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trademark8806's Blog Blog Tools Rating: Rate This Blog
Creation Date: 06-14-2009 12:51 AM
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Status: Public
Entries: 68
Comments: 185
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In General First class of the new year Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #18 New 01-05-2010 12:10 AM
I did ok , for not doing Akido for 2 weeks. I felt like today thow my brin wiries were not conconeting fully. I kinda wanted to be able to just work on review and slwly but not how it goes. Thats ok it forces me to think more on my feet. I trying to lurn how to do that. I did get to do some review and then next exam requriments. I am hopfull to lurn as much as I can before I stop in the fall for school. Going up North is a bit of cummute. I try to take a class up there throught the school , but wont be the same. I courntly work out at a relxaed dojo, but a good dojo. The sisay who runs it calls it a family dojo. It is throw the city so we only get two nights a week for 2 hours and then on saterday we get to have a kids class and then 2 hours for the Adult class. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone had any ideas of how to better focose in class.
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In General Student do ... sisay teach? Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #17 New 12-21-2009 11:12 PM
So... sisay asked a senor student ( whom also happens to be a teacher on wensdays) to work with me and another student on some sward work. He refused to help me with any of it. Forently I have ben exposed to this teque prie to tonight, not that I know it well at all. I tryed just flowing along , but soon relized he was not helping me at all. so, I stred praticing on my own, but soon found I did not know what to do next. He of course was not helping me out , only focused on the other student. So, I stated just watching what they were doing and trying to anlyz what it was I was doign vs what he was telling the other to do. Then consdently when sisay was looking he would say flow along! So , I would try and then I would watch his eyes and they woul be soly on the other guy. This was frusting me , I mean it was frusting me that I was not catching on to begin with, but him not helping me was not helping. At one pointnear the end sisay came over and after askign which part the other guy was doing worked with me. Ofcorse he soon relized that he wsa going to half to work with me steep by steep. He did , I not sure what his fasce siad, but he did not make us demostrate like everyone else had to. He usely dose make us.
I need some avice on what to do? Should I go wensday? This guy is the one taching?
Oh and don't get me wrong I think this guy is a greet at Akido, but he seems to I don't know how to say it I gess hate me. I had truble with him in the past but mostly o ...More Read More
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In General Aikido runing into life Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #16 New 12-21-2009 05:30 PM
On saterday Sisay siad that Aikido was not about fighting anything , that it was about resiting it leting it happen. He aslo say that you are to look beyond his hand , he is only focosed on grabing you, that is his flaw. This is kinda like Tolly living in the momednt theroy. Just thoguth it was intesting and I think when we do it relly dose work.
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In Testing My last test and my next test Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #15 New 12-20-2009 01:50 PM
The Level I am at somedas:

7th KYU -- White Belt with Stripe

Time and Events Requirements
Minimum 2 months and 20 hours of training

Ki Tests and Exercises
Seiza - Sitting Japanese style with legs folded underneath
Shizentai - Natural stance with feet shoulder-width
Orenaite - Unbendable arm, tested while in hanmi stance
Koho Tento Undo - Rolling backward and forward from sitting, kneeling and standing positions
Ushiro Ukemi, Rolling - Tumbling backward completely, from kneeling and standing positions
Mae Ukemi, Rolling - Tumbling forward completely, from kneeling and standing positions
Kokyudosa - Partner practice in seiza position; exercise to develop timing or "breath" power

Katatekosatori Kotegaeshi - Cross-hand wrist grab/ "Wrist-turning" throw, pin
Katatori Ikkyo - Lapel grab/ "First teaching" and pin
Katatekosatori Kokyunage - Cross-hand wrist grab/ "Timing throw;" controlling the head

Next Test:

6th KYU -- Yellow Belt

Time and Events Requirements
Minimum 3 months and 30 hours of training after earning 7th Kyu

Ki Tests and Exercises
Ushiro Ukemi, Breakfall - Rolling backward with slap, and returning to standing position
Mae Ukemi, Breakfall - Falling forward with slap, and returning to standing position
Empty Hand Strikes - Shomenuchi, Yokomenuchi, and Munetsuki; demonstration of basic strikes
Funakogi Undo - "Rowing exercise"
Shomenuchi Ikkyo Undo - Raising and lowering th ...More Read More
Views: 946

In Spiritual Confution Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #14 New 12-19-2009 07:14 PM
I previous this with saying I think this related to Akido, but bearw with me it is not.

I had truble geting focosed last few class. Last monday night, I went t class and for some reason everything I thought I knew rand and hid. I had vague memoris of it like it was looking throw a windo, but would not walk down the path to rest of my mind and boddy. However, I made it throw the class, and pondered why this was such an unproductive night and why my mind kept litterly going blank at times. There was even another brand new student whom seemed to catch on tho actives that faster then I. I suposed be better then him somewhat ... I been tring for about 6 months. The only excuse I had in part for that night was I had been up for about 48 hours. Althow, I did nto feel tryed I had lots of red die 40 in my system( kinda like normal people drinking a red bull or somehting). So , I still not srue what was up that night , but I had hoped it was just that night.

