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Guy's Aikido Journal Blog Tools Rating: Rate This Blog
Creation Date: 02-27-2005 01:33 AM
This is a journal of Guys Aiki path
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Entries for the Month of November 2004

In General Weapons in the Park Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #144 New 11-22-2004 12:17 AM
An interesting Aikido Day. I was set to head into the Dojo for open training with Rick, however it seemed unlikely that there was going to actually be any time for training today with the amount of things left to get back into place in the dojo. Also Getting started today was not happening very rapidly. I ended up working on Weapons work in the park with Noel for a little over two hours. It was great, but I feel like I am in the special education unit when it comes to weapons. I can't even seem to keep my shoulders relaxed, and I am always scrunching up my whole body in strikes. The whizzing sounds that I like so much came and went throughout the time that we were training.

We worked on the 13 count Kata, the 31 count kata, (Both left and right sided!), and the 20 Jo Suburi. The Suburi was a bit difficult, but I finnaly was able to get through the parts that I have had no clue on. I hope that they stick in my brain or body or somewhere for Wednesday.
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In General Misogi at the Dojo Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #143 New 11-21-2004 12:42 PM
Misogi day at the Dojo. Worked on shampooing the carpets, hanging the holiday lights, and generally cleaning everything in site. About 7 of us worked on cleaning everything in site. It was a lot of work. Then somehow I managed to step in a box of tacks, having four of them driven all the way into my foot! Ouch! After doing all the cleaning that Sensei would let us we all went out of Chinese food! I do so like the community part of this Dojo.
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In General Commited to testing for 3rd Kyu Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #142 New 11-21-2004 12:36 PM
WOW!!! This was a great class, worked on Swuri Waza with Noel, Kim, Victor, and Eisa. It was amazing. I am still having a lot of problems with it. However I have put in my form for testing this round for 3rd Kyu. I guess the interesting part of this was that just when I had decided that I was not going to test, someone came over to M while she was waiting for me to get my Hakama folded, and stuffed a test form in her pocket saying; I am not sure why Guy is waffling on this, here is the form he needs to fill out. M of course won't tell me who it was, but just says that I should trust them.

Worked with Linda (Sensei's wife) on Myrote Dori Kokyu Ho in motion. This was a blast, although I am not sure what I got out of it. It has a kind of feeling like the one that I really like when you spin the Uke and push down on their shoulder. We also worked together on Tsuki Irimi Nage, with my doing it direct entry, this was way way cool, and has to be my best irimi Nage to date. I didn't even bother to grab her gi, but just pressed down lightly on her shoulder, she laughed every time that she hit the mat, so I must have been doing something right!

With Noel I worked on setting the Uke down where you want them in Suwuri Waza so that you don't have to knee walk as far. This was great, as my knee walking is not going as well as I would have hoped!

I was working with Kim on Swuri Waza Nikkyo, and her Nikkyo was really effective, (read it hurt a lot). I was trying to figur ...More Read More
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In General Test Prep continues. Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #141 New 11-21-2004 12:33 PM
Morning Class:
Worked with Rick on test stuff. Rick thinks I am ready to test.
Worked some with Niki and Anna on sankyo some more. It was very interesting in that whenever I did sankyo with Anna she would get too close to me. Sensei came over while I was trying to figure it out. He demonstrated the technique with his hands cocked away from me, which caused me to get right up against him, and start to bunch up instead of spiraling. I then saw what I was doing and was able to get Anna to stay the correct distance from me throughout the technique.
I worked with Rick after class on Tsuky Irimi Nage. Ricks version of this utilizes an arm trap which causes a bit of jerky energy for me. I spoke with Noel about it, and he demonstrated a different version for me, one that does not have an arm trap, there was more flow for me this way. I think for me that is is better not to trap the arm and have the flow work better.

First evening class (Basics)
Worked with Melissa, Gretchen, and one of the green belts. It was a heavy dose of teaching for me. I don't know how good I am at this. I see tons of holes in all my techniques, especially when I am demonstrating it for and on the newbies. I have some questions on how to not "Blow the new Ukes out of the technique".

