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Re-entry Blog Tools Rate This Blog
Creation Date: 05-12-2009 03:24 PM
Notes on observations made after returning to the tatami following a 2 year 7 month absence
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In General Seeing patterns - class 9 Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #11 New 07-15-2009 10:02 AM
14th July 09

Making up for no classes last week, I decided to train at both Tuesday and Friday class this week

We had a complete beginner at today's class, along with myself, our somewhat injured 2nd kyu, our 4th kyu and one of our soon-to-be-graded to 6th kyu students.. The relative humidity has been particularly high in SE England lately, so although it wasn't especially hot, we were all dripping like waterfalls not long into class

Sensei did a lot of explaining of basic ettiquette for the new chap's benefit, then launched into gyaku-hanmi shihonage. Training with our 2nd kyu I tried to be careful on his injured left arm (he's suffering the aftermath of over-enthusiastic sankyo by our house Shidoin) and attempted to control through the shoulder. I got into trouble for not keeping hold of his arm with both my hands as he went to the floor, but I didn't want to twist his lower arm

I was also struggling to keep an upright posture while controlling uke on the floor at the end of the technique. I suspect it may be a proportion problem - us ladies have longer legs and shorter arms than the guys, making it very difficult for us to do this without a) letting go of uke's arm b) bending at the waist or c) losing balance and ending up on one or both knees...

Next we did uchi kaitenage, and introduced the new guy to the concept of forward ukemi I took him to the point of balance a few times, then showed him how to roll from kneeling on the floor, had him have a go, then let him try it from the technique. Fortunately he was ok and stayed nice and round so no problems I introduced him to the concept of 3rd point, so he learned that uke's balance is broken by tori sweeping uke's arm through that axis to set up the throw

We then had a go at ai-hanmi nikyo, so I used the metaphor of a snake slithering over a branch to describe how the technique is applied without using strength. Both our 4th kyu and nearly 6th kyu liked that and got it

Then we practised tenchinage from ryotedori. I was with the new chap again, so re-enforced the lesson about 3rd point as being the driver for the technique. I took it very easy on him as he practised his backwards falls, but was able to introduce some of the more complex aspects of the technique as he was doing really well

As class progressed, I could see patterns developing from each technique to the next, which was great - Aikido techniques are all part of the same fabric with subtle variations in the weave! I was also noticing the difference in the ukes - this time with our nearly 6th kyu who is very strong, but tends to collapse like a house of cards once you hit the right spot to apply technique.

Next we did some ushiro ryotedori sankyo, which is a nice flowing technique, and I was careful not to apply it to our 2nd kyu's injured side! Instead of a grab we attacked him just with contact wich is also good to practise

Finally we did katagatame (I think that's right - I know the technique but can never remember the name!) and as uke for Sensei I ended up having to run around a lot as he decided to demonstrate it from ushiro and kept turning so I couldn't grab his other wrist

Then he decided to do the technique from gyaku-hamni after all that I'm now feeling somewhat sore after missing training last week, but hopefully should be ok by Friday
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