So, I go today to the afternoon class. Fist I got my Award saying I was officaly a 7th KUY. Thow , I was kinda scared and confused. I was fro a few resons, one I had just driven there, and I have not driven in a long time( I have a test wed.). My sister was sorat adding to my alraddy crappy driving by not helping time wise drictions. So, I ened up about 5-10 mints late to calss, wich is not something I like at all. Then frist thing when I get there he call my name, and I also not sure I deserve the rank. I thi ...More Read More
Views: 1604 | Comments: 5

In General Some intresting thoughts and comments.... Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #13 New 12-17-2009 10:49 AM
I will start off with the comment that it is intresting. The two people whom seem to flow my blogs both deal with horses. Which si something I would like to deal ,and injoy. intresting.

I was thinking the orther day ...I was trying to think of why I go back to Aikido. As someone once pointed out to me "if you don't want to be here you don't have to be." As my previous blogs might sugust officily I strugle with it and sometimes get frustred with it. So, as I lyie awake after being up for 48 hours strat..... it came to me... the answer to why I go. I thought I would share it here and I am also cerious as to if it is an odd reason to chose Akdio.

I injoy going to Aikido/Dojo because it is good exercise, often I get to feel like it is a place wher everyone is held to a degree of apreation of the others , everyone in away is on the same level , I am actuly told what I do wrong and why I should do a certin move, a certen way. Also, I get to chalange my brin to try new things and if I ever get the misfortion of falling or engaing in a fight , hofully I will come out a bit better off. Also, injoy seeing how people intract , lets me lurn.

Belsed be and Happy Holdays,
Views: 1104 | Comments: 3

In General So... The update or what not... Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #12 New 12-15-2009 09:17 PM
I posted previouly that I was thinking about leving Akido and here. Well ,upon further thought and talking to some of my teachers or people in gernarl... I thinking that I am actuly lurning more then I am not. I still think that I not whre I "should" be. I know others are catching on faster then I am. However, I am lurnign I am not there for them , I there for me! I supose some part of me wants aproval, but altimently I need to hold myself to my own goles. I forgoton this, as you whom flow my post knwo I have verious lurnign difrences nd Asburgers. I never caought on fast to anythign, when I do get it thow , I NEVER forget it even if I try really heard to. So , long and short of it is I think that Aikido has alot to offer me, besides I jsut like the dojo, most of the time. I mean there are a few whom seem to pick on me, but most seem to at lest while in the dojo nurtral or nice. I like that and I lurn alot even if it is not as fast as I am suposed to, pluse I need the exercise. Ty to all of you for your input and for advice.

On a difrent note, I have question. However, frist I will tell you the senrio. It goes like this a while back I went to a semnar when I had barily stared to train. It truned out to be mostly black and brwon belts. I worked with my sisay alot!!!! or rather he worked with me. I belive this to be because he was tryign to protect me, or becaue he was tryed, thow I more thinking the frist. He , goes to the semnoars to price his Akido. I was told then an in ...More Read More
Views: 1092 | Comments: 2

In General I am leving... Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #11 New 12-13-2009 10:18 PM
I have decided that I should probly stop doing Akido after the new year starts. I recon it is just not an area I seem to be suceding in. I trying to accept what I can not do. I thought I was making progress, but affter the test I took , I know it is not so I thought I knew at lest 3 tecques, but I was unable to do even them..
SO .,.. this mean I will also stop posting here...
Thanks for all of your input.
Wishing you all the best of luck in all taht you persue.
Views: 1231 | Comments: 6

In General Akido in on the telly Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #10 New 12-13-2009 05:12 PM
so... I was wataching a show intilled "Land of the Seeker" and the main carter was teaching some people how to fit with sticks. I noticed it was boken 2 or something like that anyway. odd how it creeps into areas of your life where you would not think.
Views: 714

In General Concerns and move to work harder Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #9 New 12-09-2009 11:18 AM
so... I been on bit of a hiadis form akido when I frist statred and for about a month after I came home form London I was so decated I went to every class there was. There is only 3 at my dojo. I wanted more I was streting to have fun. Then I went to the Grand Canyon , while ther I fell on a rock and hit my knee and it messed it up some how. I countued to go but stared to not go on Wensdays because the teacher was well not my lurning stlye anyway. I still went twice a week Mondays and Saterdays. I went to get my kneee x-rayed by the doctor and he siad not to Akido at all but I could not tear my self away , so I still went on Monday nights. I stoped going sateredays then. Now , my knew is faialy feeling better and I want to start to go more ragular agin, my question is should I start by going back to the chalange class on wensdays . It is chalanging because of the for mentioned reson , that makes you have to work hearder to get what is being tought. Also, not as many people show up so , your more relinghtn on the sissay. Or, should I go to saterday where we start out with advaced kids and then we have again a kinda small class , but sinsay there works with me more? I relized after test on monday that I need ot get in some more pratice, I can't relly pritice that much on my own so I should go to class. Now , that my knee is better and I am not sick wich I was on and off for awhile ( or bad aligeres) I need to get back into it. Infact I liek it becuse with fe ...More Read More
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