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Cocoon Blog Tools Rate This Blog
Creation Date: 01-13-2006 12:46 PM
Blog Info
Status: Public
Entries: 16
Comments: 12
Views: 53,780

Entries for the Month of April 2006

In General New found enjoyment of Aikido Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #8 New 04-28-2006 06:56 AM
I've been in Aikido for nearly a year now and so alot of what we do daily is something I've had some time to memorize and become comfortable with. With losing my self-conciousness I can now have fun with the techniques and even experiment with them.

I seem to have gone enough now to the point that some wrist locks don't even work now (depending on whether or not it's Jon doing them). And on my off time I can create new interesting and devestating techniques of my own that work well. One thing I like is now I can just let loose in the dojo, and after work it's great to come in because I can heave people around, get slammed and stretched loosening all the tension in my body and I get the chance to Kiai which is a real release.

I remember back when I first started my Kiai was small and I improved when I was home alone and practiced, I got good enough that everything made of metal would be ringing with the vibrations. Now my voice spooks even some students that got there before me.

Yesterday was really cool too, we got to hit the bag with our Jo's. My focus on Tsuki was to send the bag whirling away which kept tipping one of the guys over, and man did I feel good after beating the crap out of that thing.

Testing is some time this summer, I hope I pass. I feel I've changed since I came, my muscles have become like wires and I can feel tremendous power. However, I have to work on technique technicals so I can use the power to the full effect. Gotta keep practicing and ...More Read More
Views: 1936 | Comments: 1

In General Finally Unsick Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #7 New 04-20-2006 04:24 PM
Yey, I'm finally unsick. After a week and a half out of calss, and time off of work I am cured. So finally I can go kick some tail again. I am back tomorrow.
Views: 1211

In General Temporarily Out Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #6 New 04-15-2006 09:08 AM
This sucks I've been sick as a dog with a lung infection and out of Aikido for a week now, and I'm still sick. By the time I get back I'll be so stiff from lack of exercise and as if Randori wasen't bad enough, every time I take more than two days off it feels as if it's my first time. Oh well, these Antibiotics better start working or I'll have to Yonkyo that doctor.
Views: 1029

In General Fun Class Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #5 You are subscribed to this entry  New 03-31-2006 06:43 AM
Yesterday has gotta be the wickedest class I've had so far. Me and one of the guys have been going to Aikido for around a year now and I guess its gotten us in good shape. We talked before class about how frustrating Aikido can be as a beginner, and mentioned how shameful it feels to be basically fighting and not do as good as you hope in class.

Well when we got in we were doing shomen-uchi yonkyo, and man we just beat the crap right out of each other for an hour straight. We each felt nasty pain and it got both of us heated, so when he attacked he was actually trying to take my head off, and I'd slam him down with everything I had and yonkyo his wrists hard, and vice versa. The whole thing was being done at our highest possible speed. And for either nage, if there was even a little slack as uke we'd get right up and try to punch eachother in the face with total honesty, which of course would cause nage panic and have no choice but to improvise the yonkyo to save ourselves from a black eye.

This had to have been the absolute best training day I've had, we've never fought so hard, except with Sensei. This is how I want to train when it's a technique that can be safely executed on uke, or on me as nage with that kind of ferocity.
Views: 1421

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