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tales from the aiki side Blog Tools Rating: Rate This Blog
Creation Date: 09-10-2005 04:38 AM
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In General mushinkan mayhem Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #9 New 10-14-2005 04:22 AM
well we had another torture session last night ......oh no wait a minute that was aikido we were doing sorry my bad. so any way some bright spark who shall remain nameless decided to ask our sensei if we could practice doing backwards ukemi ...........and what do i go do again oh yes you guessed it my bloody shoulder (but on a brighter note i actually managed to do the afore mentioned ukemi with out collapsing in an undignified heap) and we did forward ukemi too (yeay me i did it) also i noticed that the guys in my dojo seem to have lost there razors as i now have stubble rash on my arm from doing that technique were you bring your arm across there face (i cant remember the name of the technique so if any body who reads this can tell me what it is id be most greatful for the input ) bad bad mr sensei (who actally is a very nice man really (ok im creeping)) didnt even give me chance to uke for him properly as wen i went to grab him he moved outta the way and sent me flying before i knew what was going on and yet again spent most of the lesson yelling at me for doing the technique to fast or yelling at me to keep my back straight all his shouting he made me cry (i really dont like being shouted at) but i didnt let him see!

oooooooooooo yes but he did redeem himself some what by putting my shoulder back in to place so may be i should let him off with the yelling incident what do you think?

well its t ...More Read More
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In General the pain just keeps comming Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #8 New 10-12-2005 03:14 PM
ok so it was aiki ju jitsu tonight and we were doing a backwards ukemi and i did it with such finess that i think ive seriously damaged my shoulder. and to cap it all panter sensei gave me a free flying lesson (ok tip for next class:wen panter sensei ask any of his female students to stand up im hiding in the corner!). ok so i really did enjoy tonights class pain galore but hey i pay for it so i should enjoy it. mmmmmmmmm i think thats about it for now watch this space for more tales from the aiki side
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In General fit for the scrap heap Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #7 New 10-07-2005 02:23 AM
ok so i know i have not done aikido for a couple of weeks but boy was i nackered after just one warm up excercise last night. ok it was a good class last night but ouch did i get throw about by the guys, even my sensei saw fit to kick me a few times last night but hey i enjoyed it. ok i'll stop rambling on now and go do some house work (yeay) catch you on the flip side aiki lovers
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In General oh the agony Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #6 New 09-30-2005 06:50 AM
ok so i havent been to either of my classes this week on account of poor little me being sssssssssssssooooooooo ill,there must be something going round, oh well my bones are safe for this week at least, its no fun when you cant do aikido as ive come to love it so much ok i'll stop my ramblings now as the anti biotics have kicked in and i'll see you all same aiki time same aiki place
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In General happy aikido Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #5 New 09-22-2005 03:41 PM
so here we are at mushinkan, again we are only a small class but hey we are good, ok so i wasnt getting things right first off but practice makes perfect, doing kote gaeshi something or other (ok so im not big on technical jargon) i really felt i learnt something and im starting to remember alot more what ive been doing in our previous classes. unfortunatly we cant go mad with weapons as the room we are in has a low ceiling but hey us aikidokas will try any thing once, and there we were doing a bit of weapons practice wen CRASH peter nearly stuck his jo through the roof oooooooppps guess we wont be trying that one again, and so ................... erm any waywill be back next week with more tails from the aiki side, gods bless take care and sweet aiki dreams
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In General possibley the worst class ever Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #4 New 09-22-2005 02:15 AM
ok so all of our seniors wer doing a seminar yesterday but does that excuse the cruddy attitude our kids instructor had toward them, ok hell who dont get nackered. it made me not want to take the kids there again. but any way was doing ok on the technique last night i think im possibly getting better on the foot workoh the agony i ate mat a totall of 6 times last night all thanks to panter sensei, oooooo ouch i think i really hurt my shoulder. so people wat do u think about the instructor thing i mean as well as picking my 5 year old daughter up by her arm he then scared my son half to death by banging on the mats so hardhe narrowly missed hitting his head. ok enough of my ramblings ok so im gonna take my meds now lol, and rest calmly for tonights enstallment of pain
Views: 1182 | Comments: 1

In General excellent class Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #3 New 09-15-2005 03:25 PM
ok so i havent done mushinkan for a month as we have been having dojo problems but now this has been sorted,we had a great class doing nikkiyo technique, met up with all my friends including our very patient and wise teacher mark, its been nice to see all of my friends and yes i ended up eating mat a few times but fun was had. well id better be off to get my much needed beauty sleep take care all of you who read this and keep smiling
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In General the agony continues Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #2 New 09-14-2005 03:25 PM
so another excellent class taught by the wonderful ray panter, i just keep on doing this to my self, well there i was doing sankiyo with my partner, ok i wasnt doing that well, so i asked our beloved sensei if he would mind showing us the correct technique (this is always a mistake) he said sure grab my wrist so obliged and there i am eating mat oooooooo the agony from now on im gonna keep quiet and not be a play thing for panter sensei, im in so much pain and ive got another class tomorrow so more pain for me (yay)
Views: 1096

In General why oh why did i do it Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #1 New 09-10-2005 04:38 AM
well i had another excellent class again wednesday,but my mouth tends to run away abit so there i am doing kote gashi with the sempai who was going,ever so careful with me as ive not been going long when i stupidly said aw come on you can put more power into it than that so obligingly he did and he spun round so fast that my feet left the floor, he got me on the floor and had me in such agony the likes of which i had never felt before, so the moral of this story is KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT! .

ok so i have my kids going to said same class and they love every minute of it, they have a great respect of the teachers, and have made alot of friends, but they want to more classes what am i going to do? may be i shold hire our sensei to teach them at home may be or should i take them to another martial arts class who knows. well im off to ponder the meaning of life, the universe and every thing else
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