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tiyler_durden's Blog Blog Tools Rate This Blog
Creation Date: 02-23-2005 05:34 AM
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Status: Public
Entries: 117 (Private: 56)
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Entries for the Month of December 2004

In General Last calss for 2004 Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #34 New 12-17-2004 03:35 AM
Hey All,

Well i arrived at class way before time and entered the dojo to find Brent Sensei and some new guy stretching on the mats!
Brent Sensei was very upset that no one came to lesson and said he was going to send an e-mail to his students as they are showing a little disrespect to the dojo, yet he understands that it is the end of the year and some have exams and so forth.
I got changed and we did some Jiu jutsu things, like getting out of grips and some mad techniques and then it was on for the Aikido!
We started out with the normal group warm up and them some more techniques like rolling and so on.
We then went on to a set of three techniques where we would do throws. I felt like this time my Aikido had stepped up one level and I was truly into the swing of things. I also think this is because it is my last lesson for 2 weeks, also!

We did these for a while and then we did more falling from all different heights and so on for a while which I like as my rolls for this are not so good and I need to learn!

Then Brent Sensei called out that myself and Jos where to do jiuwaza!

We started by me attacking him and he threw me all over the place to the point where I was breathing out of my arse!
Then it was my turn!
I started out doing the techniques that i had learnt and also some other ones that I could remember and I was doing ok for a while until I started to think! then my technique turned to shit and I was all over trying stuff that would not work and l ...More Read More
Views: 986

In General Yonkajo day day 3 (The pain goes on) Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #33 New 12-15-2004 01:19 AM
Well I arrived at the dojo on time again and saw there was a new guy sitting through the class.
I got changed and gave Sensei the sword bag that my girlefriend had made for him and chatted with the new guy for a while.
We talked voer what he had done before and he said he had done a little Judo and Karate, so I guess he knows a little and should do ok!
I had a little job form brent Sensei who had me go and get water to clean up the mats as someone had used them and got them dirty and had actualy put a hole in one of them.
After that the Jiu jutsu class was finishing up and it was time for the Aikido.
We went through the usual warm up and streaching as there was only sweaty guy and myself (It seems the cold weather makes the Dutch stay home for some reason).
Then we did the rolls and falls and so on, then Brent Sensei annaounced that we will be doing Yonkajo!
Searing pain and white light raced through my brain, I shuddered and then involanterily smiled nad said something stupid like "Yay I love Yonkajo"!
We started with the I initiate the attack and do the tecnique on Uke as well and go into an Ikajo movement and then onto Yonkajo!
The the second one was where Uke attacks and I move in a turning movement and then up nad down again into the same move!
Very nice and I actualy now appreciate knowing this movement and am getting to grips with it.
We then stopped nad went on to falls.
This is kind of new and I had not fallen like this before yet i did get to grips with ...More Read More
Views: 1162

In General wrist Pain Lesson 2 Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #32 New 12-10-2004 12:18 AM
Hey All,

Well I arrived last night with a smile and a hope of a nicer lesson than Tuesday.
Jos was there already and getting changed. He looked over and gave me his usual little smile and carried on putting his Gi on. Brent looked over and gave me his "Cum mon wah" and carried on with the Jiu jutsu lesson. I was half way through getting changed and in walked long haired guy from Bosnia who we had not seen in a long time and we where very happy to see again. As usual we did a little jiu jutsu, this week we did ground grappling which is not my favourite thing in the world (As why would you get there in the first place?)and then they ended the lesson. The Spanish guy was there again and he joined the aikido group which made six people in total,nice lesson.
We started out with tai sabaki movements which I am not too keen on as Kata is one thing I hate doing, yet I went along with it and did ok. Then we did more movements which I knew this time as it was the one from Tuesday lesson and I am getting to grips with now.
We then all sat and Jos and Brent Sensei got up and he announced that we would finish off what we did not finish on Monday, fear and flashing lights of pain flew through my body "Yonkajo"!!!!
We started out again with the two we did on Tuesday where we initiated the attack and went down into ikajo and then into yokajo and then into the arm break move.
The pain for me was unbearable.
We then went on to the same type of thing but we turned out into the yonkajo ...More Read More
Views: 894

In General Wrist Pain day! Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #31 New 12-09-2004 03:35 AM
Hey All,

Well it was my first day back after a long weekend and missing one day of training due to personal issue's.
I arrived with my girlfriend who is doing a little job for my sensei, she is making sword bags as Brent needs around 40 or so sword bags as the person who used to make them has left Holland and can no longer do this for him so my girl friend is going to do this for him.
There was only Jos and myself in this lesson so I knew it would be a little weird and full of stuff that I would find hard and also not very interesting. Jos took the warm up and I am slowly picking that up and learning how to do it easy. Then we did the stepping Kata which i am trying hard to learn but cannot remember very well and we did that about twice. Then Brent got some swords and we did the Kata whilst trying to chop the partner with the sword which was very funny as I kept hitting Jos by accident as I am not really used to doing things like that with swords and stuff.

We then moved on to the second Kata which involves big movement and which I do not know at all and found very hard to do but was fun anyway, but Brent did not want us to do as I was new to that.

We then moved on to yonkajo which is the fourth technique and is very painful to do and I did not look forward to it at all. We did this from an attack on uke and then into first position ikajo and then down to yokajo.
Super painful yet very effective indeed and I really made Jos squirm all over the place.
Then we did ...More Read More
Views: 713

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