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Jedi Archives Blog Tools Rating: Rate This Blog
Creation Date: 09-20-2004 05:38 PM
Devon Natario
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In General Eight Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #55 New 11-29-2005 11:20 AM
Eighth class today at the Lions Den. Although I have only gone 8 times, I have been there one month already. Weird.

Class was great, but it has been two weeks since my last class here at Lions Den. Thanksgiving and UFC combined gave me a couple weeks off.

Before I go into what I learned I will have to say that two weeks is a lot. I was right back to side aches and cramps and I was winded fairly shortly into the Muay Thai class. I hate taking time off, but what can we do?

Submission Wresatling/BJJ:
Today we covered the butterful guard. We went over how to get into it, and what not to do while in it. Then we partered up and practiced pushign the person upright while we kept butterfuly guard and came up with them.

We went over underhooks and overhooks from this position. I liked overhooks better, but that's my style of fighting.

We coverd the "wizard" and how to push the opponents face to the side and to come up with a choke, then sweep them to the side. We went over the sweep without a choke, and when a person bases what to do.

If a person bases on the sweep, you shift your weight and leg to the other side and sweep them from the opposite direction.

Then we put them altogether and went from butterfly to sweep, to choke with the person fighting us. "Live"

I personally did not like the butterfly, but it wasn't a bad place to be by any means. I did like the sweep into scarf hold though.

Muay Thai:
We spent some time fine tuning our Muay Thai kick on b ...More Read More
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In General The emptiness Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #54 New 11-27-2005 01:16 PM
Today all of my students were scheduled, and all of them did not show up.

Baylen called me last night and told me that he could not make it. He said he was scheduled for work.

Kyle said that he wasn't sure if his father would let him.

Ryan asked me if there was enough room for four people.

So I wake up at my normal hour and I start cleaning the kitchen. When I am done I look at the time and it is 15 minutes past when people should have arrived. I waited for a tiny bit longer and then I decided to work out on my own.

I worked out in the garage for a very short moment and I worked out chest, biscepts, and stomach.
I did the following sets:
Incline Bench - 165 lbs - 3 sets of 8
Regular Bench - 165 lbs - 3 sets of 8
Decline Bench - 165 lbs - 3 sets of 8
Straight Bar Curl - 95 lbs - 5 sets of 8
Dumbell Curl - 25 lbs - 5 sets of 25
25 Regular sit ups
25 Rocky Sit ups
3 sets of 10 (4 count) Flutter Kicks
50 reps of the wheel

Now usually I would run 2 1/2 miles as well, however, I have to work. This is my normal routine when I do not have students. When I do have students I try to accomplish both, but sometimes fail.

Even though I worked out I still felt an emptiness. I do not feel the same when I do not train. Without one day of training I will survive and get over it, but I hate it. I feel like too much time is wasted when doing nothing and watching TV or just vegging out.

I have a BJJ tournament on the 10th of December so I need to get as much s ...More Read More
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In General I was beat Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #53 New 11-26-2005 01:07 PM
Yes, this morning was a great class. Kyle Madsen beat me with a heel hook.

Now do not get me wrong. I did beat him about 10,000 times before he beat me, but he got me none the less.

What does this mean? This means I have to start trying harder with Kyle. Usually I can reverse out of everything they put me in, but not this time. This means he is getting good skill. This means I actually have to step up my game and not let him get close to those moves.

Now remember, as an instructor for someone lower than you, you have to give them things, you have to feed them submissions, you can't reverse and fight out of all of them or they will not learn. You slowly try more and more and then one day, they actually do beat you, and you must give less and less until you are going full out defense/offense.

Now since I have been doing this forever, I know I could beat Kyle in a matter of 2 seconds. Does this mean I should do this every time? No, he won't learn anything. I have to act like I am on his level or just a bit above.

So beware Kyle, because now I must step it up a little, and you too must step it up in order to beat me.

Take care Kyle, and great job in class today.
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In General Is ma-ai controllable? Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #52 New 11-22-2005 01:34 PM
Now footwork means more than just tenkan, idimi, rolling back, and moving forward. It means controlling the other person to make them step where you want them to step.

