and I knew I had picked the right place for me!

We then did a kind of Kata and movement which I tried and was rather hard for me to do and them after that I was tested on my skill.
I proved that I knew my stuff even though I was "New" in his dojo and style yet I knew the basics for what Aikido was and how it is applied!
Then I was tested as UKE.
I was thrown, slammed and beaten for about 20 minutes and proved that I was an outstanding UKE, which was nice to hear and boosted me to no end.

Another super great lesson and I can't wait for next week.
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In General New Dojo New start! Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #25 New 11-03-2004 01:58 AM

Well I finally bit the bullet and did something about my situation and current dojo disappointments. I had searched around all the other possibilities and found that I liked "Knuckles" dojo yet I could not commit to a one day a week training, I would not learn enough and I would drift away from this.
The second option was in Museum plein and this was Aikikai and the same thing, disorganised and something i think I would stagnate in.
So I looked into the Shinbukan dojo, this was different as it had dojo rules and a more super strict way.
I arranged a meeting which was for me to sit through a class and watch!
I did so and was amazed at how different and smooth their technique was. I felt as if I truly wanted to be a part of this and at the end of the lesson after the Sensei had given his ideas of why the technique is as it is and also his philosophy over this I told him I wanted to join.

Yesterday I arrived and was given a new dogi and all my papers and had my first lesson,i was great and I had a good time learning how to fall and roll all over again.
The style is very energetic and fluid. I spent most of the time looking like a newbie and bowing to my sempai and being alone learning to fall all over again and getting rid of old Aikikai ways, but I was not once deterred at all!
I think this will be the start of a new found friendship and a long lasting relationship!

Will keep you posted and for more info please see: http://www.shinkendo.nl/
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In General Wednesday and Friday Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #24 New 10-11-2004 04:06 AM
Hey All,

Well things have taken a real strange turn this week.
I was invited to "Knuckles" dojo for a free training session and a "How we do it here" lesson.
The place is in a gym just up the Kinker straat and is owned by a Japanese Karate guy. It is a gym,spa,sauna,karate dojo,kickboxing dojo,aikido dojo and has the greatest people who go there.
I arrived and was met by the owner who showed me around and gave me the rules,a locker and a cup of tea.He was a big guy with a "Don't fuck with me" attitude to which I complied as he was bigger then me.
"knuckles" arrived and we got changed and he showed me the dojo.
It was green! with brand new tatami and a huge mirror and a wall with mats on it.
The tatami was like butter and so soft,nice!

The lesson was quite large and with some regulars from my other dojo which was nice for "knuckles" as he could have a Uke he knows!

We did Sankajo and how you can apply it in all the different ways.

It was a nice lesson,nice people yet I don't know what to do as i want to keep going to my old dojo until that closes and moves and then go to "knuckles" dojo,but he only has one lesson a week....

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In General Back to Saturday lessons. Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #23 New 09-13-2004 03:02 AM
Hey All,

well it was my first Saturday lesson back from holiday and sickness.
I arrived at the usual time and got ready and was met by "Old guy" who was surprisingly happy to see me and we chatted about how my holiday was and how Scotland was and everything was the usual Saturday. Then in came "Clog wearing guy" who was super happy o inform me that he was now 5th Que. I congratulated him of course and everything was normal. Then in cam "Moustache guy" and followed by the "Talkie brothers" and then in came "Old lady of the streets" and "Bald black guy".

I could not believe it and then the thought crossed my mind that the grading where just over and every one was super charged and this would die down after a month or so and then we will be back to normal lesson style.

We started with the usual entering and turning whilst holding your hand.Then iriminage and ikajo. We did something really cool which was an entering technique followed by a system where you could throw from at least 6 or 7 different angels which all had to do with here you stood.

A very hard lesson and "Moustache guy" was very hard on me and was super back in this lesson and I think he was just taken back that I returned and it knocked him a little. I will get him back though.

Rene never turned up as he is still sick and feel's not 100% but I think he has lost interest. Maybe I am wrong but you never know do you.

Ach well it is so great to be back.
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In General Back after holiday. Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #22 New 09-09-2004 03:20 AM
Hey All,

Well after two weeks holiday and then one week off due to a dentist issue.
What can I say getting back was great! I saw all the usual faces. I was surprised to see "Moustache guy" sneak in and get changed very quietly and not as loud as he usually is,but I just carried on watching the people.Then in spilled three young kids and they joined the group.At this point I thought things had changed and I had come at the wrong time or something...

The lesson started with some fun as it seems that "Kick boxer guy" had passed his black belt test and had trouble with his Hakama and this created a stir.
The lesson was taken by "Yoda" ,who was on fire, and said that this lesson would entail grabs from behind. This was super cool and the first one was an entering technique where you spun the assailant around you and then entered and dropped him,I kind of had troubles with this.
The second was a different one where you did Ikajo,kind of easy!
The third you did sakajo,easy. and the forth you did iriminage,which was amazing as I supplely dropped in to a really good groove and my partner noticed this ...surprising!!
Then we stopped and did some work with swords which I find very hard to do but it was fun none the less and I know sword play is very important for aikido.
We did one where you drew the sword,whilst stepping with the right foot.then turn a little to the left and stepping in with the left and cutting.Placing the sword back whilst stepping back with the left!

...More Read More
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