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Jedi Archives Blog Tools Rating: Rate This Blog
Creation Date: 09-20-2004 05:38 PM
Devon Natario
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In General Concepts over looked Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #15 New 08-01-2005 02:14 PM
Im not sure if others teach this method, but I do.

In training martial arts a teacher is supposed to teach in succession. Meaning, we teach in steps.

If my end result is to teach Irimi Nage, I would start off with footwork with a parry. So on and so on until the actual Irimi Nage was completed, then practive the entire movement in one technique.

I do the same with the entire fighting concpet. Sticky hands/feet is a way to combine footwork, with wrist locks, series techniques, and throws. The concpet behind this is to see an opening and take it to conduct a technique, however, you actually have an opponent that is trying to reverse or defend so its makes the technique harder to accomplish, yet it gives the people conducting this execrice a way of feeling what a real life opponent feels like. The reason is is called sticky hands is because in order to properly fight an opponent you want to have contact with their hands and know where their feet are at all times. We arent premonitionists that rely on seeing the future. So instead we feel our opponents. I try to keep contact with the wrists, and watch the feet so I can sweep, hook, or just know when the opponent is off balance so I can take advantage of this. In Chinese it is called Chi Sao as far as I know. I could be wrong.

Before this can be taught you teach transitional flow. Transitional flow is when you teach how to move from one technique to another. Finger lock, into Sankyo, Sankyo into arm bar, into hammerlo ...More Read More
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In General Camping Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #14 New 07-22-2005 12:58 PM
My woman and I had planned on going camping this weekend. The other day though, we discussed it and I thought we were not going.

Well I wake up this morning and she asks me, "Are you ready to go camping?"

Instant stress accumulates my body and my blood starts to flow. I love being sporadic and I love doing things, but I HATE not being prepared. Where's the tent, wheres the sleeping bags, wheres the cooler, wheres the ice, wheres the fishing poles, wheres the food, who's cooking, whos all going, etc etc etc. I hate being "that guy".

"That guy" is the guy that never prepares so he's always borrowing things so he can barely survive out there. We are going with her entire family, so its not about just our immediate family. Its everyone there to witness this ordeal.

Okay, so now the stress is gone. What about working out? What about practicing martial arts. This is four days. Four days without my fix of my habits I am going to die out there.

These are the things I think to talk myself out of going, but in the end I will go to make her happy. I will enjoy myself. Why do I stress myself out?

I will train on simple movements and make my own kata while im there.
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In General Selective controversy Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #13 New 07-17-2005 03:28 AM
Today someone at work asked me to start teacing them martial arts. His name was Steve and he's asked me to teach him. He has 6 months before he goes into the Navy. I told him I didnt want a 6 month student and that I wanted to teach people long term. He was offended, but I cant help the way I feel.

Someone once told me that a student appears before his teacher when the time is right. I cant agree with that statement. The way these McDojos have tried to make a pretty penny on the arts has made the system way different from the past. People can find a teacher without an application process. They can start learning a martial art without ever having actually talked to the instructor to see if they're right for them.

I have always sought out good teachers when Ive wanted to learn martial arts. I call or e-mail the instructor and ask tons of questions:
1) What organizations are you a part of?
2) What Dan rank are you and when did you receive this?
3) What is the lineage of your style all the way to you?
4) How can I contact your instructor?
5) Is your style homegrown? If so who is the Grandmaster of this style and what styles make up this art?
6) How do your daily calsses ran?
7) Are there contracts?
8) What promotion system do you run?
9) What type of promotions Time based, skill based, class based?
10) etc etc etc

Now, I ask a lot more questions than that, those are just off the top of my head. I ask the same from my students.

1) Why do you want to learn?
...More Read More
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In General Lessons Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #12 New 07-16-2005 01:58 AM
So we ended up with a short class of 2 hours. We did the basics, and then worked on kaiten nage, juji nage, gokyo, guillotine and some submission grappling.

I added a kempo technique of black, check and counter and noticed that he had some serious work to do. I may start him off with some arnis next time to get him used to hand eye coordination.

All in all it was a good class and he shows improvement on a class basis.

I am going camping next week, so I may try to do some early am classes with him this coming week.

Its so nice not having a schedule to work around. I can just mention a day and time and he says yes or no. So far all yes.
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In General Awakening Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #11 New 07-15-2005 04:10 AM
In my years of learning Martial Arts I never realized how many techniques I really knew. I've started doing private lessons with a youngster named Kyle madsen.

This kid has no experience what so ever. I am here to mold him and give him his basis in martial arts. Its a heavy load.

I think about things while Im teaching him and I think about martial concepts and how these things would really be put to use on the streets or in combat when necessary.

I think about our classes prior to having them. I think about what I want to teach him and I put things in a mental syllabus for the next day.

Tonight I just couldn't sleep. I sat up in bed thinking about Kaiten Nage and how it can be used when someone is trying to tackle you. I thought about a wrestling technique where you push your opponent to the ground and raise your legs and swing around to their back side, I think about the Guillotine and how it can be used in conjunction with placing your opponent in the guard by jumping on them. All of thse moves just for a tackle.

I get so excited about teaching these techniques that I just cant sleep. My adrenaline pumps and I cant wait to see Kyle learn the moves.

