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suren's Blog Blog Tools Rate This Blog
Creation Date: 11-22-2004 06:17 PM
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In General Jo kata partner practice the whole class Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #24 New 11-03-2004 01:10 PM
That was gooood! The whole class jo kata with partner! I like jo!
We started with Taino Hanko and then sensei asked to get our jos. He and Andy demonstrated partner practice and we did it from 1 to 12. I liked it, one time I felt how inportant the distance is. And sensei was right, I figured out foot work with no problem while doing partner practice. It's almost impossible to remember it when doing solo practice, but with a partner it's coming natural. I have to remember the blocking moves, in the second part of the 2 when I'm a defender, left hand should be higher tahn right hand, when I'm an attacker, 5 and 6 are strikes, not 5th suburi and sensei has shown 2 ways of moving into striking position - one is just move jo up and catch with left hand and strike, teh second is to slide left hand towards right hand and the continue sliding until it reaches the end of the jo. When doing 10 in defender's role, feet are together. That's it for now.
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In General Jo kata with partners, shohonage kihon waza Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #23 New 11-02-2004 02:09 PM
Today's class was exciting! I was a liiiitle late Just couple of minutes and I think I haven't missed anything.
The best part was that I was the most junior person, so I could work with the most experienced person. Well, today there were two most experienced people I joined them since number of students was not even. That was something! I haven't felt such energu for many classes since Jim had baby and stopped his training. Well, now he is back and so is Steven whom I haven't seen since my second training day which was 4 months before. Jim as always was an embodiment of a controlled power. Steven is softer but very technically precise.
First we did morote dori kokyu ho. It's amazing how they do this! I still can't feel this technique, but I'm learning... from very experienced people.
Then we did first 4 moves from 31 jo kata partner practice. That's first time I'm doing it realizing what I'm doing. I had enaugh time to practice that as attacker and as a defender and I think I remember all the moves. I'll try to practice it in my mind.
Then we were practicing shomen and yokumen attacks and different responces and we were doing kihon waza, so it was a test of our timing. That is amazing feeling - doing pretty advanced things with advanced people. First was shomen attack, you move off to a site, foot work as in ikkyo, hand blocks attacker's hand in the beginning of the attack. The other handblade cuts attacker's hand over your blocking hand and continuation is ikkyo. ...More Read More
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In General Lots of confusing techniques Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #22 New 11-01-2004 01:22 PM
Today I was late again. I hate that and I know sensei does not like that. But it's too hard to wake at 5:30 when you went to sleep at midnight... Every day for last 4 month... Anyway, I'm moving forward.
First practice was jo kata with a partner. I missed completely the most interesting part - they were doing first 5 or 6 moves of 31 jo kata. Then we practiced the blocking so that your jo stays in front of you. Left (front) hand does not move, only right hand does kind of circular move in forn of your knot. Mike was my partner and he was doing that very effectively, my jo was flying to a side every time. I was able to reproduce that couple of times, but in most cases that was not powerful enough.
After that we did several confusing techniques. Neither of them were amongst basic ones. THe first starts from ushiro riote dori, you move back bringing your hands in front of you knot, then step to a side and turn 90 degrees to face your partner and change the front foot. Here you should not step too far, your front foot should be close to your partner's front foot. At the same time you are bringing hands up (raising the sword) and down (cut). Continuation is ikkyo. You grab as in ikkyo, turn using your hips and pin.
Next attack was grabbing you gi at the chest level (don't remember the name of attack), you move to a side (outside, almost as ikkyo beginningm but without front foot change), grab the wrist with both hands naturally (as jo in 31 jo kata, move 22, but both hands at ...More Read More
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In General 31 jo kata Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #21 New 10-29-2004 05:13 PM
Today's class started with Morote Dori Kokyu Ho. I think I do not slide far enough while doing it. The rest of the class we did 31 jo kata. From 1 to 12, then 12-17, then 17-22 and 22-29, then 22-31. Then we did the whole kata. I still lose it somewhere at 14 or 15. I'll try to find the moves somewhere on the internet. I'll ask for it in the forums!
Views: 733

In General Thursday class Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #20 New 10-29-2004 05:09 PM
Thursday class was as usual - brown/black belts were having fun with sensei, I was having fun by myself on my own
I did forward rolls. It seems after some point instead of improving it, it's actually goes down. I don't get the right feel and I have no idea how to do that right. Now after several month of explorations I can spot more that 50 details and how to do that, but collecting the right ones into the right sequence is really difficult. This already happened once with me. Technique is constructed, and you think you have got it, then adiitional detail and it's ruined and you have to build it again with a higher level of understanding. Oh well, I'm trying so I'll get it one day.
I did sitfalls as my sensei showed me last time and it seems to be easier. I'm really happy I asked him the other day about this.
Then to have some rest I did knee walking, then stepping to a side and keeping body and knot facing forward. The second part of the class I was doing boken cuts. Sensei came to me once and corrected the way I'm raising the sword. When Bringing it up, do not bring it too down since on the real sword there is tsuka which will hit your head. Stick it up. When cutting do not move the left hand after it reached your center.
That was it.
Views: 903

