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Guy's Aikido Journal Blog Tools Rating: Rate This Blog
Creation Date: 02-27-2005 12:33 AM
This is a journal of Guys Aiki path
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Entries for the Month of November 2004

In General Kote Gaeshi third point Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #134 New 11-10-2004 10:17 AM
Morning class:
Worked with Rick on Suwuri Waza, sankyo, and yonkyo. Then I worked on Shoman uchi kote gaeshi. I worked with Niki on it, she showed me a quite a bit: 1> I don't need to hurry at all just keep turning to keep the uke where I want them, where I am at there back, they have to go in a wide circle to get around me. I just need to keep pivoting. 2> Dong grab the ukes hand, grab their arm and slide to their hand. 3> Third point focus on using the kote gaishi part of the technique to take uke's balance. This means the wrist lock is secondary to the use of the wrist to control the ukes center. We worked on my doing it with my eyes closed. It was pretty cool! As Niki said; "You don't need to see me, I am on the end of my arm!"
After class I spoke with Rick about taking my 3rd Kyu test this round. He said that he though I was close and could probably do it, and recommended that we work on it for two more weeks and see what we though then.
Sensei, Rick, and I stuck around after class for a while and talked. There were a lot of conversations, attitude, abilities, bell curves, division and style differences, and more that I can't recall. It was really wonderful and I sucked up more knowledge about how the Aikido world works.
Another awesome class with lots and lots of learning going on for me. Some teaching with new people too. Perhaps teaching new people when I have so much to learn myself is my biggest challenge in aikido right now. I like to be an expert in ...More Read More
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In General 11/7/04 BREAKFALLS! Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #133 New 11-08-2004 10:07 AM

Worked with Don today on his variations for first kyu test. It was a lot of fun. I did some suwari waza, and worked on my ukemi. I did a roll over Don without touching him at all. I realized I have been doing them big enough to clear someone for a while. Then Don helped me w/ my break falls. I did about 5 or so of them. It was AWESOME! Since this is the first time that I have done conscious breakfalls, it was a great, and new thing!

Noel gave me some exercises and stretches to work on which should make suwuri waza easier. I am really thrilled at being able to do the break falls that I did today. I can see where there are some more technical and harder break falls to take for different techniques, specifically out of kote gaeshi.

Frustration today was correctly moving in suwari waza, and connecting enough in the instant before the shoman is started to catch it. Both are areas I am going to have to work on. Maybe some time w/ Noel this month, and before and after classes. Overall a GREAT Aikido Day.
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In General First week of November Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #132 New 11-06-2004 04:12 PM
Tuesday Morning Class, test prep time at the Dojo. Worked with a variety of people on test materials for 5th and 4th Kyu. There were some internal lessons on taking charge of situations, and my current failure to do an atimi that is at all convincing. I think that these are related. I can trace some incidents in my life that I have gotten to the point that I have given up on the process and not engaged the situation very well instead either being passive, or not delivering an atimi or two here of there to distract the person or persons involved in the incident, so that I could create an opening and actually function with an opening to make it better for everyone. I may even be doing this with a situation that I have right now!

Tuesday evening Class, worked on Ikkyo and Tai No Henko Ki No Nagare with Melissa.

Wednesday Sticks, did parts 21 thru 31 of the 31 count paired kata practice. It was a lot of fun. There is a connection and learning in sticks that I am just becoming aware of.

Thursday Morning. Test Prep, worked on mostly 3rd and 4th kyu techniques with a variety of people. Definitely good practice. Kind of frustrating, that most of it does not seem to come together very well, there are a lot of details that I have in my head that I am having difficulty translating into my body at the moment.

Thursday Evening, Worked with M on Gyukate Dori Kote Gaeshi. Then the rest of the class worked with Don Penny on some Awesome prep for his Shodan Test! ...More Read More
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In General 10/26-10/28/04 Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #131 New 11-02-2004 09:38 AM
This week was even more hectic than last week. I did manage to attend class on Tuesday and Thursday, but after my big test on something unrelated to Aikido, I was too exhausted to get on the mat on Friday. I was using the basics class in a completely different way. When we are working from Kihon starts now, I am very conscious of each move that I make and try to make sure that they are much much slower, and much more precise. Sensie talked for a while about this the week before, and drove home the point, the reason that we do it slow is so that you can get it cemented into your muscle memory, in a way that is close to perfect then when you must do it fast, as in a martial situation, (more on a discussion on that later), it will be there and be good.

We worked on Shiho Nage on Tuesday, and Kote Gaeishi on Thursday. On Thursday I worked with two unranked newbies in the Dojo, (One being M). It was a lot of work, and I was definitely more of a teacher than a Uke. This was right after I had made the conscious decision not to teach anyone anything about Aikido, I didn't feel worthy, and thought that even the little things that I was pointing out rarely at that, were getting annoying to me, and therefore would be annoying to my partners. So I said, unless I am going to get hurt, I am not going to say anything just train. The very next class Sensei stands by and smiles at me as I teach, occasionally saying things like "Are you going to correct her on that stance? ...More Read More
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