If you can push them to move a certain direction with only using footwork, then you have taken control of the footwork game. Of course this goes back and forth in most fights or competitions. Now, to learn how to do this, you must learn the basic steps for sparring. Then you must learn how to do them freely without thinking. Then you must learn how to do them to control your opponents walk. Then you must learn how to do all of the above, defend, attack, and close the distance.

Now to me, this all falls under ma-ai. Mai-ai is the distance between two opponents. The differences and knowing how far you are in danger of a kick, throw, strike, etc.

So now, you must learn how to control ma-ai. Knowing ma-ai is great, but learning to control that means much more.

Today we worked on controlling ma-ai. I had Baylen receive combos 1-4 while I controlled his footwork. I noticed that he is decent when there is no attack, and pauses when an attack comes at him. This just means that he needs to continue free movement even when an attack comes in. He will get better, and he is not bad. I also did not tell him what I was looking for? Why? Because I must not put the pressure of footwork into the mix at first, even though it IS the basic root of fighting. I must let him concentrate on blocking first and when he is c ...More Read More
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In General Crawl, Walk, Run Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #51 New 11-21-2005 01:30 PM
What does crawl, walk, run mean?
It means you must learn in succession. You have to crawl before you walk, and you have to walk before you run.

You can not teach someone to take balance, do a technique, have perfect footwork, harmonize, use Chi (Ki), transition techniques, and to be aware in one session.

You must break these things down and teach a small portion of them daily until one day the student can put them together. Now you train them in progression so that the training can change so that they can put this together.

Now this is what makes an official class difficult. In a private setting I can teach someone in progression easily, but what happens when you have a diverse setting. How do you make it interesting and how do you progress your students in a class where someone knows nothing, and others know everything.

To be honest there is no happy medium. You are going to have to train the middle group so that no one is left out.

I guess this is why I love teaching private lessons. I teach for free mind you and I am not money oriented. I want to train people to fight. If you want to learn how to fight and defend yourself, I am your man. I will teach you throws, joint locks, kicks, punches, blocks, footwork, Aikido techniques, Muay Thai, groundfighting, breakfalls, etc etc etc.

I will teach you each in progression. I will teach you how to get into a position in such a methodical way that if you get into that position, you will win.

I will teach you ...More Read More
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In General Kyle Madsen Yellow Belt Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #50 New 11-20-2005 01:19 PM
Great class today. I did not tell Kyle a thing, but after regular class he was really worn out and then began his testing.

I tested him for yellow belt after he was worn out and exhausted from a 15 minute live grappling spell with Baylen. It was perfect.

He needed to work on his hook kicks, and the rest is coming together nicely. He has come a long way from day one.

Regular class included basics, first ten throws, combos 1-4, one and two step sparring, and ground fighting. I covered three ways of passing the guard, the defense to someone passing the guard, and a few submissions that follow passing the guard.. Then I had them go live from certain positions. I was impressed with Kyles heart. He doesnt give up. Even if he has no clue of what he's doing, he wings it and tries. He puts a full effort and that's what I like to see. Of course Baylen did well, but I just can't help routing for the under dog to get lucky. When Baylen started I used to show him moves to beat Kyle, and now I am going to have to show Kyle moves to beat Baylen.

It's fun to me to see the competitive edge in all of my students.
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In General UFC my Instructor Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #49 New 11-20-2005 12:10 AM
One of my instructors was on tv tonight. I wasnt able to watch it because I had to work tonight, but my girl hopefully taped it for me. She hasnt returned from my dads for me to find out.

Anyways, Trevor Prangley is one of my instructors here at the Lions Den and he was suppoed to fight Jeremy Horn. Now, Jeremy Horn is a very seasoned fighter, former UFC champ, etc etc. He has like 100 fights under his gloves. I know Trevor trained hard for this fight, and I hope that he comes up on top. It would be a neat thing to see.

