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Onna Bugeisha Blog Tools Rate This Blog
Creation Date: 07-22-2009 02:01 PM
From a big fish in a small pond to a tiny fish in a big sea.
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  #7 New 07-22-2009 02:13 PM
Class is still going well. Thursday in aikido we worked on a lot of ikkyo, nikyo and iriminage. I didn't do terribly bad, but my technique still needs plenty of work. I figure with each class that I go to, my technique is getting just a tad bit less horrible looking. HAHA. Although I am used to being an example from my previous style, it is somewhat humbling for me to truly be a beginner all over again. I hope that sensei can see that I am truly putting forth an effort.

Saturday in aikido we worked on ikkyo and kotegaishi from tsuki, shomenuchi and of course katatedori. We worked on all these from swariwaza and tachiwaza. I think sensei has been working on these because a few of us will be ready to test soon and a few of the things we have been working on are on the test.

The things that are tested for 5th kyu are:
Katatedori Gyakyu Hanmi (Ikkyo, Shihonage & Kaitenage: Uchi & Soto)
Katatedori Ai Hanmi (Ikkyo)
Katadori (Ikkyo)
Shomenuchi (Swariwaza & Tachiwaza Ikkyo)

I think there are a few other things in there as well, but they aren't listed on the sheet. I think he threw in some iriminage and kotegaishi as well.

Iaido went alright as well. We worked on shohato, sato, uto, atarito and inyoshintai. The one I have the most problems with in inyoshintai. I keep stepping through instead of just sliding my back leg up. Argh. I will work on it and get it eventually. I got to use my new bokken. I am going to call the company and ask if I can have an exchange. I really am not happy with it. After an hour of class, the wrap was coming undone and the hardware was lose. My husband said he didn't have a problem with his, so maybe I will see about getting the red oak instead of the black. The black one just looks so neat though. :O( I can't wait until $1,000 drops in my lap. Then, we can both just get iaido's and not have to worry about this nonsense! Unfortunately, I don't think we will ever just come across $1,000. We actually still have to get our hakama's and our iai obi's still.

I have found some nice iai obi's for the both of us online for about $30 a piece. They are much prettier then the plain white. Sensei said we can have whatever color we want, so why not get something pretty! As far as the hakama's go, my husband already has one, but I am not sure if it still fits him or not. I found a couple online that I really like. One is about $70 and the other is about $130. The more expensive one is made especially for women. My hips are a lot bigger then my waist and I am wondering if the fit will be better. It just seems like you can have it geared towards your body better then most places. The less expensive one is made with aikido in mind and has longer straps and you can have your name or school embroidered on the hakama. I thought that was neat. I would have to ask sensei if this is accceptable or not first though. Even if I can't, I may get my name embroidered on the inside of the koshita. I think that is spelled right... haha. You wouldn't be able to see it when I have it on, but it will prevent anyone else from accidently taking my hakama and me ending up with someone elses.

Well, that is all I have to report for now.

A few things I need to fix:
1.) Balance
2.) Use whole body for ikkyo
3.) Return the sword at the same angle you draw it
4.) Keep pointer finger touching thumb when returning the sword

Pains/ Injuries:
1.) I am a little sore in the shoulders from being twisted (nothing big)
2.) Bruises on my wrists from nikyo (they are there so often they might as well be tattoos!)
3.) My knees hurt just above the kneecaps/patella (again, nothing big)
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