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Creation Date: 02-23-2005 05:34 AM
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Status: Public
Entries: 117 (Private: 56)
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Entries for the Month of August 2004

In General Hot sweaty Gi day. Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #21 New 08-10-2004 02:13 AM
Hey All,

Well It was Saturday lesson time again.
I awoke at 06:30 am and it was hot,damn hot.
I sat and had breakfast in the Garden and watched Saturday morning T.V (Basically Dragon ball Z, love it!)
I arrived at the Dojo at normal time and met the sensei there, got changed and waited for people to arrive. I was greeted by the old guy and the talkie brothers, I hate them.
The talkie brothers talk walking up the stairs and talk getting changed talk on the mat talk through technique show and talk as they are doing technique! It makes me cringe as it shows lack of respect for the sensei his class and the fellow Aikidoka!

Well as it was super hot on the top floor of the school and the sensei was hot he said we would have a nice easy lesson where we would not sweat! LIAR!!??!!.
We did Ikyo,Nikajo and Sankajo! all standing!

this was supposed to be done slowly and with perfect techniques yet with no throw at the end.

The old guy i was training with was sweating as i cranked it up a little and i was also sweating as i now take my Aikido very seriously in deed and want to get good at it!

Half way through the class Angry hakama guy turned up and did not join, for reason i still don't know!
He sat and watched with his usual expressionless face and his eye's burning into the back of my neck.

The talkie boys walked off the mat STILL TALKING!!

Nice lesson,learned a lot!
Views: 747

In General Angry Yoda day. Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #20 New 08-05-2004 02:29 AM
Hey All,

I arrived the the dojo at 18:10 and the sun was shining and the sky was blue and it was hot,damn hot, so I knew not too many people would turn up to class, which I like.
There was a student there already cleaning the place up and i said "Hello" and got changed.
I sat on the bench beside the mat and waited it out for everyone to come.People entered in "drips and drabs" and then knuckles came in and I knew it was time. Yoda also spilled in and got changed and we waited for him to take the class. We did the usual yoda warm up then Yoda kneeled down and did all 5 techniques entering and turning form a Yokomen cut and left us to do it!
I had trouble doing this as I don't know who to do Yonkyo and gokyo properly yet, but I struggled on.
It was sore on the knees again.
We then did standing irimi nage where the Black belt boys started to tussle with each other and Yoda (Sensei) got super angry and make us do Jiuwaza for an hour.
At one point the boys had to take a time out to cool down and get more fluid.After this he made the boys get up and do Jiuwaza infront of myself and the others until they had nothing left in them, nice to see and also how your technique improves also!

Later I found out that Raging Bull and knuckles have this black belt history and they are competing against each other when they can. I also found out that our Sensei (Yoda) has quit smoking and is on angry mode factor 10 so he is not to be messed with at all.

Was a nice lesson besides t ...More Read More
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In General understanding lesson Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #19 New 08-02-2004 01:25 AM
Hey all,

well Saturday lesson, super cool and quite good.
I arrived at the dojo and followed in the teacher in and we chatted as we reached the dojo doors.
We both spilled in and got changed where we chatted some more and the teacher told me of his Aiki philosophy. He said never punch and never attack yet let the attacker attack and you just follow and look the way he is. Never let the attack get to you as the attacker is only attacking himself, he is angry with himself and cannot express this any better. We chatted some more where I realised what he was saying.

This was a nice start to the lesson.
11:30 am came and we where the only ones there so we started the warm up where another one arrived and joined the warm up. The guy wanted to do the 6th Que test which I said ok, yet was not bothered at all. So this is how the lesson was the teacher would show the technique and we did it together. I learned so much and had a very nice lesson which was almost a private lesson.

My ikkyo I guess will improve and also my irimi nage too...

Great lesson, loved it.
Views: 718

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