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dory's diary Blog Tools Rating: Rate This Blog
Creation Date: 06-29-2005 12:43 PM
a true description of my thoughts (and pain threshold)
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In General dory gets a stick Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #9 New 07-28-2005 02:31 PM
wheeey hey ....
i got some training with a jo today. it was very fun ... I really enjoyed it!
I dont know any of the names .... Im just impressed that Sensei has decided that Im not completly dangerous and am allowed to handle one .... this time next month he might let me loose with a bokken!!!
little laddie junior beat me up again! .... ever had the ikkyo pin prefomed on your elbow!!!! IT BLOODY HURTS!
bless him ... (I wouldnt pick a fight with him I can tell ye !)
OH OH OH AND if my preformance today wasnt spectacular enough .. I did a left breakfall! HURRAH
well gotta go .... am taking mini me camping tomorrow ... and have yet to pack anything!
take ye care
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In General A dory hangover Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #8 New 07-27-2005 02:36 PM
Ohhhhhh MY GOD .....
truely never .... EVER ... go to Aikido with a hangover .... (and if you do ... never make it obvious!)
.... I felt like absolute shyte .... dog pooh been reheated in a microwave doesnt even begin to describe the feelings Im having right now!
I am, however, grateful for the fact that I didnt have to endure any breakfalls today!
today was a nikkyo day .... and was helping one of the juniors hone his technique .... nice lad .... bit heavy handed ... and my wrist feels as though It would be less painful to just cut it off ... sensei was thoughly enjoying my pain!
so there ya go ... if anyone has any fail safe ideas on how to combat hangovers ... I really am NEVER training in that state again!
take ye care
EM x
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In General Another Dory Day ..... Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #7 New 07-25-2005 02:39 PM
well people its been quite a good day in dorys world ....
(apart from sensei and his damned pin-you-through-the-shoulder-with-just-a-finger).
we did Ikkyo and its many variations ..... (not all .... but some) ... and weyyyyhey .... dory did a breakfall from shiho nage!
(your impressed I can tell) ... minimum pain was recieved today ... which made a very nice change!
shall be back tomorrow with more rubbish rantings!
take care
em x
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In General DORYS DIARIES; Dorys dissapointment Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #6 New 07-21-2005 05:09 AM
ohhhhhh dagnamit .......
i am soooooo ashamed of myself .... I was having an excellent class today .... working on my grading syllubus, completing all the pins really well ...(I remebered them) ...then .... WHAM ..... im suddenly scared to breakfall! .... shiho nage was a problem that I over came .... then kote gaeshi came along and all went to crap ... in a serious manner ..... im not moving .... sensei s even say ... 1 ... 2.... 3 .... go .... and Im still stood there ..... not moving .... GRRRRR
Im sooooo angry with myself .... I went in a pissy mood .... and Ive actually come out angrier than when I went in ....
sensei had me practising doing them myslf ... and that I CAN do .... I just seem to have a problem going from a throw in to a breakfall! .... handy huh? .... so the last 45 mins we're just spent ... attempting to get a breakfall outta kote gaeshi .... IM SOOOO angry with myself ..... I may have to go back up this evening to attempt it again ....
Im really lucky because in the morning sessions its just me and sensei there most of the time .... so I get lots of 1 on 1 tutorials .... which is great .... but UTTERLY exhusting ..... so any tips on hyoe to stop this irrational and utterly annoying fear?
no?.... me niether!
ahhhh well .... back to the mats!
take ye care ... Em x
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In General DORYS DIARY ; A Truely Dory Kinda Day! Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #5 New 07-20-2005 12:49 PM
First let me say .... Sensei is wonderful, a marvellous and merciful man .... whom after reading this will hopefully not inflict to much agony on me tomorrow! .... I LOVE MY SENSEI!!!!!!!!!!!!
well my luvvers all that arsekissing done with ... what to say about today!!! ... I am in pain ./... but I think Im showing some improvement! ... got ikkyo down now .... and nikkyo! .... sakyo and yokyo are improving and ive got shiho nage down to ! .... (am able to break fall outta it to!) ... awww look at me .. Im showing off! .... my wrists are Very painful today and my stomach muscles to for some daft reason! ... go figure!
