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suren's Blog Blog Tools Rate This Blog
Creation Date: 11-22-2004 06:17 PM
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Status: Public
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In General Lots of suwari waza, a strange technique and sudde Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #14 New 10-18-2004 03:38 PM
Today we did a lot of suwari waza. Started with taino hanko and then moved to ikkyo - sankyo from knealing position. Sensei was demonstrating it using me as his uke and that was painful. I knew he should demonstrate some nuances, but man that was hard. I had to tap several times during the pin
After that there were shihonage from knealing position (only omote). Here the difficulty was to step at a wide angle while on your knees. Then the same technique, but you stand while performing it and here we did both omote and ura.

While we were working on that last one with Mike, sensei asked Mike to be uke while he tries some technique. That was a very strange one. I've never seen something like that and can't even describe what that was. Sensei was in knealing position, Mike was holding his hand in katate dori, then sensei's other hand covered Mike's hand. After that sensei moved his hands over his head and around his body from behind (like moving a flag in circle over you head) with no effort and Mike suddenly started moving after his hand with his face expressing severe pain. That was very sudden and unusual for me and probably for Mike also. Seing my round eyes sensei smiled and did the same technique with me. The same result. I felt very severe pain in the whole hand up to the shoulder and if I were not moving after it my wrist would probably break. Sensei just said this should be added to shodan test. I can't explain the technique since it was very sudden and I'm sure I ...More Read More
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In General Saturday training Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #13 New 10-18-2004 03:05 PM
On Saturday I came a little late to ukemi class. Jim came that day a little later and helped me with my hakama. We did forward rolls and sensei noticed some problems with my rolling. I should look backwards as soon as I start the roll. Always. And secondly, I should place my hand at 45 degrees to the direction I roll. So even after so many rolls I still have a place to improve them. I guess the prfect one does not exist Then we did rolls with a partner. You hold in katate dori, he steps as taino hanko, steps through and throws. Jim showed me the direction to move. To step through I should not turn 180 degrees as in taino hanko, but smth like 135. While being uke sensei emphasized the importance of looking at your partned while being throws. That protects you head from bumping directly to the mat.
Then the main class started. Bill Witt sensei was teaching and my partner was Stacy. She helped me with morote dori kokyu ho and her corrections made me feel the technique. I still have difficulty of understanding how to reproduce that, but I least I felt it couple times. She showed me the axis of the turn which goes through a point between the wrist and elbow very close to elbow. We also did shihonage from yakute dori, which was very unusual to me. We haven't done that for a long time. Then iriminage. I have troubles with techniques involving the whole body for throw (kokyu ho, iriminage) I don't "feel" them and feel uncomfortable doing them. Will practice them more.
Then w ...More Read More
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In General First time in hakama :) Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #12 New 10-15-2004 01:24 PM
Yesterday I've finally received my hakama... after about a month, which is actuallt better than usual as I was told. As sensei mentioned, politicians argue about weakened economy and Bujin does not have enaugh time to keep up with their orders
Mike helped me to put it on and it was not so terrible. Moving in it was surprisingly easy except sitting and standing from seiza, but that's ok. No injuries. Though I caught Lucy with my hakama while taking ukemi That's a hiddent weapon!
First we did a mixed technique. Start from katate dori, then hands move as taino hanko, but instead of stepping just slide, turn your hips and kokyu ho. That helps to feel the connection with uke. Then we did morote dori kokyu ho. I'm don't feel confortable with all these techniques. I can't find the correct position for the throw. Well, with time I'll figure that out. At least today I understood how sensei does his huge slides! He moves forward foot first! Such an enlightmen! Oh man, I was so blind to not see it and try to slide with one step!
After that we did shomenuch iriminage, then yokumenuchi iriminage. Sensei emphasized the position before throw. Shoulders, face and knot (hips) should face the same direction as uke. Then move across and throw. I'm trying, but I'm still uncomfortable with these techniques.
