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Aikido in Rhyme Blog Tools Rate This Blog
Creation Date: 01-31-2011 07:17 PM
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Status: Public
Entries: 53
Comments: 69
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In General Faith Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #33 New 07-15-2012 03:08 PM
Aikido is an art, it's an art of transcending,
That's why there's harmony and with it the art of blending,
Like life it's a discipline, eternal and never ending,
It's about not only life but the art of true life mending.

The transcended path of peace known as the way,
Relieving suffering and pain that's true budo play,
The spirit of joy encapsulated and released in spiral,
The universe in action reaching through it becomes viral.

And you're the one responsible for making this fine place,
And your the one to practice making all a better space,
And your the one who returns enemies to that innocent base,
Through God, through the universe, through budo, through yourself.....


Views: 1682

In General I never knew Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #32 New 07-08-2012 12:10 PM
I never knew spirit, I never knew Ki,
I never knew by not knowing I never knew me,
I thought I was a body with a name that's all you see,
Then I became a mind and an identity.

But neither mind or body can ever be me,
I am the viewer, the spirit and always free,
My place is here my home is now my life is eternity,
I'm 24/7 heart in heaven spreading peace and harmony.

I never knew Aikido could be dark and missing the light,
I never knew that only identities look to fight,
I never knew that minds believe that mind leads Ki,
If that's so then how comes their minds cannot lead me.

I never knew so many only see quantity,
Yet they are a quality and yet they don't wanna be,
Locked up in physical hiding in vanity,
Us and them, divisions, human insanity.

So if you never knew you never knew then maybe you'll never,
But never's a long time and you can't hide forever,
So pick up your sword of life and restore your Ki and health,
By cutting through your own mind and body, revealing your true self.

Revealing your ai, revealing your Ki,
Revealing your oneness, reveal and see,
Spirit guides physical abides,
From the moment where all resides,
Aikido the sea of life and it's tides,
No mind, now we see where ego hides.

Views: 1764 | Comments: 2

In General Standing Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #31 New 07-02-2012 05:48 PM
Standing on the floating bridge like a baby in a cot,
Standing on the floating bridge, know when I am and when I'm not,
Watching others search for it's meaning so they read, go back to the start,
Alas, the floating bridge can't be seen by mind but only by the heart.

Whoever stands in hara, Aikido attitude, acting in the moment, now,
Also stands there with me to them I take a bow,
Standing on the floating bridge the motion flows through like perfection,
Standing on the floating bridge in a space of loving protection.

Standing on the floating bridge, all is a flow, there is no ridge,
Standing on the floating bridge, all is alive, no mind baggage,
No enemy inside or outside or ever,
No separation, oneness, forever.

Standing on the floating bridge there is no against, how could there be?
There is no two, only one and zero, timeless, no you, no me, we.
Dynamic yet flowing, Aikido growing, moving throwing, taking off, landing,
Joy manifested with life force invested, from the centre of centre..............


Views: 1693

In General Calling.... Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #30 New 06-22-2012 07:00 PM
Tomorrow I'm meeting my past, should be fun,
Tomorrow, old timers reunited as one,
Tomorrow, who knows? Today it's a mystery,
The following day it will then be just history.

Tomorrow the student returns to the fold,
Memories awaiting, new stories untold,
Tomorrow don't exist now but tomorrow it will,
My old teacher is calling, still there, still.

I feel the sun shining and the moon all serene,
I feel a certain inner glow, like a timeless dream,
I feel a move in the heavens and the turn of the earth,
Tomorrow I return to the place of my Aikido birth.


Views: 2095 | Comments: 4 (1 Private)

In General Kannagara Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #29 New 06-07-2012 09:30 AM
Not gonna tell you about no new religion,
Not gonna tell you about no cultish schism,
Not gonna tell about no Bodhidharma,
I'm talking Aikido........, Kannagara.

It's not religion but would make them better,
It's not the word but it is the main letter,
It's not a trend but the original trend setter,
It's been forgotten, are you a forgetter?

It should exist in all known religion,
Because its all about universalism,
All embrasive basis of the spiritual,
It comes before all rites and ritual.

The best results come from being with divinity,
True love, true power, gifts of the infinity,
Food of the heart food of the soul food of spirit and natural flow,
So are you eating, are you feeding, creating healthy Aikido......

Views: 2723 | Comments: 2

In General Capacity, space and flow. Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #28 New 05-22-2012 06:40 PM
Aikido's a capacity, a space and a flow,
All thoughts of physical don't exist, so let go;
Within, without, is one no doubt,
Silent and quiet, the light shines out.

