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Nothing Works... Blog Tools Rate This Blog
Creation Date: 04-12-2012 04:29 PM
James Sawers

This poem and others are available in my books, Nothing Works: Meditations on Aikido, Buddhism, the Tao, Zen, and other inconsequential things....and, Nothing Special, and Nothing Matters..., available thru Amazon.com, in print and Kindle editions and Barnes & Noble websites.....Also available as an e-book via Smashwords.com. Try this link: www.nothing-works.com for the full array of options.
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Status: Public
Entries: 355
Comments: 68
Views: 464,659

In General Conversing In Silence Entry Tools Rating: 5 Stars!
  #335 New 05-05-2019 07:46 PM
Conversing In Silence

How many times are you going
to read all this stuff?
I mean, you always read stuff.
When does it end?
Are you that much smarter, now?
And you are always doing those weird things,
you know, martial arts and meditation stuff.

Well, I could say it is a process.
I am ignorant.
I am trying to learn how to BE
So, I read and read.
I study
I practice.

Yeah, I get that.
But, when does it end?

Think of it as a ladder, or,
if you are older, like me, an escalator.
One day I will no longer need to climb.
I will just sit
Just sit and be still
Bypassing all the learning
Bypassing all the processes
Actually trying to unlearn all my learning
To be unwise, as it were
And, BE there -- actually, be HERE

That's it?
That's what all this is about?

Well, yes and no.

Don't give me that mystical mumbo-jumbo.

I'm not trying to, but it's hard to explain.
Being-in-the-world is just the beginning.
It is merely a transition

To what?

Well, I'm sure when I reach that place
I will not have the words to explain it.
It is a non-verbal state, after all.

But, but….

Perhaps then, we both could just sit
and converse in silence, and be unwise

Views: 962

In General Falling Leaves Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #334 New 04-28-2019 08:25 PM
Falling Leaves

They say that death and sacrifice
Are necessary for life and well-being
That apoptosis - the falling leaves
Of programmed cell death
Lead to a harmonious life

Views: 1036

In General Drop of Eternity Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #333 New 04-21-2019 05:43 PM
Drop of Eternity

This place where we are now
This mere drop of eternity
That is perpetually moving
We can only stop it
If we are still

Views: 856

In General Master Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #332 New 04-14-2019 08:28 PM

Please take me to the far shore
I cannot reach it alone
The Promised Land beckons
Please, help me!
Movement gives the illusion of progress
Am I progressing, Master?
I chant
I breathe in the incense
I purge myself
I meditate
Wait till the last sentient creature
In the universe is enlightened?
That's a really long time!
How do I know I've reached Buddhahood?
In whatever I do?
But, but…
I have to break myself?
How do I do that?
Hard work?
But, but…
Can't you just give me the
Magic mantra?

Views: 625

In General Mono No Aware Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #331 New 03-10-2019 05:53 PM
Mono No Aware

That sadness of being human
Mono no aware
The reality of life
Reflecting back on all the years
All the lost years
If I could go back to my youth
And explain, caution
Be kind, be gentle, be human
To yourself and others

I told someone once
That I didn't think people
Become fully human
Till they are at least forty
But, I don't suppose some people
Ever become fully human
Regardless of their age
Tears of things past
A weary perspective
That gives me pause
But little comfort

Views: 644

In General Nothing Else Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #330 New 02-24-2019 08:02 PM
Nothing Else

Focus on your breath
And nothing else
See where it leads to
For me, it leads to pain
But, beyond
Beyond I see
I see something else

Views: 679

In General Nanakorobi Yaoki Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #329 New 02-03-2019 08:37 PM
Nanakorobi Yaoki

Seven times down
Eight times up

Damn, I've actually lost count
Of all the times I was
Knocked down or fell down
But, I still get up

Views: 885

In General Oh, Buddha Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #328 New 01-25-2019 03:08 PM
Oh, Buddha

Pain is inevitable
Suffering is optional

Oh, Buddha
How much I hate you!

Views: 788 | Comments: 2

In General Chop Wood, Carry Water Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #327 New 12-23-2018 06:17 PM
Chop Wood, Carry Water

Before enlightenment:
Chop wood, carry water
After enlightenment:
Chop wood, carry water
No difference….
Why bother, then?
The actions are the same
But, how you do them
How you feel about them

Views: 853

In General Water Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #326 New 12-12-2018 07:53 PM

I find that when I try to grasp water
It turns out to be an exercise in futility
But, my hands still get wet

Views: 688

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