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Dante's Blog Blog Tools Rate This Blog
Creation Date: 02-13-2005 10:54 AM
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In General 27th January, 2005 - Sankyo Throw Fear Factor Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #13 New 01-27-2005 01:48 PM
Just a quick note today on a sankyo throw...

During ushiro ryote dori sankyo throw exercises last night, I realized that I'm 'falling' incorrectly when thrown via my left arm/hand. When thrown from my right arm, I properly flip my body up and over nage and properly roll on my right arm.

However, when thrown from my left arm, I find that I panic at the last moment and roll on my right arm after being thrown. Very interesting. I should pactice this side slowly and figure our why I have this odd fear when being thrown from the left side.

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In General 23rd January, 2005 - Refine Your Irimi Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #12 New 01-23-2005 10:48 AM
...Just a few notes on refining movements:

Shihonage Irimi
- switch feet (front foot back; back foot front) without pulling back with your hands
- slide forward with front foot and bring uke's wrist to your (more or less) natural hand grip; the slide starts the contortion in uke's stance
- step forward with the back foot; this really contorts the uke's position
- pivot and turn to face the uke's back (perpendicular if possible)

The last two steps of the shihonage irimi movement are the most important. Pay attention to where the foot lands as this will determine the end position relative to the uke.

Ryote Dori Nikkyo
- gyaku hanmi (can be ai)
- bring front foot back and step sideways (it's easier to get uke off balance if they are teetered to the side than leaning to their front due to the hanmi stance)
- don't pull back with hands/arms; they stay in front of nage and "bring" the uke off balance with them
- begin nikkyo grip and follow with ikkyo movement; remember to step forward or slide forward
- drop nikkyo arm followed by controlling other hand/arm on uke's elbow
- finish w/ either irimi or tenkas as initiated by foot movement

When performing tenkan movement, continue downward motion until uke meets the floor; DO NOT PULL UKE HORIZONTALLY AROUND YOU - movement is down, down, down with the tenkan turn.

(Don't you just love capitalization for emphasis.)

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In General 20th January, 2005 - Rank Video Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #11 New 01-20-2005 07:53 PM
Finally, after a year and a half, I took my 6th kyu test - and passed. I brought my dvd camcorder and taped my test. Not surprisingly, the video tape allows me to see my actions, techniquest, etc., more objectively. Here's what I saw in the video that needs work:

- Bokken kumitachi 1 & 2 - better control of strikes and blocks

- Ikkyo - It seems I 'stall' at the top of the ikkyo movement; the drop is not altogether smooth

- Shihonage - my irimi vs. tenkan are messy and tend to resemble each other's footwork

We had class last night and I'm already working on improvements to the above based on my kyu test. I fully recommend videotaping yourself. It's a fantastic way to actually see the wierd things you are doing that your instructor has been getting you to correct in past lessons.

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In General 11th January, 2005 - Tsuba of sorts Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #10 New 01-11-2005 06:48 PM
I've been practicing with a bokken for roughly a year now and have never used a tsuba.

Our dojo is preparing for kyu tests this Saturday, which will include the bokken kumitachi. During practice yesterday, our sensei said to bring our tsuba. Since I've never practiced with a tsuba before, I'm apprehensive in that it may affect my grip during the test - especially when the test is only 4 days away.

Oh well, I better take out the tsuba, put it on the bokken and practice. Hopefully, it will have minimal impact.

On a lesser note, I'm curious as to the correct pronounciation of "tsuba" and "tsuki" for that matter. I need to remember to ask my Japanese friend, Mayumi.

Views: 689

In General 8th January, 2005 - Unlike golf, it's good to slic Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #9 New 01-08-2005 06:07 PM
I practiced the bokken kumitachi 1 & 2 today with sensei. It was a good 1 hr one-on-one lesson with focus on movement, spacing, timing and subtlety.

One thing to keep in mind when performing a cut is to use the bokken to slice the air. The movement is smooth and fluid, not at all jerky in any way.

We practiced each movement and reviewed what happens and when either person makes a specific strike.

Very cool...
Views: 573

In General 8th January, 2005 - Mock Kyu Test - Hearing vs. Do Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #8 New 01-08-2005 10:45 AM
I was hoping our instructor would go through a mock test prior to our actual scheduled test. No better way to practice the test than in a test situation.

Although I have practiced the techniques and am able to do each one (and their variations - tenkan, irimi, pins, etc.), I was surprised at being caught off guard when the sensei shouts out the next technique to be performed. For example, sense said to perform shomen uchi irimi nage. My brain must have locked up because I couldn't remember all of a sudden what those words meant.

After what seemed several agonizing seconds and a gutteral, questioning "Huh? Please repeat that again?" to the sensei, I finally remember what that combination of words meant. I then went happily on my way and performed the technique and its variants.

I think I need more practice in the language and being able to associte meaning and actions more readily.

Onegaishimazu and Domo Arigato Gozaimashita.
Views: 613

In General 4th January, 2005 - Kokyu Ho, ho, ho... Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #7 New 01-04-2005 08:13 PM
Oh the shame. Shame, shame, shame on me.

As noted earlier, I'm getting ready for a 6th kyu test and, last night, practiced kokyu ho/doza at our dojo. I was surprised and saddened to find out that I'm having problems with this movement.

Tips - as nage, relax and prepare by being in a forward-leaning seiza position. When thrusting arms, project past the uke's body from the shoulder area. Remember to move hands into a 'holding a jug' position so that uke's shoulders raise.

I thought I had this licked, but apparently not.
Views: 698

In General 24th December, 2004 - Merry Christmas Waza Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #6 New 12-24-2004 12:31 PM
Dear reader,

This morning, I stretched and did my morning aikido warm up exercises. I took out my bokken and worked on the bokken 1 & 2 kata, as well as practice cuts/swings.

Afterwards, I pulled out all my other practice weapons along with the bokken and oiled them using linseed oil.

Since it's xmas eve, I know very well that I'll be full of holiday food, spirits and cheer, and that going back to aikido practice will be a chore.

Anyway, merry christmas, happy holidays and a happy new year to the aikiweb virtual community.

Views: 626

In General 16th December, 2005 - Kote gaeshi, et al. Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #5 New 12-16-2004 07:48 PM
Been working on the ASU bokken kata's 1 and 2. I am glad to announce that neither myself or my practice partner hurt each others' fingers/hands. I've done this before (knock a finger or knuckle) and know that it can be a surprise and painful at the same time. By the way, I'm practicing these 2 kata in preparation for our upcoming kyu 6 & 5 tests.

As to kote gaeshi - here's a trick (actually the right thing to do): as you bend back the wrist from the kote gaeshi hand grip, also step back, effectively pulling the uke's arm and body off balance. It's amazing how little tips like this improve the movement.
Views: 732

In General 14th December, 2005 - Nikkyo & Shihonage Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #4 New 12-14-2004 01:24 PM
When doing shihonage irimi, I need to remember that I shouldn't step past the midway point (between feet) of uke. This way, I end up behind uke when I complete the turn.

For nikkyo - for the other arm position not gripping the wrist - the position that works is as follows: my hand rolling freely against uke's writs and the forearm (to elbow) is over the uke's forearm. This give me more leverage and control.

Of note - I just put two and two together:
Shi - four
Ho - direction
Nage - throw

Have a great day!
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