Now, what's weird is I was thinking, "My other instructor was on National Geographic". His name is Chris Mitter and he was on television with George Dillman and they were proving that pressure point fighting works to the world on National Geographic.

I didnt get to see that either because we dont get that channel, but supposedly real scientists came into play and actually got knocked out using pressure points.

"No, this does not mean I can do this." I have very little study under Hanshi Dillman and I have been able to study Kyusho for about a year. Had I put my time into this study, I am sure I would be able to by now, however, I have studied more fighting arts to this day.

*** Later I watched the fight. I was a little upset with the decision. They gave the fight to Jeremy Horn, I couldnt believe it. I scored round 1 = Trevor, Round 2 = Jeremy, Round 3 = Trevor

Now in BJJ I would have given this fight to Jeremy Horn. He had dominant position ...More Read More
Views: 813

In General Class Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #48 New 11-19-2005 01:05 PM
It seems I have a lot of teaching time this week. I have to admit I love it.

It was Baylen today. Kyle called me and left a message, but I do not have LD so I could not call him back. So he missed out on class today. I cant say I blame him, why would he want to drive all this way to "see" if we were doing class. Oh well.

We covered throws 9 and 10. I changed them to Ura Nage (Single leg throw behind yourself) and Sukui Nage. After review of Sukui Nage, I decided to change it to a single leg throw. The throw was very effective and I can not wait to use it in training. So now we have our 30 throws again. Baylen knows almost all of them now. I think he needs to learn about 4 of them still, but that's not bad. That leaves the rest of training to practicing them and not so much showing them in slow motion.

After the throws we covered Ikkyo-Gokyo for review of orange belt. Then we covered all the kicks and some Muay Thai combos. I went over the theory behind the MT combos too. I think Baylen "thinks" he is no good in stand-up, but he is. There is more to stand up than being quick. I can smack someone all day long, but if they hit me with a sledge hammer, Im going to fall before they do. If he can develop speed and power he will be great in stand-up. I will concentrate more on stand-up each class that I get him solo.

Now ground fighting he is pretty darn good. I wanted to see if I could beat him quickly once today and I did. I went 100% offensively and got him fast. It' ...More Read More
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In General Class Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #47 New 11-19-2005 12:47 AM
Todays class went well.

We started with the basics. Footwork, disengagements, etc.

We moved on to review Shiho Nage from the time before, then moved on to the throws.

We did the first five throws; tenchi nage, Osoto Gari, Ogoshi Nage, Ippon Seoi Nage, and Yoko Shiho Nagare.

Then we went over some blocking technique. I basically had them check kicks, and block punches. One person did the striking and the other did the blocking. This gives them a chance to try to hit their opponent, but allows the person blocking to concentrate on blocking and checking. They both did well.

We then covered ground fighting. I went over the scarf hold and how to get into the position safely. Once they got that we moved into, how to get a submission (arm bar). Then after showing the arm bar I displayed what things could go wrong, and showed them how to capitalize on how to reverse the reversals.

After that I had them go at it live. They both did very well. Baylen still seems to overpower Ryan. At the end I decided to get in there so Baylen could have some competition.

I didnt try with Baylen, but I feel like I will soon be trying because he is getting a lot better. He squirms when he needs to and stays away from disaster, which makes me have to work a little bit to beat him now.

I actually had to get out of certain positions quickly and with force because he was going to get me.

I know it's only a matter of time that he will beat me, and that's fine. When he does star ...More Read More
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In General Todays Class Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #46 New 11-16-2005 01:28 PM
It has been a week since I taught Jujitsu. I took a week off because of a time issue. I was covering my boss and his vacation, so I did not have a minute to spare.

I had a class with Ryan today and he is progressing well. I went over a few moves that he could use against Baylen. I told him that if implemented correctly, he could beat Baylen with these moves. On Friday I will let them go "live" and see if he can do it.

Ryan is ready for his yellow belt. I want to give him a few more lessons and concentrate on the yellow belt technqiues, or at least review of them. We also covered Shiho Nage and a few different applications of this.

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