Then we did 5th boken suburi. Here I have to remember to open my fist while raising the boken in the left stance. I think I did well with boken. I'm sure sensei was watching us very ...More Read More
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In General Thursday training Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #11 New 10-14-2004 01:06 PM
Not much to say. Today was black belt training as usual, so I was doing my stuff alone. Short warmup, rolls, knee walking. I noticed my forward rolls have some gaps. Though everybody in dojo probably think I'm very good at forward rolls, I felt today I need to practice them constantly. The problem - at some point my roll is terminated and my back drops on the floor. So it was kind of incomplete and in the end I could hear me bumping on my back. Working on that for some time I managed to correct myself and it became smoother, but there are hundreds nuances which I don't understand yet. Well, I'll roll more to discover them.
Then I practiced cutting with boken. Just raise and cut and back in the stance. Trying to concentrate on the stance and position of my hands. Concentrating on the tip of the boken is helpful, but for now I want to control my hands with my mind to make sure I'm doing the right thing. As soon as I'm sure my hands know what they are doing, I'll move my concentration on the flow.
Sensei approached me once during the class and said that my hard work shows up. I thanked him. It's nice he is supporting me, though I'm not used to it. My previous sensei has never expressed his thought about my technique or progress. The only time he said I'm doing progress when I told him that after about 4 years I know nothing. Just different approach I guess.
After the class I asked sensei how far back I should move boken. After his demonstration I think I was doing that right ...More Read More
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In General Today's nikyo practice Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #10 New 10-13-2004 01:17 PM
Today we practiced nikyo. I was a bit late as usual I just can't make myself wake up earlier than 6 am every day If I do that one day, I wake up later the next day. Oh well, maybe with time it will be easier.
When I arrived there were only 3 other guys, so sensei decided to go through Wane's 1st kyu test. Wane and Armen were doint some suwari waza. When I joined them we started from shomenuchi nikkyo, then the same on out knees. Here sensei empasized the importance of getting to the wrist and the way of placing it at shoulder pit with upper part of the wrist connected to your body. We should turn towards the partner as if little finger is a sword and we are cutting his head with it. The whole time while we turn partner should be unbalanced. Still not sure how he is doing that...
I liked sensei's comment on the place hold the wrist in nikkyo:
"God created that pit between your shoulder and body for nikyo!"
I like that interpretation. Would be fun to learn human anatomy this way
I also have to remember the footwork while doing yakute dori shomenuchi nikkyo. Off to a side 90 degrees into horseman position, place wrist into correct position, control elbow and turn into hanmi. Tnen bow, step back, apply ikkyo by pivoting and taking balance and final pin.
The last nikkyo technique was shown when partner resist in the beginning and nage has to use both hands. Can't describe that... Maybe next time.
The last technique was iriminage with partner attacking with step ...More Read More
Views: 757

In General Class with Mathew Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #9 New 10-12-2004 02:36 PM
Mathew is back! It was couple of month since he was injured. Now his back does not keep him back from coming back to dojo Anyway. It's good to see him again and learn. He was teaching the class since sensei had some technical problems waking up early (I guess his alarm clock broke). Mathew explains techniques while he is showing them in every detail and it's really helpful in catching it if you are a beginner. He would be a good teacher.
Today my partner was Lucy. She is good in catching my errors and explaining them. As usual we did taino hanko, then morote dori kokyu nage, then some modification of ikkyo when instead of pushing the elbow with your inside handblade you push it with outside blade and finish in another pin (I don't remember tha name, but it when you keep uke's hand between your both handblades one on the wrist, the other on the elbow). Here have to remember that after stepping to a side as in ikkyo and reaching the wrist of uke, nage has to turn and then step, not visa versa. Then the same technique but instead going after elbow you go after the wrist and perform nikkyo. The first time Lucy did that, she forgot that I'm a beginner and did it very quickly Well the rest you probably know yourself... It was painful enaugh to make me shout (well maybe shout is not a good word, she was the only one to hear that, but I think she got it). She was sorry and we continued enjoying our practice. My right hand seems to be very sesible for nikkyo. Maybe that's s ...More Read More
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In General Kotegaeshi corrections Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #8 New 10-11-2004 08:09 PM
Today's class was mostly kotegaeshi. I almost forgot this technique, so it was good to be reminded. Have to keep in mind the foor work. Move 90 degrees, then 180, matching partner's fingers, then roll partner and pin him. This rolling works, but there are nuances I don't get yet. Have to practice that some more.