I live for teaching. I think I put too much into my students at times and I hope I dont scare them away with theory and the amount of things I teach. But I look at it like when i was a student. A teacher couldnt teach me fast enough. I could learn a kata overnight, I would learn a new move and mentally practice ...More Read More
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In General Training Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #10 New 07-07-2005 03:08 AM
Today Kyle (my student) and I practiced for three hours. We went over so many things. I wasnt sure if he would want to keep training so I threw a lot out there. I covered all kicks, punches, blocks, parries, first 3 throws, grappling, breakfalls, posture, stances, movement excercises. I covered a lot of everything in the time period.

I noticed that when you teach one person you can teach them more techniques than if you had a large class. However, the downfall is that one technique isnt practiced 100+ times with switching partners. The next class I have with him I am just going to do breakfalls, rolls, one wrist escape, one headlock escape, and Kote Gaeshi. I think thats a lot in itself to teach someone, but I want to practice these over and over until he feels comfortable with them.

This guy is a natural too. He says hes only trained in Judo when he was very young, and he quit shortly after joining. He learns fast, and so I dont want to hold him back. Hes already humble.

The only problem I have seen is when I do a technique on him he leads instead of moving when it hurts. I like to make sure the technique hurts or really works because on the street, people arent going to lead into the techniques, they are going to fight with you. But Im sure with time, this will change.
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In General Too much time off Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #9 New 06-10-2005 04:57 PM
So I took a long time off. I recently had a baby and I worked more than ever to save up for this glorious event.

Well, Im back to training again. I am teaching Jujitsu in my garage and everything is going great. Im planning on getting my guys close to green belt and having my instructor fly in to test them all. I think it would be great to see him and Im sure he has a lot of moves to show me. He has a deeper, greater knowledge than me, which makes me feel like a bad instructor. But I suppose those that came before us should always make us feel this way.

He has been studying with George Dillman now for years and he's got these pressure point knock outs down, whereas I am more of the "Ill take you down and submit you" type artist. I am great at what I do, but what I know could never compare to what I dont know.

Anyways, the road to discovery is always open so I will gather as much as I can in my personal journey to information.
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In General Soreness Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #8 New 09-20-2004 05:38 PM
So it's been a week. after last weeks Judo practice, I was sore, I mean sore. I havent been that sore since my first day of Jujitsu. I couldnt believe it. I felt so out of shape. Oh well, no pain no gain. I know thats chiche, but its so true.

So I had my Judo practice last week and we only worked on ground skills. It made me feel right at home. It was funny because it was my first day and one of the younger black belts teamed up with me. She asked me if I had any skills, and I told her a little. As soon as we started, I beat her very quickly. The next few people I beat very quickly as well. There was however, a black belt that I couldnt beat. He was about 290lbs and he had skill. He beat me by pinning me. I couldnt move. That was crazy! Im not used to the pinning thing, so I felt fine just sitting there. I guess I have to retrain to get out of certain situations in which I have become accustomed to.

I personally love Judo. I talked to my Aikido instructor and told him I would stop by this week after Judo. I know next month Ill be doing both. Ill do Judo, then go straight to Aikido. This is why I had to take a month off. I had to condition and prepare for this.

My schedule has changed a bit now. I wake up, do Judo, go to Aikido, then come home and lift weights, then go to work for 8 hours.

It's a cycle I tell yah. I figure it's only two days a week, why complain.

Once I start doing Kenpo Ill be busier. I guess I want to fill my days with training. two days a we ...More Read More
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In General Missed Judo today Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #7 New 09-08-2004 10:40 PM
I am feeling pressure from home. I live with my girlfriend and she constantly hourds me about time with her, I mean constantly.

I work at nights and I train right before I go to work.

Anyways- I have been off for three days because of the holiday and she pressures me to sleep (asleep) with her. Honestly, sleeping with her turns my schedule around so much that I am extra tired and can not do much ever.

I falter and end up sleeping with her. Well, I wake up and it's an hour past my Judo training.

She is a priority to me, but when its unnecessary- why does she bother me. Okay okay- she lvoes me- thats great. I love her too. But honestly, just let me have my schedule. See me when you can, love me, and let me train!!!

I can't miss anymore training. It's making me go insane. I will end up resenting her for it. Ive talked to her about it, and she says, "I dont make you do anything, you choose what you do, not me." Thats great, but she pressures me to make the decisions I make.

I guess I just need to really have a heart to heart with her and ask her if "I" am what she really wants. Cause with me, comes martial arts. Its just the way it has to be.
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In General E-mail from Sensei Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #6 New 09-07-2004 12:21 PM
I got an e-mail from my Aikido instructor today. He sounded a little disappointed that I was leaving for a month, and said he would hopefully see me in October.

I feel bad, but it was needed. I always find myself at a crossroads with arts. It's either stay for the long haul, or leave. I guess I always feel this about 6-12 months into it.

The arts I have stayed, I always get at least Shodan in, but the arts I leave I never regret. I guess Im feeling a choice coming on.

I love the practice of Aikido, and I love learning certain things in Aikido. I guess the only thing I do not like is the fact that I am not learning any techniques. I guess after doing Jujitsu so long, I wouldn't learn any techniques, but when taking Jujitsu, I constantly learned new techniques, new throws, or something. It kept me interested.

It's the problem of learning too fast I think. I can be shown a technique and I will practice it at home with my woman, or with other students, and I will try variances, or from different grabs etc etc etc. So I try to make each technique my own..

I guess in other arts, you are rewarded with learning fast, and practicing at home. But in Aikido, there are no rewards. There are no promotions for "knowing the techniques". There is only self-growth.

I guess I feel like "what's the point?" I have instructor status in another art, and I already teach. Why do I need to start over and remain a white belt for over half a year when I have been practicing most of t ...More Read More
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