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tiyler_durden's Blog Blog Tools Rate This Blog
Creation Date: 02-23-2005 05:34 AM
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Status: Public
Entries: 117 (Private: 56)
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Entries for the Month of March 2005

In General Back after Easter Break Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #50 New 03-30-2005 12:41 AM

Well I returned yesterday to Aikido after five days of holiday in Germany with the In-laws.
I was very apprehensive for some reason and I was not quite in the correct frame of mind yet I went anyway.
I was met at the door by Rene and a big smile. We got changed and chatted about stuff and then Joss arrived and he was back after two weeks in Cyprus. We went inside and worked out on the bag for a while and did a little Kata training so we feel a little better for the grading.

Mrs. Brent Sensei was in Jiu Jutsu and so was sword guy wearing a white belt witch was weird to see but good none the less. Brent wanted us to clean the mats so we got buckets of water and rags and cleaned the Aikido mats, witch was nice.

We chatted about a few things and then Rene took the warm up. We then did rolling and the usual normal warm up stuff. We then did ten rolls on each side and more after that. We then did Yonkajo over and over until we knew how to do it.

I felt not myself in this lesson and could not concentrate for some reason and felt a little tired and I think this was due to the break I had and over doing it a little on my break, we will see on Thursday if this is the case.

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In General Last session before Easter. Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #49 New 03-23-2005 12:41 AM

Well today it rained so I got soaked on the bike going to class and was still ok with it though.
I was greeted at the door by Brent Sensei who asked me about the Komoto drummers yet I had already got my girlfriend to leave a message on his answering machine. But I don't think he has listened to the message yet.

I greeted the Jiu Jutsu class with a usual smile and then noticed that he had Mrs. Brent Sensei there this time. I was really taken back by this as I know how hard this must be to train your own woman in a class, this takes strength and courage and nerves of steel!!

I got myself changed and waited to see who would turn up and Rene arrived and was also shocked to see Mrs. Brent Sensei there. We both agreed that Brent is super master as this is super hard to train your woman. We chatted and got changed and went into the dojo.

Paddy turned up and also got ready and was then followed by Curly who was last in as Rene and I joined in the Jiu Jutsu training. This was the (irikie no sei ichi) witch we all know and then the 90 -- 180 turning kata witch we all know but the Jiu Jutsu class don't so we shone like stars at this.

Then the class stopped and Aikido began. The warm up was taken by Curly who was really not good at this as he is very stiff and needs to calm down and relax a little. Paddy was his mirror and was supposed to help him, yet the strangest thing happened through this I saw Paddy looking over to me checking weather he had it right or not. Th ...More Read More
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In General Grades draw closer Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #48 New 03-21-2005 12:31 AM

Well I arrived at class and took off my shoes and saw Gerald who laughingly said "There's nasty Terry" and I looked a little confused and went inside.
I slowly got myself changed and watched the Bojutsu class go through their paces and Katas.

This morning he had Tonfa and Kama katas over and over and over.
Brent Sensei asked if I would like to join in but I really do not want to do weapons at this time so I declined and watched from the side until I could get the mats out for Aikido.

Brent then asked that every one help with the mats and we all worked together putting them out and making it ready for class.
This time we had one guy from Germany with us who, some knew him yet some did not, I was one of them. We started by the usual warm up taken by the German guy who was embarrassed and a little confused as to what we where supposed to do and then we did the Kata's that the 6th and 5th Kyu's should know for their grades.
I had to then take the other kata which I knew yet got wrong with one piece of foot work. Then we did this with swords where you had to dodge the sword coming at your head. This was fun yet I am not into that as it is not what I class as Aikido.
We then did a weird Kata where you move with movements that are a little too exaggerated.

We then did the five techniques over and over from a grab and then on to the five from a turn.

Super class.
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In General Keep training. Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #47 New 03-18-2005 03:48 AM

Well I arrived a little too early to training and was greeted at the door by Brent sensei.
He Greeted me with the thing we where chatting about in mails during the morning (We where talking about the Kototama and how it may or may not benefit your training).

I entered and started to slowly get changed and looked into the dojo to see only Gerald and another guy training in Jiu Jutsu witch is a shame as there seem to not be too many training just recently for some reason.

I got changed and waited on who would turn up and of course RenÚ arrived and we chatted then Paddy turned up and we knew that four training is good.

We went into the dojo and tried a few punches etc on the bag and started class.
Rene had the privilege f taking the warm up (Iirkie nose ichi <-spelt wrong).
Then on to NI and then I was to take the rolling thing we do now witch is basically pretty easy I just needed to learn terms.

We started with the five throws and then onto a couple more witch are more complicated and then we stopped and did jump ukemi witch I am pretty good at from the right side it is only on my left where I get confused and I don't know why. It seems like my brain only likes the right side and nothing more for some reason. I am kind of getting a little upset with this but I know after about a year I will be ok with left and right I just need to sick to it.

Rene has some issues with ukemi and I can't figure this out as he was very good in the Aikikai style and his ...More Read More
Views: 900

In General MTV and fainting. Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #45 New 03-15-2005 12:57 AM

well I turned up to class and was surprised by who many people turned up for Bojutsu practice!
I entered the dojo and saw about 6 people sitting with cameras and photo cameras all filming what was going on with the Sai against Bo.
I looked over and saw skinny guy and asked and he had no clue what was going on so I got changed and waited for class.
We got the mats out and I over heard that it was MTV filming out dojo and it will be made into a cartoon or anime thing, sounds cool.

So lesson was once again super evil as this lesson was only falling and rolling, falling and rolling and doing over and over the four sets of movement!

