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Guy's Aikido Journal Blog Tools Rating: Rate This Blog
Creation Date: 02-27-2005 12:33 AM
This is a journal of Guys Aiki path
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In General Commited to testing for 3rd Kyu Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #142 New 11-21-2004 11:36 AM
WOW!!! This was a great class, worked on Swuri Waza with Noel, Kim, Victor, and Eisa. It was amazing. I am still having a lot of problems with it. However I have put in my form for testing this round for 3rd Kyu. I guess the interesting part of this was that just when I had decided that I was not going to test, someone came over to M while she was waiting for me to get my Hakama folded, and stuffed a test form in her pocket saying; I am not sure why Guy is waffling on this, here is the form he needs to fill out. M of course won't tell me who it was, but just says that I should trust them.

Worked with Linda (Sensei's wife) on Myrote Dori Kokyu Ho in motion. This was a blast, although I am not sure what I got out of it. It has a kind of feeling like the one that I really like when you spin the Uke and push down on their shoulder. We also worked together on Tsuki Irimi Nage, with my doing it direct entry, this was way way cool, and has to be my best irimi Nage to date. I didn't even bother to grab her gi, but just pressed down lightly on her shoulder, she laughed every time that she hit the mat, so I must have been doing something right!

With Noel I worked on setting the Uke down where you want them in Suwuri Waza so that you don't have to knee walk as far. This was great, as my knee walking is not going as well as I would have hoped!

I was working with Kim on Swuri Waza Nikkyo, and her Nikkyo was really effective, (read it hurt a lot). I was trying to figure out what she was doing differently. At the end of class Noel came over to me, we were talking, I grabbed his wrist and was playing with the different Nikkyos that I have seen, or felt, and trying to figure out what was best. Sensei came over and gave about a 20 minute demonstration for everyone in the Dojo on how Nikkyo worked, the Aikido reason for doing things the way that we do them, how to be compassionate about Nikkyo, and that the purpose is not to cause pain, but rather to help the Uke to the mat in a controlled manner. Then the conversation spun into energy, love, flow, and connection with your partner. It was amazing at each part of the conversation there were physical demonstrations of what he was telling us. It was amazing. I also remembered some of the Nikkyo from the mountain wind seminar, the snake and the waterfall bits. I worked on it for a while with Noel, Sensei demonstrated a bunch on me! It was great, I know that I was exposed to more than I could take in. I hope that my body absorbed some of it.

Stack the fingers, load the wrist joint (A hinge joint, across the hinge), using that load the elbow also a hinge joint across the hinge, then using the whole lever push down on the shoulder joint, not using it is a joint at all but a point for the lever to act against. The idea is the transfer of force, not of pain.

We talked about the fact that there are only two ways to really connect the person that you are working with, either total love, or total hate, only these two are going to let you feel every little thing that they do. Sensei then demonstrated how this worked on both Noel and I. He knew we were going to move, it seemed before we did. It was way cool.

Sensei, Linda, Noel, M and I spoke about the incident that I had while delivering some stainless steel pans to my favorite restaurant . A woman, probably the yoga teacher from the studio 3 doors down came out, and hit me with a wall of negative energy that was amazing. Especially when one considers that she had nothing to do with the parking lot that I was in at all! It had to do with some parking thing. Instead of flowing with it and making it a joke, or catching the energy and grounding it out, I sent my energy back at her, with incredible force, more than was necessary for someone that was just being a jerk. While we were separated by at least 20 feet, she took a step back and the entire time that we were in visual range of one another would not turn her back on me. I think it fair to say that I energetically did the equivalent of launching a much stronger counter strike. This is definitely escalatory. I want to get to a point that even with the surprise attacks of people that I don't know either physical (Never experienced one yet), or energetically (quite often when I think about it), that I respond with Aikido blend with the energy, ground it through myself, and take it out of the world. While no one was really hurt by this incident I feel that it was in a way a failure on my part to make the world a better place instead of escalating the level of violence that is in it. The faulty notion that the best defense is a good offense seems to be at work here in my psyche. Very western in a lot of ways, and a reflection on the failure of my society to deal with conflict in meaningful ways.
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