In General Jo kata, Shihonage and Kotegaeshi Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #19 New 10-27-2004 02:47 PM
Today's class was fun. After missing yesterday's class that was nice to be there again. We started with Kokyu Doza and sensei again pointed out that my hands do not face each other when I rise them. I have to be able to clap at that point. I'm trying.
Then we did 31 Jo kata from the beginning until the end! It's the fist time I do it knowing what I'm doing (The real first time when I was just repeating after everybody was during seminar at Reno). I like working with jo, it feels natural.
Then we ded yonkyo from kneeling position. Not much here, I'm still uncertain of how to do that.
Then we did Shomenuchi Shihonage Omote. That was fun especially because one of my partners was Lucy. She is very detail oriented and I like that. After that we did then the same beginning, but instead of Shihonage we finish with Kotegaeshi.
That was it! I'm still uncertain why it was so fun... Maybe bacause I missed yesterday training and today's training brought me the satisfaction? You know, when you have something, you do not even notice it, when you lose it and then get it back, you start appresiating it. Yes, I guess that's it.
Views: 678

In General Monday practice. Kaite Nage Uchi Mavari Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #18 New 10-25-2004 04:53 PM
Today's practice started with Kokyu Doza (pretty strange start). Then we did one technique with yonkyo. The rest of the class was spent doing Kaite Nage Uchi Mavari (if I remember the name correctly). First we did it starting with Katate Dori. Then the same thing from kneeling position. After that we did the same technique from standing position starting with tsuki, then with yokumen. When doing it against tsuki, you just step to the side (outside), slide your hand from the bottom, grab it, step and atemi (like ikkyo), move under the hand, cut the head down and step accross. Important thing to remember is to keep partner down with both hands (keeping his head down and pressing his hand with other hand also). Steps should be small and keep yourself close to the partner. After moving under the hand, keep it down all the time. With yokument attack I was keeping myself from going into shihonage. It's hard to stop yourelf in the middle of the circular movement and start moving in the opposite direction.
It is a complicated technique and we haven't done it for at least a month. Considering that I think I did well.
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In General Sit fall practice. Small ikkyo correction that mak Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #17 New 10-25-2004 12:51 PM
On Saturday I came on time. O'Quinn sensei was the only person in dojo. Saturday morning half an hour ukemi class is not very popular I guess... Anyway that was my chance to learn sit falls from my teacher and I asked for it. Sensei does it so easily! Not that I've got it, but I can describe it. Sensei brings his front foot back and a little bit crossed (as a very tight hanmi), drops his back knee, but does not fall on it. That looks like he just sits on the floor and the rest is usual - he rolls on the side. Coming back is the reverse, no hands touching the ground, but here he first goes on his knee, then the back foot steps on the toes and steps back into hanmi. All the way you are looking at the attacker (in front).
While we were practicing Bill Witt sensei came and started his warmups. There were Witt sensei, O'Quinn sensei and me in the dojo and I was feeling very energetic being one-on-one with two great masters.
Then Witt sensei taught his class during which I've got one more detail on ikkyo. When you step on a side and the hand delivering atemi goes for grab, it's very important to slide it over partner's hand because that bends his elbow and breaks his balance even more! Such a small thing does such a big job! We also did taio hanko, morote dori kokyu ho, some other techniques which I can't really describe correctly. Bill Witt has a lot of techniques in his mind
Then there was weapon training and we did 31 jo kata from 1 to 21. THe phase was a little too fas ...More Read More
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In General Back to my journal Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #16 New 10-22-2004 02:31 PM
Haven't been writing anything since it was mostly usual trainings. A lot of sankyo. Today finally I've got the foot work.
Also we did jo kata up to 12. I asked sensei about footwork, but he asked not to concentrate on that right now and promised to cover that when we do partner practice with jo.
Tomorrow I'm going to ask sensei to teach backfalls and backrolls during ukemi class. It seems to be problem not only for me.
On Wednesday class was taught by Mike and we did mostly sankyo and the same from suwari waza. Thursday was brown/black belt, so I was doing my usual rolls and boken cuts on a side. I also added stepping to a side from the line and concentrating on the direction of my body. Sensei obviously likes and supports the idea of practicing every day.
Today was jo kata and sankyo. I found to not being able to concentrate properly today for some reason and I think sensei noticed that. Can't explain the reason of this. Maybe I'm just a little tired. Will rest on Sunday and for now I should preserve some energy for Saturday class with Witt sensei.
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In General Jo kata and Sankyo the rest of the class Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #15 New 10-19-2004 02:07 PM
Nasty weather! Cold, rainy, windy...
When I came and finished putting on my dress (as sensei called my hakama today) guys finished kokyu ho. As soon as I stepped on the mats sensei asked to get our weapons. We worked in 31 jo kata from 1 to 12. I did not realize that 10 is attack to the wrist. I always thought it's a block...
THe resto f the class was Sankyo from different attacks - first shomenuchi. We did omote and ura. I almost forgot the footwork Then we changed attack to ushiro riote dori and finally shomen attack when nage slide, delivers atemi, grabs attacker's other wrist (not the attacking one), pivots and holds in sankyo. Here I have to remember as in shihonage not to hold uke's hand too high over my head.
Well, that's it for today.
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