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trademark8806's Blog Blog Tools Rating: Rate This Blog
Creation Date: 06-14-2009 12:51 AM
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Status: Public
Entries: 68
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Entries for the Month of April 2010

In Spiritual The wodering path.... Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #43 New 04-20-2010 07:35 PM
I have never been one to be the fastest one nore the most kin one or the most crative. I may never masster the art of Aikido, it may not be something that is masstered, but rather respected and inbraced. I may not do what is right , I may not even know how or want to. I don't know what the future holds for me in regudes to aikido or life. I know that something has drwn me to this place ( akiweb) and something has drwn me to my dojo. I feel conced to my dojo, just like family I go up and down with some of the people and I am closer ot some then I am to others. However, I know none of the people at my dojo would ever wich me harm, unless its by them. At the place we train there is saying there that says train like team, fight like a faimily. That is kidna how my dojo is. I belive that Aikdio in geral is this way, I think one of the things that it teaches you is how to let people in even thows you may think to be your enmmy. How to protect yourself by not doing anything just letting things be. I may not be any of what i siad above , I may never be osisay or anyone else but I know there is a cocncton with the art and the people. I love it when you feel your boday flow throw the moves and you can feel the other person energy , yo know you can push it away or take it in. It is a prefect art for world that is ever changing , it is also and every helping you grow. Just some random thoughts that I thougt I would share.
Views: 1304

In Training Aikido fr 1 year and 14 days today Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #42 New 04-14-2010 11:31 AM
I not sure time really seems to matter in the long secam of things , for eveyone moves at there own pace. However, I have done aikido since march 30, 2009 and I am only just now concerding geting 6th kue wich is like 2ed level in my dojo. I am thinking of going to a semmenar that I did last year when I was only a 2 months old in aikido. I survied last year , but I am kinda thinking its expensive, and I think based on lst year mostly amied at the black and brown belts. I am lowly whit belt or posably yellow belt. Sisays says I should go or thinks I would enjoy it, but that to keep in mind it is really long days. He actuly kinda wants me to go, but wont push me into anything. Last time I felt kinda pushed into it, this time its all dulled down. I not sure what I should do? A litte adivadce? I think I could come up with the money. Its only 70$ however, I have to see. I know last time I did lurn alot and the people were assumily nice. I did get overwelmed, but got to lurn alot of diffrent things or pick up on parts. Diffrent people precent things difrently and you sometimes one makes more ssence. I just feel like if I dod go and do bad I let my dojo down or something or mabby they dont even want me there? They dont exclude lower ranks but they also dont say you should go. oy , I am conffused?
Views: 2187 | Comments: 1

In General Is this relly possable? Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #41 New 04-12-2010 11:15 PM
Can you push aikido away like you can a person?
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In General Mindbolging teques amist the fog that loms .. Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #40 New 04-11-2010 09:57 AM
Saterday my siasay was not at class, so his second in comand lead class. We stared out normal and then he decided to start working on what he called mindbolging teques. Inother words he would show us some difrernt moves put togeter in a way that was not eassly grasped how to do it. Nore did he tell us conpletly how to do it, he let us play with it. I not sure I like this in some respects I dont mind the idea of playing when I am the only one geting hurt, but others are at risk, well not so kein on the idea. THat being siad I like that they made us think. Thats a good thing.
Thow with the ari that ran throw the dojo of disconetiveness( if thats a word) and reltunce, it was hard to do the moves even mroe then it might normarly have been. I not sure why this was so, I know osme of the people whom are normaly the energy of the group were off, one with a recovering sonomic ake and one with a eye issue, andone just got brace of the yongersters. I not sreu what was with the rest, I know I also may have been a bit off , its been a long week. Igess it was just one of those days.
There is a semmenar coming up in about 3 weeks. My dojo holds it every year. My sisay's sisinsay leads it ( Santo Sinsay), he is also the head of our organstion. I atted this last year when I was only about a month into traing, I know my sisay because I was so new was watching me alot! I kinda affred to go this time I know that in I will have more indepence, for I will probly be a 6th k ...More Read More
Views: 1382

In General Overcomeng obsticals and finding new ones Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #39 New 04-05-2010 11:42 PM
Tonight I arive early and I am watiching the Jejizo class before us, and cant help but notice that they are a tight night group. then I turn my attion to my litte group of people, in aikido, and relize that it is too kinda tight night group as a wole. Some are closer then others, but contary to anyother class I have been in we are close on a comisic level. then I reliz mabby something about leting this people into your personal bubble that we spend so much of our lives trying to keep people out to protect ourselve, lets them be closer. we have let down the phosical buyer we so often clang to, and alow us to open our sprits to other person as well as them to us. It stricks me as intresting becaue we are in a self defence class in its nature and yet rather then puting up walls it seems to teach us to take them down. One might think that it should be the other way arond?
so, in class today I was quite proud of my self becaue I actuly did a fraily disecent coshy fall. I actuly let someone throw me, i uslely run away, i refusse to do it. I get scard that they will do something worng or I will. I was prod of me for two resons I trusted this person enoff that they woruld do as they say and hold me the whole way down so I wont get hurt and that I kinda fell right with out trying to grab the grond.
I was also predy much able to do jocata 1 well as long as my sapi did nto leave my side , but I can do some with out total relance on him. I even manged to push throw t ...More Read More
Views: 1744 | Comments: 2

In General To master the art of patience and trusting... Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #38 New 04-02-2010 04:05 PM
I noticed that while I not saying I have mastered this, but Aikido is not really an art of lurning how fight as it about luringing how to understand. In this I mean that you must undersand what the other persons inteton are before they have fully devvolped it. Furthermore you must understnd what other paths they may take, if in your wrong or missunderstood before. Thne it is also a matter of lurning patence for you must frist lurn how to have petece with your self and then with the partern. Even if you were being attacked by a stranger and did not mind hurting them, you must have patience for them to frist attack and then so you can resopond rather then reacat. This is kinda like in life when dealing people you must ither lead the convertion, but to do this you must watie to lesson to there resoponse frist and lesson well , unlsess you react.
Views: 1364

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