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moon in the water Blog Tools Rating: Rate This Blog
Creation Date: 04-26-2010 10:46 PM
the water does not try
to reflect the moon
and the moon has no desire
to be reflected
but when the clouds clear
there is the moon in the water
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Status: Public
Entries: 155
Comments: 1,111
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Entries for the Month of June 2012

In Spiritual one arm Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #124 New 06-23-2012 11:17 AM
one arm
Bethany Hamilton by Kanaka Menehune
To pursue surfing not just as an athletic endeavor or as a sunny day diversion, but to try to glean whatever lessons you can from the practice. It means being aware of your surroundings, and respectful of the people and places that you interact with. It means being patient, mindful, kind, compassionate, understanding, active, thoughtful, faithful, hopeful, gracious, disciplined and good.
Brad Melekian, Surfer

The highest level, the pinnacle of surfing spirituality equivalent to Nirvana, Satori, and total enlightenment, but is rarely attained. The Soul Surfer expresses himself through his unity with the breaking wave. He borrows the wave's spirit for a short while and uses his body and equipment to translate the essence of the wave's spirit into Art.
Thomas Mitchell, The Seven Levels of Surfers

Surfing equates to living in the very moment of now. When you ride a wave you leave behind all things important and unimportant, the purity of the moment is upon you.
Bill Hamilton, Surfer

Even a concerto Prokofiev has written for me I have not played because the inner logic of the work is not clear to me, and of course I can't play it until it is.
Paul Wittgenstein

While boarding the train I lost a button
- I remember it, I remember it, I have often thought of it since -
I was sleeping on the trunks and I was very happy to play with the nickel-plated Browning
that he had also given me.
Blaise Cendrars, Trans-Siberian Prose
...More Read More
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In Teaching should I teach my child how to fight? Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #123 New 06-20-2012 09:12 AM
should I teach my child how to fight?
Aikido by Tonya Staab
Is it a father's job to teach his kid to fight? - The Washington Post

This is a cool article from the Washington Post by Joel Stein. And it asks an important question: should I teach my child how to fight?

As parents we want to protect our children. From harm. From bad things. From the world. Some children - like Joel's perhaps, and like Joel himself certainly - are not interested in learning how to fight.

Joel Stein believes kindness and gentleness are better than fighting. But anyway he'll let his son try a mixed martial arts class.

Being a dad is knowing when your kid will be receptive to certain lessons. But that's not it. I'm the one who is never going to be ready. Even when he's 20, I'll be trying to distract him from the violence of the world. I'll be proud of his kindness, his gentleness, his ability to extract revenge by firing off pointed satire on Twitter.
So what is the answer? Should you? Should you teach your child how to fight? Or should you teach your child how not to fight.


nice photo: Aikido by Tonya Staab

my home page with a mirror of these blog posts plus other stuff: mooninthewater.net/aikido

my columns on aikiweb

© niall matthews 2012
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In Spiritual budo and bonsai Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #122 New 06-15-2012 11:35 AM
budo and bonsai
bonsai by Hugo Sousa

Inspiration is the bonsai's trump card. But it's a person who makes it that way, you know. Look over there, at the black pine. Now that's inspiration. See there? An old tree gives us a lesson in life. Strange, isn't it? The tree may look withered, but it's living just the same. A tree can withstand the passage of time. Humans are the only ones who are at their most beautiful when they're young. But a tree, no matter how many years go by, you train it and train it, and though the tree itself would naturally resist, gradually it bends to your will. And when it does? Why then it's as if life has sprung forth anew, isn't it? Inspiration resides at that point when you begin to feel the miraculous.
Natsuo Kirino, Grotesque

All that I love
I fold over once
And once again
And keep in a box
Or a slit in a hollow post
Or in my shoe

Edith L Tiempo, Bonsai

The bonsai tree
in the attractive pot
could have grown eighty feet tall
on the side of a mountain
till split by lightning
But a gardener
carefully pruned it
It is nine inches high.

Marge Piercy, The Bonsai Tree

japanese idea
like these bloody haiku
but more expensive

David Gibbs, Bonsai

pruning my bonsai
which to keep, which to lop...
(sigh) can't decide

Dave Burke, Bonsai & Haiku

If you have a problem, Cut it off. If you still have a problem, you have a problem.

John Yoshio Naka, bonsai cultivator

I often walk past a house with a row of bonsai trees displayed outsid ...More Read More
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In Miscellaneous cult Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #121 New 06-08-2012 11:37 AM
Aum by Abel Pardo López

A few days ago I wrote a casual post called the fugitive about a cool escaped penguin. I talked about the The Fugitive and Blade Runner.

Then real life caught up. Aum is a Japanese cult. Aum members committed terrorist attacks in Japan in the 1990s including a sarin nerve gas attack on the Tokyo subway. Three Aum members have been on the most wanted list in Japan since they fled 16 years ago. Their photos are posted outside police boxes all across Japan.