If I could just stop having BLUE moments halfway through the technique and flowed more .... (maybe Im thinking to much eh?)
had a little to do with sensei today .... not so much an argument .... more a disagreement .... I have a few issues with strangle holds ..... (its not cuz im a nurse or anything) .... but I find that they bring some unpleasant memories to the forefront ..... so had a little fliddy about doing them! .... poor sensei ... he was trying desperatly to show me that I need to know these techniques and theres me having a hissy about doing them! .... (im exceedingly cross with myself!) .... so Ive decided that tomorrow Im going to make a concerted effort and show him that I have been paying attention and that stuff is getting through to me! ....
the second problem Im finding is that Im slapping out rather to late! (in a bacwards breakfall) .. ...More Read More
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In General DORYS DIARY ; dory drags a frend along Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #4 New 07-13-2005 06:12 AM
morning peeps!
i have just return from the dojo... in the usual amount of pain and discomfort, onli this time my friend becky was dragged along with me under promises of ..."it doesnt hurt that much" .... and ...."its amazing how much better you feel afterwards" .... so here we are ... slouched on my sofa .... sweating prefusly and groaning in agony with each movement! .... we did a basic nikkyo (please forgive my appauling spelling!!!) ... hurrah! .... followed by breakfalling again ... i keep chickening out at the last minute and I think Im starting to infuriate sensei! ... hes being great and is really patient! butr im doing my own head in .... I have no problem chucking myself around ... but the minute its actually incorporated in to a throw I get all girlie and resist! ... daft I know ... but hey ... if it was logical this blog wouldnt be called dorys diary now would it! ...
so my mate says shes feeeling ok ... im knackered and have a whole night at work to go yet! ... oh the humanity!
till next time
take ye care
em (aka DORY!)
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In General DORYS DIARY Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #3 New 07-11-2005 03:48 PM
urghhhhh ... today got very hot and sweaty and still had me clothes on! ... yeayyyyyy breakfall training! Hurrahhh ...
I have bruises in places that I'd either forgotton / didnt know actually existed! .... Im not a small girl me ... (well Im short ... but a little on the obeise side of healthy!) .... and I got given the opportunity to throw myself around the mats.
So after a few false starts and a bit of cheating (ie rolly polly with both hands) I was actually getting the hang of it .... up until I tried breakfalling from an actual throw! ... BUT in all fairness sensei was getting a little carried away (in my opinion .. anyway) ... and was full on throwing me ... then Id do soming daft like land on me head .... and be back to square one throwing my self around the mats! ... (then mall music would kick in ..) and Id find sensei grabbing my wrist and Id be falling inelegantly baxk towards the mats ... curse my blue colouring! hes (sensei) telling me that hes going to get t-shirts printed saying things like "Ive done it with dory!" ... and "dorys dojo" ... I give up I tell u ! ... nahhhh am addicted ... totally ...
weell thats all for today my luvvers! ... take ye care
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In General dorys diary again Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #2 New 07-06-2005 07:06 AM
well ... have had four days off and went back to class yesterday ... onli to hear the terrifying words ... "well em what dya remember?" .... oh heck! ... i have noooo idea .... im sure we did some painful stuff involving wrists and what each mat is called ... (ive decided to name them ... as I spend so much time face down on top of them I dont wannna be rude! .... ) so I spent the morning visiting fred, george and gertie! .... lol ... have to say im loving it ... up till a bad landing and sprained wrist ... so am off for a little while longer! .... never mind ... im loving the relaxing bit ...eating minstrels and generally getting fat! ... hurrah!
anyway .... till next time! ...
just keep swimming
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In General just keep spinning ... Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #1 New 06-29-2005 12:43 PM
today ... i am knackered .... lesson 5 ... and have been given the (already in use by my friends) nickname DORY ... so welcome to DORY'S DIARY. ... today sensai decided that nothing feels quite as good as playing "how-many-times-can-dory-eat-the-mat" ... i pay to eat blue foam!!! ...
im shattered ,, but feel good for it ... I really needed that training session today .. i had the most foul mood on this morning ... couple of hour of throwing/being thrown later ... im too exhusted too even look cross let alone actually carry off being angry. an hour later ... im at home ... having lushious shower and totally destressed .. now if onli I can get that song outta my head...
just keep swimming ... dum de doo doo .....
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