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ESCalderon Blog Tools Rate This Blog
Creation Date: 01-16-2007 08:42 AM
Erik Calderon
Erik Calderon's Martial Arts Program
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In General 1-28-2007 Weapons Seminar Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #8 New 01-28-2007 07:35 PM
All I can say is, "WOW!" That was a great seminar. Great in the participation and everyone's concentration. We went over a lot and even ran out of time. We covered the following:

Kumi Tachi Ikkyo - Gokyo
Kumi Jo Ikkyo - Gokyo
Kiri Kaeshi with the Jo and the Bokuto
Misogi no Jo
An incredible, "SIMPLE" lunch with lecture.

And 6 hours was not enough. You guys were right, one day is not enough, I think we could have easily gone into the morning with this stuff. And, this is just the basics.

Please feel free to add you comments about the seminar, any questions you may have or any disagreements.

After five hours of training, I can truely feel a difference in the movement of my legs. THEY ARE SORE!!!!

Again, thank you so much for being a part of this seminar, for putting in your time, energy and effort to learn and enjoy the spirit of Aikido.

Erik Sasha Calderon
aikido shinkikan
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In General 1-25-2007 Beginner Class Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #7 New 01-26-2007 10:41 AM

Kokyu ho

The focus in class, was not so much the techniques, but the importance of having an open mind.

When someone reaches out to grab, how do you know they are going to grab, what if they kick, punch, elbow, or bite....Let's be honest with ourselves.

When you are learning the techniques, most of the time, you maybe moving in a way that would not be beneficial if the attack was something else. But you're learning to make the moves. You are focusing on the steps and what is "supposed" to happen to Uke, the one attacking.

It's OK to do this, but always, always, keep in your mind the fact that your uke, attacker, could be doing anything. He could be kicking you, punching you, elbowing you, head butting you, even a bite is pretty effective. (I have a friend that went to the Vietnam war, he told me a personal story of his...one of his Vietnamese friends saved his life by biting and tearing out the throat of the man that was standing behind him about to kill him)

I would call this, Keeping you Mind Open. In the long run, when you start to get better at the techniques, you will truley excell if you always keep this in you mind.

aikido shinkikan
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In General 1-22-2007 Lunch Class Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #6 New 01-22-2007 04:50 PM
The focus of today's lesson was Yon-Kyo. The fourth teaching.

We performed the following:

Shomen-uchi - Yonkyo
Ai-hanmi katate-dori - Yonkyo
Ushiro dori - Yonkyo
Yokomenuchi - Yonkyo
Swari-waza shomenuchi - Yonkyo
Morote dori - Yonkyo

The idea was to focus the mind, build discipline, concentration and focus. What is the Spirit and how can we tap into it?

The attacks today were very sincere, very uncooperative, and very revealing. Through this, we can connect to the martial spirit. It will help us build the focus, discipline and concentration.

aikido shinkikan.
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In General 1-20-2007 Japanese Consulates House Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #5 New 01-22-2007 04:43 PM
On Saturday night, my wife and I were invited to the house of the General Consulate of Japan to experience a private concert by Shonosuke Okura, Noh Drummer, http://www.hiten-jp.com. I only write about it, because I was thoroughy impressed with his speech and with his music.

The principles of which he uses for the Noh Drum are very similar to the principles of Aikido. His stance, posture, and gaze was also identical to the way we train in Aikido.

His idea's of pursuing the drum for peace are the same as Morihei Ueshiba's ideas of pursuing peace through Aikido.

It was a beautiful performance.

aikido shinkikan
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In General 1-19-2007 Lunch Class Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #4 New 01-19-2007 02:15 PM
Another wonderful class in the cold weather. Last night we actually got the chance to open up all the doors and "cool" the place down just a bit more. And I can't believe that not one person complained about their toes going numb.

Today we covered the following techniques:

Swari-waza Kokyu-ho
Ryote-dori Tench-nage
Shomen-uchi Ikkyo Omote
Shomen-uchi Ikkyo Ura
Shomen-uchi Nikyo Ura
Kata-dori Nikyo Omote

Bokuto - Nikyo

Very fast and powerful class. Being able to express Aikido is very important part of learning.

We focused a lot on Kokyu and using your body, lowering your center to perform techniques. This is probably why people sometimes think that the shorter you are the better your Aikido is. I tend to disagree. Learn to lower yourself, bend your knees and it doesn't really matter how tall you are, nor your uke.

aikido shinkikan
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In General 1-17-2007 Lunch Class Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #3 New 01-17-2007 02:11 PM
Techniques covered:

Swari Waza Kokyu ho
Kata-dori Nikyo
Kata-dori Kokyu-nage
Katate-dori Shiho-nage
Yoko-geri (Turning Kick) Kokyu-nage
Mae-geri (Front Kick) Kokyu-nage

Focus was on turning and entering, or just simply stated - Irimi.
Also, it was wonderful again training in the cold weather, and although only two students showed up, it was worth it.

Erik Calderon
Aikido ShinKiKan

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In General 32 degrees - Freezing Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #2 New 01-17-2007 09:45 AM
Last night it was 32 degrees. ONLY TWO people showed up to the dojo. WOW!

Well, I have to admit, it was a great class. We actually got to train with numb toes.

The focus last night was on kokyu. Kokyu movement into Ikkyo, Nikyo and Sankyo.

The mind needs to draw the attack into the center. The attack needs to be sincere, especially when it's cold. We need to learn to direct that attack.

Views: 1429 | Comments: 1

In General Introduction Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #1 New 01-16-2007 08:42 AM
This blog is mostly intended for the ShinKiKan student. Here I will try to post a journal of what was covered in class and some of the points to think about.

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