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Journey of 1k steps Blog Tools Rate This Blog
Creation Date: 04-29-2008 12:36 PM
Diane Stevenson
Just a returning student determined to stay in it for the long-haul, insha'allah. A blog to stay focused, stay motivated and gain insight.
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Entries for the Month of June 2008

In Techniques notes on a "20 year technique" Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #8 New 06-26-2008 11:51 PM
Just some notes...

katataitori yikyo iriminage

offer thumb down, palm out
sweep up across my body, pin uke's hand to the streetlamp.

Step in, don't lower pinned hand, control uke's head (cup jaw). my center even with uke's forward hip, keep uke close.

pivot on back foot, same time sweep pinned hand down to ground, still in front of my center. If I miss that mark, keep turning -- don't let uke get past my center.

Turn hips back to direction uke was facing origionally and project, roll ki over uke like a wave.

wash, rinse, repeat.
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In Spiritual Walking thru my center... Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #7 New 06-24-2008 01:54 PM
Warning: Christian Content.

I've been thinking a lot about why I am addicted to aikido. Why does it draw me back again? Why am I willling to shake up my life, aquire an ever-changing collection of bruises, sore and strained muscles, and mystify/dismay my christian friends by investing my time in attempting to master this art?

I think what I am coming to, at least in part, is a realization that Aikido offers me a time of meditation that is physical and dynamic. On the mat, I am completely focused on the present. My mind is so much more focused, and I leave the dojo often with a clearer mental attitude.

Also, I live so much in my head, that I often treat my body as if it were not part of ME. This is also, I think, a consequence of being a cancer surivor. I still don't trust my body very much -- often it feels like its out to get me. Ok that sounds psychotic, but it's kind of true. Aikido brings me to a place of joy in my physical body; a kind of reconcilliation...

John 15:5 (The Message)
The Message (MSG)
5-8"I am the Vine, you are the branches. When you're joined with me and I with you, the relation intimate and organic, the harvest is sure to be abundant. Separated, you can't produce a thing. Anyone who separates from me is deadwood, gathered up and thrown on the bonfire. But if you make yourselves at home with me and my words are at home in you, you can be sure that whatever you ask will be listened to and acted upon. This is how my Father shows ...More Read More
Views: 1295 | Comments: 2

In Training Feet, follow the center! Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #6 New 06-17-2008 11:52 PM
Uke does not like being pulled. Uke likes being invited. Feet, do not move until the center needs you to move.

Uke grabs. Look! A penny! (Feet, wait for the center to move). Big yawn and point at the gound over there! Uke, please fall there!

Center, Fluid. Don't stop before Uke is down, don;t let him stand up completly.

Lots of work on keeping my center and capturing Uke's balance.

Sometimes ki flows thru finger tips, sometimes back up thru elbows and then back out fingertips (big yawn and point over there).

I have no clue what the japanese is for these movements,,, (sigh).

DH is waiting for me... more contemplating later...
Views: 991

In Training Ikkyo, Nikkyo, and Kokkyo Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #5 New 06-04-2008 09:14 PM
Capture the center, lead low, cut down with extension, but don't give up your center.

I have a feeling this is going to become my mantra...

Ikiyo was familiar (Katatedori Ikkyo omote). Nikkyo (start with Katatedori Ikkyo then shift to nikkyo) felt really strange until I realized I could also do it resting uke's knuckles on my coller, then it was a piece of cake. I guess I had always practiced it that way in years gone by. Kokkyo (uke grabbs one hand with both hands)-- I have to say it is way easier with a jo. Empty handed, I know it's the same, but I have a harder time taking uke's balance.

And the associated pins (excepting Kokkyu, of course). Take out the slack, THEN apply torque from MY center -- DO NOT LEAN OUT OF BALANCE!

Ok, so the good thing about being the only student who shows up for class -- you get to train one-on one with sensei.

The bad thing about being the only student who shows up for class -- you get to train one-on-one with sensei.

'course, it's all good -- I learned alot!
Views: 5542

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