Then one of them Makoto Hirata suddenly and unexpectedly gave himself up on 31 December 2011. Perhaps in a deliberate move to force a delay in the execution of Shoko Asahara the leader of Aum. Next the police caught Naoko Kikuchi on Sunday 4 June in Kanagawa. Then the third member Katsuya Takahashi panicked when he heard the news of Kikuchi's arrest and was caught on video making several large cash withdrawals. It was the first time he had been spotted in the 16 years. The police rushed to arrest him but missed him by one hour. I hope they catch him very soon.

The story of Aum was like many cults that become twisted and deformed by personal greed and pride. Hundreds of young people drifting in Japanese society were attracted to its simplistic pseudo-Buddhist answers. The cult used mind control techniques and resorted to extortion. Gradually the cult leadership came to believe that they were above the law. It was almost impossible for members to leave. A young lawyer called Tsutsumi Sakam ...More Read More
Views: 3444 | Comments: 6

In Language samurai | how many days in a month? Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #120 New 06-06-2012 09:33 AM
samurai | how many days in a month?
Prayer /// Red Vector Thoughts by Vector Hugo

The other day someone asked me how you remember the number of days in the months in English. We use this little rhyme. It sounds very old. The rhyme one with alone could come from Shakespeare.
Thirty days has September
April, June and November
All the rest have thirty-one
Except February alone
I found that there is a mnemonic using knuckles too. When you count out all the months though there are a couple of knuckles left over so - no. There has to be a more satisfactory solution.

In Japan they use a very short sentence:

nishi muku samurai

2 4 6 9 11
Ni shi mu and ku are ways of pronouncing 2 4 6 and 9. That's called goroawase. I talked about it briefly in tokyo sky tree.

Samurai is not the usual kanji for samurai 侍. It's the shi 士 from bushi 武士, another word for samurai. It's also used as a suffix meaning scholar in words for professions like bengoshi - lawyer - and keirishi - accountant. The Japanese letter 士 looks like the letters for ten 十 plus one 一. Or eleven.

So Japanese people remember that all the months have 31 days except the second, fourth, sixth, ninth and eleventh.

So wow. I look at it in admiration. Short, elegant and cool. Perfect. You probably won't forget it now either.


article about this mnemonic


...More Read More
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In General wood + school = good Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #119 New 06-05-2012 10:31 AM
wood + school = good
Matsudo workers by BC Gov Photos

Wood you believe how good school could be . . . | The Japan Times Online

I originally didn't plan to post this on aikiweb but I decided to. It is a link to an interesting article by C W Nicol about the advantages of using wood in construction. Following his advice wood was used in the rebuilding of a school in Miyagi after the Tohoku Earthquake.

C W Nicol is a naturalist living in Japan. He is famous in Japan for his work with nature. He originally came to Japan to study karate. Moving Zen his book about his karate training in Japan was one of the first books I ever read about karate. It's a very interesting and personal book. Anyone interested in martial arts or in Japan would enjoy it. Below is a very complimentary review of it by a karateka.





article by C W Nicol from May 2011 about Rethinking Tohoku's Rebuilding

photo: Matsudo workers by BC Gov Photos http://www.flickr.com/photos/bcgovphotos/6331360537 - using lumber in a construction site
BC Gov Photos photostream: http://www.flickr.com/photos/bcgovph...th/6331360537/

my home page with a mirror of these blog posts plus other stuff:

my columns on aikiweb

© niall matthews 2012
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In General hitting the zone: limitless Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #118 New 06-03-2012 10:23 AM
hitting the zone: limitless
film Limitless Thriller by Des Geeks and des lettres

When taken as directed (one pill per day for seven consecutive days), NZT has been shown to be 97.3% effective in improving memory, hand-eye coordination and a host of cognitive abilities.
NZT-48 home page

I don't have delusions of grandeur, I have an actual recipe for grandeur.
Bradley Cooper in Limitless

I don't know how to fight. Or do I?
Bradley Cooper in Limitless

In the movie Limitless Bradley Cooper takes a new synthetic drug called NZT-48. Humans normally only use 20% of the brain's power. The drug lets him access 100%.

He starts to see things very clearly. He sees patterns. He is able to think deeply and rapidly and he becomes successful and rich. It's a very cool movie and a great story.

In one scene he is attacked on a subway platform by a gang of men. He has never been in a situation where he needed to fight. But he instantly recalls distant memories of fight advice and fight scenes from movies. And time seems to slow down as his brain processes the information and the situation and he becomes a dangerous and effective fighter.

Great scene. And great concept. Timothy Gallwey wrote some books on the inner game. And Mihály Csíkszentmihályi wrote about the flow. He also wrote about autotelic people who do things for the sake of the thing itself. The idea seems similar to zen thinking.

Sometimes sports players and artists and musicians can get into the zone. Martial artists can get ...More Read More
Views: 3335 | Comments: 2

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