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Kelly Allen's Blog Blog Tools Rate This Blog
Creation Date: 08-13-2004 09:36 PM
Kelly Allen
Blog Info
Status: Public
Entries: 45 (Private: 1)
Comments: 34
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Entries for the Month of October 2003

In General Things are not going well Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #16 New 10-23-2003 02:35 AM
I make this entry in fear that I may have to give up Aikido. I thought my back was improving only to have it get worse over dinner Sunday night, and I have been in a great deal of pain since.

I feel bad about it too because I was just getting to the point where my Ukemi was good enough to help sensei show new students how diffrent techniques would look like at higher speeds. We were getting new members this year too. I feel like I've failed the dojo, and let my Sensei, and friend down.

I feel like if I have to give up Aikido I'll be giveing up something that is a part of me. Its bad enough that I wished that I had discovered Aikido 10 years ago. I know that there is something in Aikido that I have been looking for, but haven't yet found it. If my back keeps me from training I'm afraid I'll never find it.
Views: 782 | Comments: 2

In General What's the real reason? Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #15 New 10-19-2003 01:12 AM
I have had, and heard many discussions on why someone studies the martial arts. Out of all these discussions I don't think I have heard anyone once say they study the MA's simply for the sake of excersize. They always say that they wanted to feel they would have the advantage if they ever got into a bad situation that may result in a fight. That's all very well and good, but realistically speaking the vast majority of us would know how to avoid those types of situations. It's been almost 20 years since I got into a fight. It was related to the fact that I was a bouncer at the time, and it only happened once in the two years I had that job. Not because there wasn't lots of opportunities in that line of work, it was because I was able to talk sense into the majority of the people who were causing the problems.

Now where am I going with this? Well its just this. I get the feeling that most people think they have to have a logical reason to train in the MA's. (I train so I can learn how to fight / protect myself). When was the last time you needed to fight or protect yourself? Why can't one just say, "I train in the MA's for exersize"? That is, after all what I do!

Well why didn't I just join a gym then? Been there done that only to find that pushing weights and jogging around in circles gets boring after a while. Why spend a couple hundred dollars on a one year membership that I only use for a month. MAs tends to keep my intrest because I learn something every ...More Read More
Views: 588

In General Light training. New student Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #14 New 10-16-2003 02:29 AM
Not a 100% yet but I can't stay out of the dojo any longer. We took things easy due to a few injuries, not related to Aikido training, and a new student. We were expecting a few new students but only one showed up. Late, but better late than never. He seems quite keen on this style. I think he'll enjoy it.

It was neat haveing a new student in class. It really gives you a sense for how far you've come. like, I remember leading with the wrong foot all the time, and being so choppy and tense.

To slow things down we practiced a few entering and blending exersizes. I was trying to get the feeling of staying floppy chicken loose while entering, and keeping my leading hand in front of me with unbendable arm while leading.

The rest of the class was Katatori ikkyo, katatatori Oujiji, to get the new guy started on a couple of techniques. We did a demonstration on randori with the senior student and I attacking sensei. Sensei got me with a great touchless irimi nage. I saw the cloths line coming and wasn't about to let it connect. All I could do was Ushiro Ukeme to the floor.

We were also discussing about how to deal with unpredictable attacks. Ma-ai was mentioned, and during the demo I didn't give sensei any indication how I was going to attack him. It was the first time I have done that. I found out just how effective sensei's Aikido is. It became evedent to me that I wouldn't want to be the poor sap who tries to take a lung, punch, kick or anything else ...More Read More
Views: 429

In General Slipped L5 disc Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #13 New 10-09-2003 03:11 AM
I slipped my disc again. I did it 5 years ago and it took me about 3 months to recover.
It doesn't seem as bad this time as it was last time, and my chiropractor has already made a difference with his treatment.

It was the stupidest thing that caused it. I was out at the lake packing up my camper for the winter. It had been out there for a few weeks unused so it was beginning to be infested with spiders. I was going around killing the spiders with a fly swatter. I reached down to swat one on the floor and "crick" it went. Stupid spiders!

I think I'll only be out of the dojo for a couple of weeks. I know I can't do Ukemi, and I don't want to risk aggrevating it by being Nage either, so the only thing I can do is a couple of exersizes and Jo and Boken kata.

I'm already walking without too much of a limp. The only thing that aggrevates it now is sitting, and bending over. Very tender.

I just have to concentrate on getting better and training in the light stuff.
Views: 1219 | Comments: 2

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