Capacity, nothingness, in which to stand,
From which comes faith, the only hand,
Which holds within it both space and time,
And harmonizes as is Gods plan.

The space, the love joins in and Kokyu is born,
Devoid of hatred, intention, control or scorn,
The heavens opening, the heavens gate,
Pass through, learn kokyu before it's too late.

And let the polished spirit, the kindness flow,
Interfere not for it knows where to go,
8 directions, five circles, enjoy the ride,
No need to escape or run or fight or even hide.

And all returns to peace,
The enemy healed and now released,
Injured bird healed and now set free,
The way of Aikido, are you ready?

Views: 1813

In General They Come... Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #27 New 05-10-2012 05:40 PM
They come I move, they stop I move,
They fight I move, I have nothing to prove,

I turn they turn, I turn they follow,
No internal, no external, for all is hollow,

"How so?" they shout, "What tricks do you know?"
No tricks, life turns, a natural flow,

They come again grabbing, say my arm is like steel,
But there is no arm, it's just calmness they feel,

So they try intention to disrupt my center,
I remain untroubled for they're free to enter,

Then one pushes and strains, till it's bad for his health,
I look with compassion asking "why do you push yourself?"

Confused yet astounded they ask "Aikido? Is this it?"
I smile, they leave, I turn, I sit.

Views: 1426

In General Be Graceful Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #26 New 05-05-2012 09:10 AM
The sound of silence brings a peace of mind,
The sound of stillness leaves all thoughts behind,
The sound of serenity opens up the space,
The sound of tranquility, a noble place.

Life and Ki flow all powerful yet harmless,
The sound of life and self, the sound of calmness,
Voices raised against the truth are charmless,
And fade away into the void....karma...bless.

As mother nature shows the joys of life,
As heaven opens showing how to end strife,
As Saints and Buddhas smile the universe shakes,
As the sleeping nature stirs and all awakes.

The sword appears and brings a moving peace,
The holy staff spins and all joys increase,
The bowl appears and it reflects God's will,
The fan removes the clouds, a breath of heavens mill.

Fudoshin, immovable yet mobile pierces time,
Mushin from the void to heaven, bright, devine,
Senshin, Zanshin, meeting, embracing all as one,
Shoshin, center, inside is outside, the circle has won.

Views: 2116

In General Mother Aikido Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #25 New 04-25-2012 11:51 AM
In the Martial Arts world people look to and admire each other,
The world of fighting arts where all compete as brother to brother,
Through testing and besting, losing, improving all done under one cover,
They're all martial arts for sisters and brothers but Aikido is the Mother.

From the Aikido did the rest form,
From Aikido were those babies born,
From Aikido all martial arts sprang,
And sibling rivalries' where competition all began.

So recently O'Sensei realized and he brought back the way,
He brought back the Mother for the children had all gone astray,
Many came home from where they were and like naughty kids began to play,
But met with patience for Mother knew, in time, they'd understand one day.

Meanwhile some still resist and try to make it what it's not,
Some try to understand and those who do learn quite a lot,
Beyond the trips and traps of physical thinking, like one great plot,
Designed to capture you, to lose yourself and be what you're not.

Lies Aikido, the realm of free spirit and soul and heart,
Invincible yet not of controlling, opposing or stop and start,
Unholding, unlabelled, unclosed, an open gracious art,
From which the universe began, oneness, all parts yet one part.

So feel the stillness from center, let no uneasiness enter or distract you,
Then from the center line view through calmness, you'll find what to do,
And from your hara embrace from now and feel love pouring through,
The breath of lif ...More Read More
Views: 2084 | Comments: 2

In General Awakening. Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #24 New 04-14-2012 06:17 PM
The wind through the valleys and the hills blows free,
Free as a bird as the spirit in me,
The light shines through the darkness and reaches,
Illuminating all you need to learn and thus teaches;

All perfect, all there, coloured by fear and mind emotions,
Removed by compassion all clears revealing life's oceans,
As life dances and flows and in it that same light glistens,
Can you hear the sound of innocence, shhhhhh listen.

Calmness awakes, the earth quakes, negativity runs for the hills,
The breath of infinite out and intakes as chaos sinks and stills,
And through the void and the gateless gate the golden light reveals,
Kiatsu in form, Aikido, the cure for all mans ills..........Shhhhhhhhhhh.

Views: 2110

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