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suren's Blog Blog Tools Rate This Blog
Creation Date: 11-22-2004 06:17 PM
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Status: Public
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In General Some ikkyo corrections Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #4 New 10-05-2004 01:55 PM
Today my partner was Mariusz. I like training with him. Of course it's always fun to practice with a black belt, but in addition he has a lot of experience in other MAs I think. His technique sometime is on the edge of being called "incorrect" or at least "different" from what sensei shows, but it still the same technique. It's just mixed with his own visions and therefore has different flavours. We started with second boken suburi, then the same suburi with partner. Next was shomenuchi ikkyo. Mariusz showd me how to keep the partner unbalanced during the whole technique and it was really new to me. I did not realize that the move when you bend the elbow of your partner and move it towards him is circular. Besides sensei emphasized the fact that the first movement should be moving hand's fingertips inside so that later it's easier to move the hand to the side.
Next we practiced 3 variations of technique when uke moves towards nage, grabs either both shoulders or the wrist and you perform shomen responce by moving to the side and changing the forward foot and then neeling and taking your partner into a forward roll or throw. Here sensei emphasized the direction where we throw. After stepping to the side we should face uke at 45 degrees forming the triangle. That way it's easier to take his balance. Mariusz taught me how to roll from that strange position and saved me from a lot of pain. Before that the only way I could end up was a fall not very high, but still sometimes pa ...More Read More
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In General Memories from Saito Hitohiro's seminar Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #3 New 10-04-2004 01:34 PM
Ok, I'm back from the seminar and I'm still alive!
My wife and me left our home at about 10am on Friday, we were lucky to almost avoid the traffic (we were caught for just about 20 min, which is very good). We stopped and took some pictures near lake Tahoe at the vista point and were in Reno at about 3:30pm. My hotel was in downtown and the school where seminar was held is just 10 min drive.
In the evening semanar started. There were about 250 people there of different ranks, some even less experienced than me, which means - beginners. The facility was pretty big, but even then everybody was very cautious about falling. I started with David - very nice fellow who will take his Nidan test later this month. It was 5-th or 6-th seminar he is attending and he gave me the advices to ve careful when I throw or being thrown and go back on my feet as soon as possible. Those were valuable advices. That also made me a little tense in the beginning, but that feeling left me soon and I was able to enjoy myself. As usual (at least for Iwama style) we started with taino hanko, then kokyu nage and all following techniques were continuations and improvisations around these techniques. The class was not very hard, but it was hot inside because of so many people were in there. I had really good time, only one partner seemed not to care what he is doing, but that was the only encounter during the whole seminar. There were children there trying to look like grownups, there were grownups tr ...More Read More
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In General Offended sword Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #2 New 09-30-2004 03:04 PM
Today was brown/black belt class. Mike as usual was the first one in dojo. Still can't understand how this guy comes at 6AM every day to open the door. I came later and sensei came right after me. Mike wanted to do some techniques with tanto, but was worried that no other brown/black belt arrives this morning. I can't participate in this class being only 5-th kyu who just passed his first test. So I was doing my usual rolls on a side. Luckily Lucy arrived until we finished bowing, so Mike had a great class doing randori (though without tanto).
To bring some freshness in my Thirsday lonely classes I added some cutting with bokken excersise into my ration. The simplest one - just raise the sword and cut. If I try smth more advanced I'll do it wrong and sensei will have to correct me and therefore shorten the time of the actual class. The class was good. I was trying to correct my usual problem of cutting not coming from the center and I guess it improves. Also I found out that turning a little bit while standing in uchinokamae (not sure if spelled correctly) removes tension from hands holding the bokken.
When class was over sensei called me to bow with the class and in a hurry I layed my bokken on the mats and left there. After bowing I've gone to pick it up and sensei approached me when I was about to pick it. He asked me to never leave my sword on a mat like that. "Lean it against the wall or place next to you". I said "hai" and from sensei's face understood that question ...More Read More
Views: 760

In General Preface Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #1 New 09-30-2004 02:41 PM
Cool idea to have the experience written down. Worth to try.
Ok, my Aikido journey started on June 23 2004 and now I just passed my first test.
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