My partner was Wane. Finally Andie was there today and I really wanted to work with him, but I wasn't so lucky Well, maybe next time. I have to ask him to teach me his back rolls. They are gorgeous!
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In General Morote Dori Kokyu Ho on Saturday Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #7 New 10-11-2004 08:04 PM
Ukemi class was taught by O'Quinn Sensei. We did knee walking and then forward rolls. Here he noticed that I start from raising my hand and asked me not to do that. It helps me to feel that circular move and going right down with my hands seems too linear. Have to talk to sensei about that.
Bill Witt sensei was teaching the main class. First part of the class was used doing Morote Dori Kokyu Ho. Finally I think I've got how to move my hand and Witt sensei shown the axis to bend my arm. Have to remember that it's not about moving around your partner, but it's about wrapping him around you. The feeling helps a lot. While uke I have to still work on stepping back when yout feet are trapped. It's really difficult and it seems falling on the other side is much easier, but I'll be working on that.
Then we practiced a technique staring from two hands grabber from behind (ura riote dori ?). Front foot moves back and off to a side, back foot follows. hand closest to the partner movec up from the center and towards the partner - atemi, second hand is kept at your head. After that movement you are next to your partner in inverse hanmi and atemi should get his balance. If hand doing atemi moves from the center, it's pretty easy to get the balance. Next move is the front foot steps back, you move under partner's hand. Here do not look down, keep looking at your partner. Atemi to the face or stomack can be delivered while movind ander the arm. From behind continuation is the hand kept a ...More Read More
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In General Shihonage corrections on Friday Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #6 New 10-11-2004 07:48 PM
Did not have time to keep my journal up-to-date, so will have to catch up now. So on Friday we mostly practiced shihonage from different attacks - katate dori, yakute dori and morote dori. My partner was Lucy and she helped me a lot. Ura was pretty natural, but omote was difficult since Lucy is shorter than me and I had hard time to figure out what's wrong. Finally she explained me the footwork. I missed a step. After front foot goes ofd to a site, back foot comes closer to the partnes so that next step is really small and that way I can move under Lucy's arm. After that correction everything was working perfectly. Still have to keep in mind to point fingers inside before starting, keeping hands in front of the center and moving from the center, keeping partner's hand parallel to the ground. During ura will have to remember the small step after pivot to face the partner.
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In General Morote Dori investigations. Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #5 New 10-06-2004 02:10 PM
Today we started with something new. It was Morote Dori Kokyu Ho, but nage pivots only 90 degrees instead of 180, still facing the same direction as uke, then goes for his elbow and performs ikkyo. We did omote and ura. The interesting thing was that after such Kokyu, if you raise your hands, you can move in front of uke and perform that technique, if you drop your hands, you can do the same from his back by targeting the other hand. So Morote Dori gives both options. Then we did the same (going in front and back) performing iriminage - the main difference is you go for uke's neck instead of elbow. The point was that you can choose from these techniques and move in both directions. Then we did a technique starting with Yakute Dori. You point your fingers ourside, thumb points upward and move it in circle over uke's hand so that thumb points down. Then you can perform either iriminage or ikkyo.
My uke was Mike and this time he was throwing with more energy. I had to use back rolls in some cases. That's very unusual. I found Mike to be the most careful nage. Probably he feels I can handle that now. I guess that means progress.
I checked my attendance sheet. Sensei (most probable person) marked all the days of seminar as class days, so my test day will come sooner. Well, to me that does not matter anyway, but it's nice he pays attension to my progress.
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