I figured out (Thanks Gerald) that I am doing the first movement wrong as I step first and don't do it correct. I need to only open then step thought. Super nice of Gerald to tell me this as I knew I was doing something wrong.
I also need to relax a little more in Jiu Waza as I know I can do more techniques just I could not this time and I know it was because MTV was filming, spoilt my lesson!

Then at the end i had to do Jiu waza with stiff new guy and also had to take it easy with him as I am too hard.He was super stiff and never moved real good for me so I could only throw hard as I needed to break his balance!

Then when Paddy did Jiu waza with skinny guy he fainted as Paddy was a little rough on him. His eyes rolled and then his colour went and that was it he could no longer go on and fell to his knees. I once again had to t ...More Read More
Views: 857

In General Pin and Badge day Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #44 New 03-11-2005 12:38 AM

well lesson was super hard last night.
I turned up to class and dropped off Brent Sensei's book on Zen training (Good read by the way and also very well written).
I got changed and Joost (Brown belt) turned up followed by Rene and Paddy, there was also Gerald and Weak Wrists (Spanish dude) training in Jiu Jutsu so this was to be a large class.

We started class by climbing the ropes and then into the warm up (Paddy took this one).
We then did the rolling thing, over and over until you feel sick and want to just sit down for a second, that is until he calls your name to count the rolls for the class.

We then did a type of Kata, names escape me so I cannot tell you which one. Joost took the left side and Weak wrists took the right.
Then we went on to the four directional throws and then the second version where you turn in the end.
Then we did a third version and then on to Jiu waza. This was taken first by Brent Sensei and Joost. I like to watch Brent take Jiu Waza as this gives you a nice taste of just how good some one can get and also how Beautiful and devastating Aikido can be. The Brent attacked Joost, this is also nice to watch as Brent can fall so well and it is almost like watching a human bubble float and land..
Then it was Gerald and Paddy...
Then Rene and myself.

My girlfriend wants to join and Brent said that he would really like her to as the Dojo is only male testosterone filled at the moment and we need a female presence there as this wo ...More Read More
Views: 961

In General Punishment through sitting Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #43 New 03-09-2005 01:12 AM

Well My fiancÚ had maid all of the sword bags that Brent sensei had requested and I took them with me to class.
I arrived and went into the dojo witch was much warmer then usual. I got changed and felt different, I could not put my finger on what it was but everything felt weird some how.
I got changed and Rene arrived earlier than usual and we idle chit chatted and then I went into the main dojo and we watched the Jiu Jutsu class.

Earlier that day I received an email from Brent announcing that there was Grading and Rene and I had to go for our first grade, Rene does not think that he is ready but I know he is as the first grade is allways the easiest grade to go for anyway!
I had printed up what we need to know and also had Brent Sensei mark out what we need so this was not an issue at all.

The class started with Brent asking me to take the warm up and as usual I felt that I was not fast enough so Brent kind of took over! I think this is a training for voice and command but I cannot put my finger on what it is I am lacking in this.

We then did a Grade type warm up witch consists of rolling and things witch we did to almost exhaustion.
We immediately all sat and Brent Sensei was talking about Bushido and the Hagakure?
He talked about Loosing the ego and why we train and our conduct in training. He said that this was for Rene and I could only imagine that Rene had asked a question, that was until he talked about Yawning in class,I then knew this was puni ...More Read More
Views: 964

In General Confidence rising Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #42 New 03-02-2005 06:52 AM

Well this lesson I took along JP (New Dutch friend/person my GF and I are getting to know)and I set off in the snow to pick him up.
I was surprised when I met Maaike who asked (Quite abruptly)"Will he come home alone?" which kind of meant "Do not come back with him as I do not want you here". But that is ok you get that all the time, yet sometimes it is a little disturbing.

I arrived with loads of time and talked a little with JP and introduced him to every one in the Jiu Jutsu class.
I got changed and unfortunately there was only Brown belt (Joss) Rene and myself training this time but I was asked to take the warm up again which made me very happy this time as i feel that Brent Sensei is showing me the little attention that I need and this also boosts my confidence to no end!

We did turning throws this lesson which consisted of ikajo movement but in the floor lock it was Sankajo.
Then from a attack we did Sankajo to a throw.

I was super positive all lesson and super happy.

Great lesson, roll on Thursday!

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In General Koshi nage Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #41 New 02-28-2005 03:25 AM

Well as I was feeling a lot better I also went on Thursday and arrived nice and early as usual and rang the bell and waited for the door to open.
The little Jui Jutsu guy opened the door for me and I went in and got changed.
The Jiu Jutsu class has grown quite a lot and I am surprised as this is not for me but I guess i am 100% Aikido all the way and do not get the feel for Jiu Jutsu.
I got changed and waited to see who would turn up for Aikido and was met by Paddy (Welsh Guy) Brown Belt (Jos) and RenÚ did not turn up as he had a neck injury from the last class (Old Basket ball injury?).

We played around with some break boards that Brent had brought and I demonstrated the "Wing Chung one inch punch" on the black break board just to show that it can work!

So Brent asked that I take the warm up, to my horror as I cannot for the life of me remember it! Don't know why!
He then went on to say we where doing "Koshi nage" as this is one of his favourites and we need it as grading is coming up!

The first technique is from a Push and you turn, enter and throw from the hips. I thought it was ok and kind of got the jist of what I was "Supposed" to do and how it should be done!
Then the second was from the pull, same kind of principal! yet you step in!

I remembered a saying "Soft controls hard, hard controls soft.If pulled push, if push turn"

We did this all lesson and also i noticed why some techniques don't work and that is that I am 6" 4 inches tall and wh ...More Read More
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