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Qatana's Blog Blog Tools Rate This Blog
Creation Date: 05-06-2003 10:30 PM
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Status: Public
Entries: 24
Comments: 34
Views: 108,853

Entries for the Month of October 2006

In General suddenly senior Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #12 New 10-24-2006 10:20 PM
Watching my most immediate sempai working through her variations for her 1st kyu test tonite, I suddenly realised that soon there won't be anyone senior to me training for a test the same time as me.Nancy will be our only first kyu just as I will be our only second kyu. Since we all train for the highest level test, we are all training for the 1st kyu test, but I still have someone "ahead" of me to emulate.Someone else who is under the greatest pressure owing to a harder,longer test.
Soon enough , she will test for shodan and I will test for 1st kyu and then there won't be anyone ahead of me in the test cycle; except for one sandan test that ought to be coming up in the next year or so.
I don't like the idea of being senior test candidate.At least its two tests away, maybe I should just slow down and let a couple of the soon-to-be fourth kyus catch up...its lonely at the top.
Not to mention we are running out of Dan test quality ukes....
Views: 24369 | Comments: 3

In General hamnihandachi shihonage Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #11 New 10-21-2006 07:01 PM
I bet you hate it. I thought I'd hate it but it seems that I have some kind of talent for it.Maybe just because shihonage is my favorite technique. Maybe because we worked on shihonage for three classes in a row.
But there's nothing like ending two classes in a row with one person after another telling me how good I looked, or felt, on the mat.
Worked variations of shomenuchi also,today. My entire test seems to be repititions of kotegaeshe,kaitenage & iriminage. From shomen,tsuki,katatedori.Not a terribly daunting set of techniques.
I need to work on my yonkyo and LOTS more jiyuwaza. I wouldn't complain if we worked on that All the time instead of just during test prep. And then really, only the test candidates really get to play.
And as soon as this test is over I want to start working on my attacks...
Views: 1487 | Comments: 1

In General variations Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #10 New 10-07-2006 05:38 PM
So according to Sempai, all of us sucked on Thursday so I shouldn't worry. I'm not worried! I"m just going to train my best and if I fail I can take the test again, and I will have learned something anyway.
So today we did variations.From tsuki and from yokomen, and got "good" both times i went up. My test has three variations, he had me do five and it just flowed.
The problem with being one of the senior kyu grades is my test will be second to last and I will be cold from sitting still for so long!Glad the test will be on a saturday morning insteada Thursday night! We get sun in the windows in the mroning,nothing like a face plant on a hot mat!
Views: 1085

In General coolness Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #9 New 10-05-2006 10:17 PM
What is so cool about this test is that I am fully prepared to fail it.I'm only doing it cuz Sensei invited me to.I know that what I *do* manage to assimilate on an energetiv level at least will stay with me and next year I will pass.
I still outrank all my kohai by two belts anyway so I know none of them witll pass me up in a year!

That IS what all this is about,ain't it?

Really,since my training isn't about technique anyway.its fine with me. I can always use to culltivate more humility! And tonite's jiyuwaza didn't get nearly as shredded as last week's, though I am getting lots of feedback on my wimpy ukemi. I am going to beg to do some heavy concentration on attacking after the test is done.
Views: 1443 | Comments: 1

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