Second evening class:
Worked with Noel went through everything on the test. He thinks I am ready too.
At end of class we did Jui Waza! WOW!!! The only thing that would come out of my though was about 8 version ...More Read More
Views: 345

In General 13 count paired Kata with Krista Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #140 New 11-21-2004 12:30 PM
Weapons Class. Worked with Krista the entire class on the 13 count Kata. It was great, Sensei came by a couple of times and gave us a lot of input, and had us do the paired practice for it. This was good and I am starting to feel where there are some off things in my movement. Sensei assisted me in changing my strike so that it ends better, You are supposed to end the strikes on a slight wedge so that you control the center. This is a lot of work to try an get correct.
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In General Sankyo Taken apart and put back together by Niki! Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #139 New 11-17-2004 11:38 AM
Excellent class worked on Ryote Dori Shiho Nage, Sankyo, Yonkyo. Worked with Rick, Candice, worked after class with Niki on Sankyo, and got some great tips. One hold your hand steady in place, take the ukes balance, and as they come up they come into Sankyo, reach down and grab the fingers first. It is possible to get sankyo on this alone. Don't bend over once you have sankyo, and the cut is through your body, so you have to move your inside foot at the same time that you cut down. If you do the Ura correctly then you have the uke drop right in front of you. Ready to apply the pin.

I need some work on the swuri waza part of the whole thing still, hopefully I can get Noel to help me a bit more with that and ask him some questions about the test.
Views: 213

In General Kote Gaeshi on Victor and it WORKED! Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #138 New 11-16-2004 11:03 AM
Worked with M initially then with Victor. I was able to use my new found Kote Gaeshi with him. It was amazing how little effort it took with the new idea that I am not really trying to do anything to the wrist, but am using it to control the shoulder and the hips. Then victor and I worked on Sankyo. He explained the holding of the wrist differently than I have gotten before. Keeping the arm in line with the seam on the ukes Dogi. This was amazing and as we worked on it we got to a point that I could feel the point at which I started to loose control of Victor's body. Victor also uses a spiral that is more of a twist than a cut to bring the person down and forward for the technique.
It was an excellent class! Sensei and I also spoke about how he keeps track of the time on the mat. I am not sure if he is thinking I am going to test this time or next. I am going to ask Rick about it again and sensei about what our conversation meant.
Views: 213

In General Frustrating Thursday Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #137 New 11-16-2004 10:56 AM
Thursday classes. Worked on a variety of techniques in the morning including Sankyo, Irimi Nage, Younkyo. I worked with Diane in the morning and got a lot of good tips on both Sankyo and Yonkyo.
Thursday basics class worked w/ M a couple of green belts. Second Class worked on swuri waza a little and worked on Sankyo and Direct entries for a variety of techniques which are on my test. This was a frustrating class, I felt none of my Aikido was there at all.
Views: 336

In General Weapons in test time format Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #136 New 11-16-2004 10:53 AM
Weapons Class Test Time
Sensei said that since we were working on testing material in the other classes that we should work on it in Weapons class too. So we paired up and worked on a lot of different things, while he walked around the room and gave direction, advice and a lot of encouragement.
First I worked on the paired Kumi Joes. This was cool once we got things figured out and worked on them post sensei help. I know that I have gotten better at weapons work because it is getting to be a lot more fun. Then I worked on the 31 count paired kata with both Michael and Linda. It was a lot of fun with both of them, their weapons work is good enough that you get connected to them even if you are unsure of what it is that you are doing.
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In General More Spirals Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #135 New 11-10-2004 11:18 AM
Evening Basics class:
Worked with M on Kote Gaeshi, and Shiho Nage, Ikkyo with an adolescent that was there. He was awesome, the tips I gave were immediately transferred into action, and he was good!!! If he keeps with it I think that he is going to go far in the art. Really quite amazing!
After class I worked with Noel for 10 minutes on suwuri waza. Learned a lot. Noel is amazing if he does not want to go down to the mat, you are not getting him there with anything less than perfect technique. It was great! I learned some new things for Ikkyo, Nikkyo, and Sankyo that I hadn't seen before, mostly about spirals, and where the uke is going to go, and how to help them get there!
Views: 263

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